Genshin Impact Cyno leaks - banner, release date, vision, rarity, kit, lore, 3.1 leaks

Gesnhin Impact Cyno's banner release date, ability, vision, and weapon have been hinted at by new 3.1 leaks.

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Genshin Impact Cyno details revealed by new 3.1 leaks

Recently, the Genshin Impact 2.8 update went live, adding the much-awaited character Heizou, along with new events, enemies, and many quests and challenges. Version 2.8 also has a Yoimiya rerun planned for the second half.

However, a number of Genshin 3.0 leaks have been circulating, providing additional information about the upcoming Genshin Impact update.

Huge numbers of new characters are expected to enter the game in the upcoming days' thanks to miHoYo's ongoing expansion of the gacha pool. Several characters have had formal announcements, but miHoYo hasn't provided any information regarding Genshin Impact Cyno.

The premiere trailer for Genshin Impact introduced Cyno to players right away, but the game's creators haven't provided any details on when the character will be playable. However, as always, we have data miners and leakers on our side.

No matter how hard HoYoverse attempts to keep leakers under wraps, Genshin Impact leaks continue to come on quickly. The planned version 3.0 upgrade isn't the only thing that has been leaked this time; additional information regarding the future Gesnhin Impact Cyno character has also been posted online.

So let's explore the information that has been made available so far concerning Gesnhin Impact Cyno, such as the release date, rarity, vision, abilities, and more.

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Cyno Genshin Impact

Numerous other characters that will join the roster following Sumeru's release have been hinted about in Genshin Impact leaks. Cyno was among the most eagerly awaited of them as he was introduced back in 2020 along with others like Ayaka and Ninnguang.

Genshin Impact Cyno is a well-known member of Sumeru and a former student of Tevyat's prestigious Sumeru Akademiya. He first appeared in the official manga for the game and helped Collie in her rescue.

Despite Cyno's brief presence in the manga, his character design had already earned him a following. Sumeru is going to be the fourth chapter after Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma, therefore Cyno, who is from Sumeru, should really be the next on Genshin Impact's radar when it comes to Cyno's release.

Players should expect Cyno to be the next playable manga character as Collei, a character who benefited from Cyno's help and is from manga herself, has already been formally revealed.

Actually, the possibility of Cyno showing up in the game as a playable character comes from the info revealed by credible leakers and from the fact that he is a polearm wielder from Sumeru, and this Sumeru region is all set to be released in the Genshin 3.0 update.

Below are the things that the Genshin Impact Cyno leaks revealed.

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Genshin Impact Cyno Release Date

miHoYo has still maintained its silence about the official Genshin Impact Cyno release date, however, that hasn't stopped the Cyno leaks from flowing in.

There have been conflicting rumors about Cyno's release date, but now reputable leakers like @hxg_diluc and SaveYourPrimos are disclosing information on the Genshin Impact 3.1 character banners, which might be released in the first few days of October.

It has been reported that Cyno, Candace, and Nilou will be accessible during the Genshin 3.1 release, where players will be able to see Cyno in the first phase of the Genshin 3.1 banner and Nilou in the second one.

Apart from this, earlier, Ubatcha also stated that "Cyno will be releasing early on within the Sumeru patches but not 3.0." And the LeaksNga account also asserted that the Genshin Impact Cyno banner will be introduced in the 3.1 update.

Now, if we are to guess Cyno's release date, it is possible that Cyno will be made available in Genshin Impact 3.1 update, which is somewhere around October 5. Hence, players can anticipate the drip marketing for the character to be released by the authorities in the next month or two.

Although these leaks are still subject to change, this reliable source has a strong track record of delivering leaks that ultimately actually happen.

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Genshin Impact Cyno Kit

The exact details of Genshin Cyno's abilities are yet to be revealed, however, we got a small hint of Cyno's skill via the latest Genshin 3.1 leaks.

Cyno is a 5-star character according to leaks, and like Raiden Shogun or Kamisato Ayato, his Normal Attacks (NA) will feature a second mode. Leaks indicate that Cyno will change, preferably in his Elemental Burst, just as Ayato and Raiden Shogun did in Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, respectively.

Adding to this, leaks have also detailed a few elements of Cyno's kit.

  • Cyno's Elemental Skill: Dash Forward and deals damage, skill's CD is very low.
  • Cyno's Elemental Burst: Weapon infuses electro, changing the action of his Elemental Skills and Normal Attack. Also, the range and damage of Elemental Skills will increase.
  • Cyno's Talent: Increase damage of Cyno's Elemental Skills based on Cyno's EM.
  • C6 suits the Artifact "Thundering Fury" 

It has additionally been mentioned that "Unlike Xiao, you can charge your Elemental Burst by using Elemental Skills even though Cyno's burst is working. You cannot "save" your Elemental Skills like Xiao, Yae or Yelan C1."

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Yet, we know nothing for sure and it would be ideal to wait till the 3.1 beta to get more info about Cyno's kit, his abilities, and elements.⁠

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Genshin Impact Cyno vision

Coming to Cyno's vision, there were many questions regarding Cyno's vision. However, he is actually an Electro character, which was later revealed by a lot of leakers.

