Genshin Impact 3.0 QoL leaks - alternate sprint fix, increased party slots, element buff, Billets exchange, more

Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks have revealed several QoL changes coming to the in-game system, element reactions, alternate sprint, and more.

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Genshin Impact 3.0 system changes leaks have revealed quite exciting info

Every Genshin fan is aware that the Genshin Impact 3.0 beta is currently underway, and players are busy exploring the fresh content of version 2.8, which was launched in connection with the debut of the new Heizou, a 4-star character.

Every beta, including Genshin 3.0, offers dataminers the ability to pore into in-game files and reveal information to players that had not yet been made public or announced.

Now following the trend, Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks have also revealed some Genshin 3.0 QoL changes, in addition to the abilities of Dori, Collei, and Tighnari, the Spiral Abyss lineup, banners, events, and quests.

Genshin Impact is always improving and making the game easier for players to enjoy with periodic quality-of-life updates that are worthwhile adopting and the latest Genshin Impact 3.0 leak suggests that some of the most anticipated quality-of-life improvements that many players have long requested in the expansive RPG are finally coming.

The new alternate sprint fix, Hydro and Electro Resonance buff, increased party slots, crafting of artifacts at table, Billets exchange, and more have been revealed in Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks. Take a look at the information below.

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Genshin Impact 3.0 QoL Changes

The regular updates for Genshin Impact include gameplay and system optimizations in addition to new characters and events. Since the game's release, Genshin Impact has seen a lot of quality-of-life improvements, including the ability to keep players in your party while they are on expeditions.

The players are now curious as to what significant updates and quality-of-life changes are included in the Genshin Impact 3.0 release. Well, the answers are down below.

  • Genshin Impact 3.0 - alternate sprint fix for uneven terrain

A recent Genshin Impact 3.0 leak exposes a minor quality-of-life improvement that has been long desired by fans. The alternate sprint of Yelan and Sayu, as well as the elemental skill of Ayaka and Mona, have been changed.

Basically, stopping by stairs and other little items used to be a hassle for these four characters. However, fans can now rejoice because it appears that this will no longer be the case.

Sagiri, a well-known Genshin Impact leaker, has posted a few videos to Twitter that show off upcoming improvements for different sprint characters.

Both Kamisato Ayaka and Sayu are seen zooming back and forth through some of the most difficult terrains in the Twitter clips in the issue. This is lovely to see as a player who uses Ayaka as their primary DPS. The brief clip shows Ayaka snowflake racing over tables in the center of Mondstadt's main city while Sayu uses her Elemental Skill to tumble about on top of the main fountain in the same location.

Mona is the sole character absent from these showcases, but given how similar her alternate sprint is to Ayaka's, we must presume that it will function precisely the same.

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Now, although it may seem insignificant, this is a significant convenient improvement because although these characters have exceptional mobility, they might quickly be stopped by a minor collision, therefore the player avoided using them for general movement.

Little else needs to be said about this quality of life improvement. Anyone who uses at least one of these characters as their main will adore this Genshin character alternate sprint fix, but travelers who don't use any of these characters won't be bothered by this modification.

  • Genshin Impact 3.0 - element system change (Hydro and Electro resonance)

Along with the aforementioned, Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks have shown that the addition of Dendro will bring about a tonne of new changes to the element system.

An intriguing additional tidbit regarding an adjustment to Hydro and Electro resonance in the future 3.0 version was given in Genshin Intel and Ubtacha's tweet.

According to the leak, Hydro Resonance's resonance effect will be changed from a boost to healing to a boost to maximum health as part of the Genshin 3.0 QoL improvement. He stated, "Hydro Resonance: Affected by Pyro for 40% less time. Increases Max HP by 25%."

Further, UBatcha tweeted that the Electro Resonance has also received an update. He stated, "Affected by Hydro for 40% less time. Superconduct, Overloaded, Electro-Charged, Quicken, Intensify, or Hyperbloom have a 100% chance to generate an Electro Elemental Particle. Electro Particle generation has a 5 seconds cooldown."

Genshin Impact's fans have undoubtedly become divided in response to the revelation of the likely modifications to elemental resonance and the removal of the upcoming healing buff. But most people concurred that the adjustment is good news for Yelan and Kokomi, among other characters.

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  • Genshin Impact's 3.0 - Configurable party slots changes

Genshin Impact's 3.0 QoL update will bring a change to Configurable party slots.

Currently, while traveling the overworld, Genshin Impact players only have access to four teams, and switching between them can make some missions much more difficult. However, based on Genshin 3.0 leaks, fans might no longer need to be concerned about this issue.

Genshin Impact 3.0 beta players may now easily create, rename, and deploy their teams into the overworld with just a few clicks thanks to a new Genshin 3.0 quality-of-life improvement. The number of viable team configurations has expanded to 10 thanks to this system, providing fans six brand-new team spots to choose from.

Talking about the 3.0 QoL Changes, @Yukikami_Kris stated, "There is now a new button on the bottom left in the Party Setup menu, which lets you quickly view, rename and deploy your created party setups. The max party setup slots have also been increased to 10, giving you 6 more slots to customize your setups."

Players will be able to quickly deploy teams based on certain combos for difficult foes thanks to these additional team slots.

Players can currently choose from four distinct teams they can form and personalise while playing Genshin Impact's overworld and hence fans have undoubtedly enthusiastically applauded this new update because switching between these teams was essential for finishing missions and puzzles that required various elemental combinations.

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  • Genshin Impact 3.0 - old artifacts at the crafting table

Recent Genshin 3.0 leaks claim that, in addition to Sumeru, Genshin Impact developers are also making some of the most anticipated changes to the artifact strongboxes. In the Mystic Offering System, they will boost the number of artifacts strongboxes.

According to rumors, players will now be able to see 10 new sets in Artifact Strongbox in addition to the new artifact sets in version 3.0. Instead of visiting domains, players can now craft the following old artifact at the crafting table:

  • Thundering Fury
  • Thundersoother
  • Viridescent Venerer
  • Maiden Beloved
  • Archaic Petra
  • Retracing Bolide
  • Crimson Witch of Flames
  • Lavawalker
  • Blizzard Strayer
  • Heart of Depth
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Players can now prioritize their resource harvesting for Sumeru artifacts with the Mystic Offering System's update. A lot of gamers have been anticipating such QoL changes for a while, and the new 3.0 Mystic Offering System feature is sure to make creating Liyue and Mondstadt characters in the game easier.

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  • Genshin Impact 3.0 - Billets exchange

Well, this is the last part that we have covered in our Genshin 3.0 QoL changes post, the new feature of Billets being changed.

Recently, the leaks revealed that with Genshin Impact 3.0 update, players will be able to convert Billets with 2 dream solvents and the correct weapon of the other type. Moreover, there are a few new Billets in the Sumeru update as well.

Despite the fact that Hoyoverse has issued a number of substantial patches over the past year, it is claimed that the 3.0 version will be the biggest update since the 2.0 Inazuma update went live in the summer of last year. And indeed, this update includes some of the most requested QoL improvements along with a new location, three new characters, and a tonne of events and missions.

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These are all the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.0 QoL changes. Any new QoL changes are always welcomed, and so are these new Genshin 3.0 system changes. However, the data has come from the leaks that are subjected to change, so, players should think about it with a grain of salt as miHoYo can at any time decide to make changes in the main game.


We'll update you with the latest information regarding Genshin Impact, so keep following. Till then, you can also check the latest Genshin Impact leaks about the upcoming characters:

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