Valorant Spikes skin bundle - first look, release date, price, variant leak

Valorant Spikes Skin Bundle has been leaked early, revealing its first look, release date, price, and more.

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Valorant Spikes skin bundle

The latest leaks about the new Valorant Spikes skin bundle appeared when xtr_cs, a well-known Valorant data miner, tweeted a new image of the Valorant Spikes Bundle, showcasing Spikes Vandal skin, and detailing other info.

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Valorant Spikes Skin Bundle

The leaked Valo Spikes bundle somewhat appears to be similar to the Forsaken collection at first glance, however, it certainly has some differences.

The leaker just revealed a first peek at the upcoming Valorant Spikes skins bundle on Twitter and as seen in the leak, the new Valo Spikes skin has additional spiky edges all over the black body.

The skin is black on the inside, with silver metal plating and a yellow accent on the outside. Metal spikes adorn the skins, which look unbelievably fantastic. We likewise have some small yellow thorns all over the skin, aside from the large spikes.

The only gun skin included in the Valorant Spikes bundle is Vandal, however, it is expected that with time, more skins will be added to the list.

Valorant Spikes skin bundle

Usually, the developers bring different color variants to the skin bundles, and the same is expected with the Valorant Spikes skin bundle. However, the Valo Spikes skins have no variances, as seen in the leak, therefore it will most likely be a select or Deluxe Tier.

Similar to each bundle, the leaked Valorant Spikes will likewise have Player Cards and Sprays. But, the leaks are yet to reveal detailed information on it.

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Valorant Spikes skin bundle price

As of this writing, the pricing of this skin set has not been released officially but the leak hints that Valorant Spikes could be a select or Deluxe Tier Skinline, having 5 Skins, 3 Playercards, and 3 Sprays.

If the leak is on point, then the total cost of the bundle must be around 2930VP to 5100VP, or about $30 to $51. With regards to the price of each Valorant Spikes skin, players will have to wait a while to know the price of every Valorant Spikes skin.

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Valorant Spikes bundle release date

It is a given that when one Bundle expires, the next is released, so as a result, players should expect the Valorant Spikes Skin Bundle to will be available in the Valorant marketplace soon.

However, we have the Reaver 2.0 Skin Bundle along with Daedalus skin bundle which could be the next one in line after the RGX 2.0 skins. So, it is suggested to wait a while before we get any confirmation on the Valorant Spikes Skin Bundle release date.

These were all the latest information about the upcoming Valorant Spikes Skin Bundle, its release, price, images, and more.

Currently, the fans will get the Valorant patch 4.09 at the earliest and we have a lot to look forward to as the v4.09 will bring lots of new changes to the game.

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