Genshin Impact Dendro leak- Intensified reactions features revealed by 2.8 beta

Genshin Impact Dendro reactions features have been explained by the new leaks, and it seems quite exciting.

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Genshin Impact Dendro reaction features leaked

If we were asked to make a list of those video games which had the most data-mined information available about them, Genshin Impact would be very near the top, if not at number one itself. You can find almost all the information you need about the upcoming updates of this action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo

And this post is just about one such update.

For those who don’t know a lot about Genshin Impact, there are seven elements in the game. Each of these elements has playable characters associated with them, the characters having specific abilities particular to that element.

The Genshin Impact Dendro element hasn’t had a single playable character associated with it since the game launched. But the wait is almost over. In Genhin update 2.8, it is almost certain that Dendro characters will be introduced in the game.

The recent 2.8 leaks about this title have given us some information on Genshin Impact Dendro reactions. Read on to find the details on the Genshin Impact Dendro reaction features.

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Genshin Impact Dendro reactions feature leak

As mentioned, Genshin Impact Dendro (also Sumeru, which is the name of a region in the game) is to launch with update 2.8. For those unaware, this Genshin Impact 2.8 update is slated to be released on July 13, 2022.

These recent 2.8 leaks give us a graphical representation of how Intensified, one of the Genshin Dendro reactions, will affect the character level and level multiplier.

As revealed, for Intensified reactions to occur, Dendro and Electro elements must react with each other. The other elements that react with Dendro, Hydro, and Pyro, also react to trigger varied reactions. But the leak does not give us any leads in that area.

You will find all that the leaks tell us about the Intensified and Dendro reactions in this post.

Genshin Impact Intensified reactions leak

A reliable and trustworthy leaker of Genshin Impact information, @Genshin_Intel, revealed fresh information about the Genshin Impact Intensified reaction that happens when Electro and Dendro react.

The tweet tells us that when an element, either Electro or Dendro, triggers an Intensified reaction, the other element will be able to do more base damage to enemies for the next 7 seconds.

This increased base damage will take part in the 2.5/3 seconds of the normal Internal Cooldown of other reactions, claims the leak. The Intensified damage multiplier equation can be seen below as was disclosed by the tweet.

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  • Base Damage Increase = Level Multiplier × [1+(5 × EM)/(EM + 1200)]

It is clear now that we look at the formula above that Elemental Mastery will be an important factor when it comes to triggering Intensified reactions.

Observing the equation, we can conclude that an increase in base damage will be the direct result of the high amount of Elemental Mastery at the moment of triggering Intensified reactions with the Genshin Impact Dendro element.

A rather simple way to look at this Genshin Impact Intensified reaction formula would be the way it has been listed below.

  • Dendro + Electro = Intensified
  • Electro -> Dendro = Bonus Electro damage
  • Dendro -> Electro = Bonus Dendro damage
  • Extra Elemental Mastery = Bonus damage

There is also a graph in the tweet, which just shows us the relationship between character level and level multiplier. Essentially, it’s a fancy way of saying that a high character level equals a high-level multiplier. But as a thumb, players want to have Level 90 characters or above for combat. So efficiency-wise, it is nothing to worry about.

In the light of this Genshin Impact Dendro reactions features leak, the conjectures that a Dendro character in the future having Elemental Mastery as an ascension stat or at least based on it will be released are normal.

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Other details on Genshin Impact Intensified reactions

If you want to get into the technical aspects of how outgoing damage is calculated in Genshin Impact, be sure to check out the link given in the tweet above.

Now, this tweet also brings out an interesting aspect of the Genshin Impact Intensified reactions. These reactions, says the leaker, will coexist for both Dendro and Electro elements. What this implies is that compared with the other existing reactions in the game, the Intensified reaction will be different from them.

All the other reactions that already exist in Genshin Impact have different damage increases and multipliers. To give you an example for better understanding, when the Vaporize reaction is triggered with Hydro, it does 2x damage. However, that same reaction, when triggered with Pyro, only does 1.5x damage.

Intensified reactions give the same buff to either of the elements on the receiving side. They will exist with each other in the game.

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Previous leaks on Dendro reactions, including Intensified

The very first leaks that we got to know talking about the Genshin Impact Dendro characters and reactions came from the same source as the leaks discussed in this post above: @Genshin_Intel. These previous leaks told us about the Overgrown and Intensified reactions.

Some effects of the Overgrown and Intensified reactions were discussed in the mentioned previous leaks. They revealed that Intensified reactions would drop Electro particles, and Overgrown reactions drop seeds that in contact with Hydro convert to explosive mushrooms. These explosive mushrooms then explode and do AoE Dendro damage.

The Electro particles dropped by the Intensified reactions can be used by whoever picks them up to gain a small amount of energy.

One very important aspect about Genshin Impact Dendro that previous leaks discussed was that this element does not react with Anemo, Geo, or Cryo. However, this might not be true anymore, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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Miscellaneous leaks about Genshin Impact Dendro element

Many Genshin Impact leaks tell us that Sumeru will come to the game in update 3.0, along with its characters. Of course, not all of the characters of this land will be Dendro, but still, Sumeru is where Dendro Archon is found.

At the moment, we don’t know a lot about Genshin Impact Dendro god - Kusanali. She’s a little girl and could be into hermetic practices. Some leaks tell us that her Archon name is Beur and Nahida.

Apparently, the “A Summer Seas Sojourn” event is where we will catch a glimpse of Nahida. Other than that, we don’t know anything much about her, except that alongside her, there will be Mona, Xiangling, Fischl, Venti, and many more in the event.

And that is all that we know currently about Intensified reactions of Genshin Impact Dendro. Make sure you stay tuned for any official announcements about this matter.


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