Valorant Episode 5 map - Pearl, release date, name, layout, leaks, more

Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 map will be called "Pearl" as revealed by the new leaks, and we already know a little about what to expect.

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Valorant Episode 5 map - "Pearl" leaks

Valorant is now in its third year of operation, having been launched in 2019. Valorant came with four maps and ten Agents in the beta edition and now due to its great success, it has nineteen Agents and seven maps by 2022. Of course, there are all of Valorant's battle passes, skin bundles, and game modes to consider.

However, the game is about to get a new update - Valo Episode 5 Act 1, which will be the next Valorant episode with a new map and a skin bundle.

Fracture, the most recent map, was launched in September 2021, over a year ago. However, compared to previous maps, the most recent maps, such as Fracture and Breeze, were not particularly popular. Riot Games, in particular, has been chastised for the Fracture map, thus it appears that Riot is taking its time releasing the next Valorant Episode 5 map.

Yet, we are not dependent on Riot solely for new data on the game, as dataminers additionally drop unannounced information for the players. And this time the leaks have revealed lots of interesting data on the Valorant Episode 5 map.

Check out all the leaks and info on Valorant Episode 5 map below.

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UPDATE: 16/06/22

Valorant Episode 5 Pearl map trailer - official reveal

On June 16th, Riot officially revealed the new Valorant Pearl map via a new trailer, and the video description read: "Join us for Sanctuary Day–a celebration of PEARL: The wonder beneath the waves. Pearl is VALORANT’s first Omega Earth map that mixes technological marvels with tactical three-lane gameplay. Coming soon in EPISODE 5: DIMENSION."


Valorant Episode 5 map leak

Valorant's 8th map has been hinted at since the launch of Fracture in Episode 3 Act 2. However, no new map was released in Episode 4 Act 3, and given Riot's history of introducing a new map each episode, there's a slim possibility they'll be able to squeeze something in before the end of Episode 4.

The sole piece of information for Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 that has been confirmed is a new map. Moreover, the Valo Ep 5 map's probable location and layout have already been leaked thanks to the devs and dataminers.

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Valorant Episode 5 map - Name

In the previous night market, VALORANT enticed us with an underwater-themed background. It could also have been a teaser for a forthcoming map, as per floxay, a common name in the Valorant community.

The Valorant 8th map will be known as "Pitt" revealed Floxay on Twitter. However, that was a codename and now a fresh leak from another credible leaker, @ValorLeaks who has revealed that the new Valorant Episode 5 map is coming very soon, and is called "Pearl."

The new Valorant Episode 5 leak confirms all of the indications that the new map will include an underwater-themed POI.

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Valorant Episode 5 map - Layout

The official Valorant Twitter feed sent us a boombot with a spicy preview regarding the new map. Players were asked to prepare for Aquarium Week, which began on May 24. The graphic of the image corresponds to the info that we've received thus far. Pointing to a multi-tiered, big, possibly inside the map that is, hopefully, entirely underwater.

Then on June 9, the official Valorant page shared another image of what appears to be an underwater dome made by the Kingdom with the message "Prepare to dive," further implying that we're traveling underwater with the upcoming Valorant Pearl map.

Riot has suggested a "city-wide geo dome" being built to control the high tides — and given the abundance of aquarium references, this could be real. However, there's not much else outside emails mentioning a "city-wide geo-dome" in South America (or even Portugal).

One of the emails stated, "Tidal forecast predicts we could even get to open the geo-dome for the matches," implying that the dome protects inhabitants from high tides. Moreover, Riot's social media accounts feature each Agent as well as their native location which also could be a hint for the Valo Map 8.

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On January 17, Riot stated that they would look into Breach in Sweden next, but they also revealed designs of a new map layout with Raze's signature on it.

The name Ruben Pontes, on the other hand, has raised suspicions that the map is set in Brazil, or probably South America.

However, we are yet to get any info on where the upcoming Valorant Pearl map is situated, but @ValorLeaks did reveal that instead of 3, the new Valorant Pearl map has 2 sites.

Valorant Episode 5 map - Release date

VALORANT hasn't released a new map for all of its gamers in a long time. As a result, we may receive a fresh new map sooner than anticipated.

Furthermore, Valorant's refusal to drop a new map in the Episode 4 Act 3 update and following Riot's habit of releasing maps every 2-3 Acts or so, Valorant Pearl map, as well as other details, should certainly be revealed in the future Episode 5.

Now, assuming no delays, the possible release date for Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 is June 22, 2022, as the Episode 4 Act 3 battle pass finishes the day before, on June 21.

Take this with a grain of salt, though, because it's all just a leak and a lot can be changed prior to the Pearl map's official release.

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Well, there you have it, everything we know so far about Valorant Episode 5 map "Pearl", including its release date, name, layout, and more. We'll keep you up to date on the latest Valorant news so, keep visiting for more details.

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