Fans had previously anticipated that he would possess Sumeru's Dendro vision, but his purple-colored clothes and relationship with Lisa contradicted their expectations. Finally, subsequent leaks that showed him to be using Electro vision put an end to that discussion.

Cyno along with the new addition to the Catalyze reaction will undoubtedly bring some fresh and potent skills to the table.

One of the new fundamental reactions that can result from the interaction of Electro and Dendro is Catalyze, however, it won't be employed with Dendro until after the release of Sumeru.

According to the leaks, when a Catalyze reaction occurs, the targeted opponents receive a debuff that makes Electro- and Dendro-infused attacks that injures them more severely. With the right team setups, this potent debuff will dramatically improve Cyno's damage output.

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Genshin Impact Cyno rarity and weapon

Additionally, recent rumors imply that Cyno will be made available as a 5-star character. It was widely believed at first that Cyno was a 4-star character like Ninnguang, however, it now appears that this is not the case.

According to the most recent data, Cyno might have a second form similar to Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato. He, too, might be an infusion-style character who can be employed as a DPS or Sub-DPS on the battlefield. Additionally, recently it was revealed by Genshin 3.1 leaks that indeed Cyno is the main DPS.

Apart from this, Cyno's being a polearm character has already been verified by various leakers.

Now although Genshin's Cyno weapon is yet to be datamined in the in-game files, we did see Cyno wielding a Polearm in the past Genshin Impact preview trailer and leakers also indicate that Cyno will be a Polearm user.

However, there are all possibilities that his weapon may alter in the final edition of the game.

If we are to talk about the particular Cyno's signature weapon, then we don't have much info on that as dataminers have not found any data on that and miHoYo is yet to confirm Cyno's release and development.

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Genshin Impact Cyno Model

Not much was revealed by the leakers to suggest what Genshin Cyno would look like in the main game and we don't even have any leaked models to know about Cyno's appearance. However, we do have textual leaks.

Recent Genshin Impact 3.1 leaks revealed that Cyno's design has undergone next to no changes from his appearance in the teyvat chapter video. However, we did get brief info on what we can expect from the playable version of Genshin Impact Cyno's outfit:

  • the red gem on his waist is in fact a gem and not a Vision
  • there are two large yellow/orange (from the front) strips of cloth that dangle behind him at thigh-length
  • elbow-length gloves, black with gold plating
  • foot coverings only cover the second toe
  • he's a card game nerd

Now, we have seen Cyno in the webtoon, and preview trailer. Cyno is a Sumeru native who lives in the Dendro Nation and he carries a cloak and lightweight clothing to dissipate the heat of Sumeru, which is a desert.

If the leak is true, then this lightweight clothing part is what will be missing from Cyno's model in the main game.

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Genshin Impact Cyno Lore

Genshin Impact Cyno made his second debut in the Genshin Impact Manga's 12th chapter. We discovered that he is a well-versed scholar from Sumeru Academia. Cyno attends Sumeru Academia, which is the exact place where Lisa finished her studies, indicating that the school has highly skilled students and staff.

Cyno, a knowledgeable Sumeru Academia researcher appears serene and confident due to his stoic manner. Moreover, he also seems distant and secretive, choosing to keep things simple. Cyno was icy when he first encountered Amber at the Official Genshin Webtoon.

In the manga, Amber characterizes Cyno as "vague and cryptic." But he is also the one who helped Collie seal her archon residue.

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Genshin Impact Cyno fanart via @Roninewt

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Cyno appears in the Manga to rescue his friend Collei, who is in need of support while traveling through Mondstadt. In the Manga, Cyno uses his knowledge of spells and magic to protect his friend and a catalyst is commonly carried by magic users in Genshin Impact. As a result, it'll be interesting to see what weapon of choice will Cyno have in the game.

Leaks have also given us a small story spoiler. Ubtacha revealed: "Under the strict supervision of General Mahamatra, the spreading of banned knowledge and academic corruption in the Akademiya has decreased significantly. Thanks to Lord Cyno, us subordinates' vacations have also become more frequent."

There's a lot more to discover about this Sumeru scholar and it is expected that Cyno's story will be revealed in the Genshin 3.x update, so fans of the character will have to wait a bit.

His appearance in the Storyline teaser video further confirms that he will play a key role in our Sumeru adventures. So it would be interesting to see if Genshin's Cyno actually becomes a playable character or not and if he does then when will miHoYo officially announce Genshin Cyno's release date.

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Moreover, we will make sure to update the article with new info whenever anybody decides to drop any hint on Cyno's release.

These were the complete details about Cyno in Genshin Impact that have been revealed so far. However, similar to all the leaks, players should this Genshin Impact Cyno leak with a grain of salt until miHoYo officially reveals any details as it is way too early to be sure of any info on the Genshin Impact 3.1 update.


We'll update you with the latest information regarding Genshin Impact, so keep following. Till then, you can also check the latest Genshin Impact leaks about the upcoming characters:

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