Genshin Impact Dendro Archon - body type, appearance, release date, 3.0 Kusanali leaks

Genshin Impact Dendro Archon body type and appearance have been hinted at by new 3.0 leaks.

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Genshin Impact Dendro Archon leaks

Players have been looking forward to the introduction of Teyvat's seventh element - Dendro, and the Sumeru area in the Genshin Impact for a long time. And hence, several theories have circulated about the possible characters that may be released as playable in the near future.

We realize that only a few characters, specifically enemies have this element thanks to numerous leaks and the official Genshin Impact manga, with just one character particularly appearing in a current Archon Quest. Certainly, this has increased Traveler conjecture over when HoYoverse may add more Dendro characters to the game.

Given that Raiden Shogun, the Inazuma's Archon was only unveiled shortly before the Electro area was introduced to Genshin Impact, it's improbable that gamers will be seeing the Dendro God before the region's introduction.

However, new leaks have indeed hinted at the Genshin Impact Dendro Archon appearance prior to its release, so let's check out the new Genshin Dendro Archon leaks.

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Genshin Impact Dendro Archon leak

The next destination for Genshin Impact players is Sumeru, the Dendro Archon's domain. Sumeru has grown in popularity mainly because the Dendro aspect has yet to be fully explored in-game.

The Traveler is currently hunting for their lost sibling in Genshin Impact's overarching plot, and in order to do so, they are seeking out each nation's Archon, which implies Sumeru's Dendro Archon will be introduced shortly.

Furthermore, recent leaks have indicated the appearance of Genshin Impact Dendro Archon.

Genshin Impact Dendro Archon body type and appearance leak

Recently, a Reddit user shared new info allegedly coming from [Tangzhu_tz]. As per the given translation, the leaker states that "... actually the Dendro Archon has a new body model. Slightly taller than [female child] model but slightly shorter than the teen model."

Players should take a note that, here the Female child model refers to a body type similar to Klee/Sayu/Qiqi and the Teen model is somewhat similar to Sucrose/Yanfei/Ayaka.

Adding to this, the Reddit user likewise pointed out an interesting post from the NGA which also talked about Genshin Impact Dendro Archon's appearance. It was stated, "The news seems to have been around since last year, but no one has dared to say so."

They added, "Saw Lord Kusanali design (In a way similar to the situation Yae Miko looks like Yae Sakura). Carry a small magical staff, grey+white ish hair, three-piece of flowers on her left side of the head, clothing has a flowery pattern, the face looks like Theresa Apocalypse from HI3."

"Gacha art suggests curious and playful/mischievous personality. Maybe they [miHoYo] release big news on May 8th."

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Previously the leak of Dendro Archon's body shape being changed to the female child was revealed by, @SaveYourPrimos which also included an image for reference.

As mentioned by @SaveYourPrimos, "Alleged!DD used the image on the right as a source for his leak; the image is not Dendro Archon's design. He claims she continues to use the female child (Klee/Qiqi) model."

Note: The image used here as a source is not the Dendro Archon's design, it has simply been used for reference.

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Genshin Impact Dendro Archon release date

Other than this, earlier, @UncleDD also stated that Dendro Archon will be released in the 3.1 patch along with a new female character, but this is not the only time we have heard of Dendro Archon release, as a new Genshin leaker and Reddit user, No-Lifeguard4399 who has become quite popular recently talked about Dendro Archon's release in the game.

It was stated, "Dendro ain't coming with Chasm in the same patch, you all can stop coping. Maybe a patch or 2 later after chasm releases, but not with it." which matches with the claim that Dendro Archon will actually release with a new Sumeru map and Genshin Impact 3.0 is rumored to bring Sumeru region after 2.8 update.

According to Zhongli, Sumeru's Archon is known as the Lesser Lord Kusanali, and she is known as the God of Wisdom. Her other name is Flower Archon, so it'll be fascinating to see how it connects to her character.

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Genshin Impact Dendro Archon - Everything known so far

A Dendro Archon known as the God of the Woods, who perished with Khaenri'ah 500 years ago, was similar to Inazuma. Kusanali was promoted to Archon at some point after that. Yae Miko chides the Dendro Archon for exploiting knowledge as a resource at the end of the Inazuma Archon Quest and as a result, Sumeru does not appear to be as much of an academic refuge as it would want to be.

Recently a leak talking about the future Genshin Impact Dendro characters was posted on the WFP channel that originally come from Uncle Pigeon. It was suggested that a popular unreleased Genshin character, Collei will be the upcoming Dendro character.

Moreover, according to rumors, Baizhu could be the next Dendro character, although there hasn't been much evidence to back up his kit with a narrative that fits with a Dendro character. Then Yaoyao is also supposed to be the other Dendro character, but HoYoverse has kept the identities of the other Dendro characters a closely held secret.

Furthermore, miHoYo teased a Dendro character named Cyno a year ago, but nothing has been said about him since. Given that Dendro is the only character element that has yet to appear in the game, there must be a backstory purpose for his absence. But the answer to this question is yet to be given, and we can only hope that HoYoverse will announce something soon.

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As a result, despite rumors that the Sumeru region will be included in the 3.0 update, we'll have to wait until August to see Dendro and since we are way too far away from the Genshin Dendro Archon release, it will be best to wait for more leaks and the release of 2.8 patch to be sure of any leaks associated to the 3.x patches.

However, the wait for 2.8 leaks would not be long as HoYverse has already started recruiting players for the beta testing.


We'll be sure to keep you up to date on the newest news from Genshin Impact, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here are the most recent Genshin Impact leaks concerning the next characters:

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