Valorant 5.01 PBE leak - Phoenix and Yoru Buffs, KAY/O Changes, Killjoy Voice lines, Agent 21 Mage, more

Valorant 5.01 PBE reveals new Phoenix and Yoru Buffs along with KAY/O Changes, Killjoy Voice lines, and more.

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Valorant 5.01 PBE details leaks

Valorant, the free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, has become of the most played games in its genre in the world. Its characteristic gaming style and the new content that the developers constantly pump into it are why this game has won so many hearts around the world.

The latest update of Valorant is Episode 5 Act 1, which was released just a few days ago. This new version of the title brought with it the new map Pearl, including the new Prelude to Chaos skin bundle. Also, the Ranks were made to Reset. A new Rank Ascendant was inserted between Diamond and Immortal. But if we are talking about agent balances, then we have nothing.

Now, in the upcoming update, the developers have plans of introducing many changes into the game, including agents like Phoenix, Yoru, and KAY/O. Phoenix and Killjoy will be getting some brand new voice lines. And the most important news of all, we have some information on the new Agent that is going to be joining us in soon in Valorant.

And it is all thanks to some stuff about Valorant 5.01 PBE that was unearthed recently that we know what the changes are going to be. You can read about them below.

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Valorant 5.01 PBE Info

Previously it was leaked that Valorant 5.01 patch will hit the PBE servers on June 24. Now we have not received any official info on that, but thanks to leaks, we have got an idea in what to expect with Valo patch 5.01.

It is VALORleaks and Shiick on Twitter to whom we own all this information regarding the Valorant 5.01 PBE. These changes are described below.

Valorant 5.01 - New Agent: Mage

The first bit of information to be thrown our way is the codename of the Valorant Agent 21 who will probably get released with Valo 5.01 patch. This Agent is apparently to be called “Mage,” which, admittedly, does not give us a whole lot to go on upon.

But hey, something is better than nothing as we have had nothing on our plates in terms of next Valorant Agent 21.

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Valorant 5.01 - Phoenix Buffs

This is one of those areas where the Valorant community has been pretty vocal. And it looks like after all this time, they would be getting their wish and Phoenix might be getting buffed with Valorant 5.01.

It looks like Riot is working in this direction. On PBE servers, we find all these buff ideas around Phoenix being tested.

  • Curveball
  1. The flash windup went down to 0.5s from 0.7s.
  2. The max duration of the flash was increased from 1.1s to 1.5s.
  • Blaze (wall)

He can pull the gun out early if he stops bending the wall that much early.

  • Run It Back (ult)

He spawns again now with the original amount of shield that he had.

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Valorant 5.01 - Yoru Buffs

From what we know, these are the potential buffs of Yoru that are being tested on the PBE right now.

  • Dimensional Drift (ult)
  1. Time to unequip goes down from 1.2s to 0.8s
  2. His ult duration goes up to 12s from 10s

Valorant 5.01 - KAY/O Changes

Here are the potential KAY/O Buffs that are being tested on the PBE.

  • FRAG/ment
  1. LOS requirement to deal damage is removed
  2. Range of zone goes down from 10m to 8m
  • NULL/cmd (ult)

Only allies will be able to hear the full audio when KAY/O is revived. Opponents, on the other hand, will only hear a short audio cue.

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Valorant 5.01 - Phoenix and Killjoy get new voice lines

Riot Games has finally decided to add new voice lines to Phoenix and Killjoy. Phoenix gets one new line while Killjoy gets twenty three new lines.

Killjoy also lost a voice line. Just something to keep in mind.

And that is all the latest leaks bring us about Valorant 5.01 PBE. Be sure you tune into this recent update of Valorant for some high-ended fun.

We'll keep you up to date on the latest Valorant Episode 5 news as more becomes available, so keep visiting for more details.

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