Valorant Agent 21 - Mage, codename, new details leak

Valorant Agent 21 Mage first details have come out, and fans are indeed waiting for more to be revealed.

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Valorant Agent 21 - Mage leaks

Valorant, the free-to-play first-person hero shooter, developed and published by Riot Games, for MS Windows, has dug its roots deep into the gaming community in a relatively short amount of time since its release in 2020.

One of the most significant changes that the developers bring to the game with each new update now and then are the Agents, the element around which the game revolves.

At the moment, there are 20 Agents in Valorant. But the developers make sure that this character roster is ever-expanding. And the latest addition to it is a new character - Valorant Agent 21 who has been given the codename “Mage”. And the Valorant data miners and leakers have given us whatever precious information they could gather about this Agent.

And all that information on the next Valorant Agent 21 - Mage has been compiled in this post.

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Valorant Agent 21 leaks

Valorant takes us into the terror that the terrible initiator Fade spreads through the Agents using her evil abilities and beasts. In the Pearl of episode five, she is proving herself to be a tough opponent. That means the game meta is gearing up for a change of pace and face. There are many potential agent buffs that the developers are working on at the moment and they want everything in tip-top shape for the upcoming release of next character.

Our data miners have already given us the codename of the Valorant Agent 21, "Mage" which tells us something about its possible unearthly nature.

It is ValorLeaks from whom we gain this information about the codename Mage of the 21st Agent in Valorant. And based on this name, there are some possible theories worth taking a look at that discuss the nature of this character.

Valorant Mage - Agent 21 leaks

You must be aware that the characters in Valorant are divided into several categories, and each new character goes into one of these categories. Now, almost all of these categories are inundated with powerful characters, especially in the case of duelists.

The protocol has been getting recruits regularly, which allows for the aggressive section to be stacked up. The latest additions to the sentinel and initiator rosters were Chamber and Fade respectively. That means that the controller category has been left in the dust for some time and needs some recruits.

And this premise allows us to come to the rational conclusion that Mage could be the next smoker in the game. However, the character might likely go in the footsteps of Omen.

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Viper and Brimstone have a kit that is computerized to blow out chemicals and smokes. That might not be the case with Mage. See, “Mage” is usually a short form for a magician. Now again applying our super-rational logic, we can see it as a possibility that Valorant Agent 21 - Mage might have supernatural Radiant powers and not the usual sci-fi tech.

One more argument supporting this conclusion comes from Valorant’s sister game, League of Legends. We don’t know how familiar you are with this game, but in it, Mage is a class that houses magicians that have supernatural powers, rather than technology, for fighting their opponents.

Both League of Legends and Valorant share the same developer and publisher, and it has been observed that Riot Games often looks at League of Legends for inspiration for characters and content in Valorant. So if Mage does turn out to be a character that has the power to do spells that create globes of smokes, much like Omen, we shouldn’t be surprised.

There might also be stuns like those of Astra and Breach on Mage that will help it better control the enemies.

And now that we have come to the end of all that we know about this new Agent Mage in Valorant, it is time to drop the caveat that accompanies 90% of such posts. And that is of the authenticity of this information. We shouldn’t take everything that we get from leaks and such sources to be gospel.

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The official Valorant Agent 21 teasers and trailers are still a few months coming, and that is a vast interval of time, meaning the chances of a change happening are very high. So just take whatever was discussed here with a pinch of salt. And look out for when the official sources do drop information about this Mage character.

We'll keep you up to date on the latest Valorant news as more becomes available, so keep visiting for more details.

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