Dead by Daylight 6th anniversary livestream - date, time, trailer, content, more

Dead by Daylight's sixth anniversary live broadcast will be held soon binging lots of fresh content for the fans.

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Dead by Daylight's sixth-anniversary Livestream

If you are into horror, horror survival, or simply scary games, then you will almost certainly be familiar with the game Dead by Daylight. This survival horror asymmetric multiplayer online game that was released back in mid-2016 has always held a special place in the hearts and controllers of gamers all around the globe.

The Behavior Interactive developed and published title has proved to have a genre-defining effect on the game industry. And it has come a long way since its release. Six long years have passed and the developers are not going to leave any stones unturned this time around.

And now after a long time, we have reached the sixth year since Dead by Daylight’s release or more correctly, it will be on June 14, 2022, when Dead by Daylight's sixth anniversary will be celebrated. The developers, Behavior Interactive, have got a broadcast planned for us so that we can truly celebrate the occasion.

The developers have already announced a whole list of content that will be introduced into the game with Dead by Daylight's sixth-anniversary Livestream. Here you will find all that you would need to be knowing about this event.

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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight was a sensation in the gaming world almost as soon as it launched. It amazed and surprised the community with its jumpscares, and immersive and intricate multiplayer action.

A lot has changed in the game since its debut. For example, the developers have made the already frightening and scary gameplay even more exhilarating. They have done this by adding and changing various features.

For one, they have increased the number of game modes and for two, they have added a plethora of crossovers with loads of incredible scream kings and queens. The said kings and queens include the likes of The Onryo (The Ring) and The Ghost Face (Scream).

Now let's get to some details on the upcoming Dead by Daylight sixth anniversary Livestream.

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Dead by Daylight’s sixth-year anniversary Livestream

Behavior Interactive has decided to give us fans a bone and treat us to some of the experience of the exclusive content that will be celebrating Dead by Daylight’s sixth anniversary with us.

The dates are clear. The developers are going to have a Dead by Daylight's sixth anniversary live broadcast on their official YouTube and Twitch channels. This will be taking place on May 17, 2022, at

  • 6:30 pm EST
  • 8:30 KST
  • 11:30 pm BST.

Make sure you don’t miss this one.

Dead by Daylight's Sixth Anniversary trailer - Kills & Thrills

We even have a whole new Dead by Daylight's Sixth Anniversary event trailer. What this tells us is that it is going to be big.

Now, this reveal trailer of the upcoming occasion gives us a minute and a quarter of a DLC (downloadable content) from the whole of the title’s life. It is clear to see that towards the finish of the video, Behavior Interactive is trying to us hints of what to expect during the Dead by Daylight's Sixth Anniversary celebration.

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Upcoming Dead by Daylight's Sixth Anniversary content

As far as new and fresh content is concerned, you can afford to dream big with this one because that is exactly what the developers have said they will give us with the upcoming Dead by Daylight's Sixth Anniversary Livestream.

They have implied that a plethora of exclusive content is on its way and that we will get to see some quality of life improvements as well. We recommend you check out the official website for the countdown to the Dead by Daylight's 6 Anniversary broadcast.

Now, on the same website, the developers have told us that the broadcast after almost two weeks at the time of writing will be focusing on a Year 7 Roadmap. Other elements that we will get to see during this broadcast are a look at the in-game store, general gameplay improvements, the exclusive sixth-year anniversary celebration content, and also the exciting official reveal of the Dead by Daylight Chapter 24.

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And that is pretty much all that we know about the upcoming live Dead by Daylight 6th anniversary broadcast. Since all this is official news, you can take it at its word, though if some unexpected event gives rise to a delay, no one can be blamed for that. But barring that, all of this is confirmed information.

And so look forward to the live broadcast and be sure to attend it as it sure is going to be a fun and exciting one.

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