Genshin Impact Scaramouche leaks - release date, element, abilities, weapon, model, lore, 3.1 leaks

Genshin Impact Scaramouche leaks have revealed new data about its possible element, abilities, weapon, model, release date, and more.

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Genshin Impact Scaramouche leaks have revealed tonnes of new details on the character

Three new Genshin characters, Dori, Tighnari, and Collei, who will be included in the game's upcoming 3.0 version, were just introduced by miHoYo. Additionally, the much-anticipated character Heizou was finally added, along with a new enemy line and other additions, with the recent release of the 2.8 update.

Hence, if you've been playing the well-known action role-playing video game Genshin Impact, you're probably already aware that miHoYo occasionally introduces new playable characters to the game.

There is no denying that Genshin Impact has a big cast of characters, and it can be very challenging to keep track of them all. However, there is still a tonne of additional characters that are planned for future updates and have not been revealed yet and one such unannounced character is Scaramouche.

In the quest "The Crisis Deepens," Scaramouche made his first appearance and therefore is described as a "vagrant from Inazuma." Before Mona detected and uncovered his true wicked intentions and organized an escape, he initially gave off the impression of being a pleasant character.

Since then, many questions from fans have been on their minds, like "Who is Scaramouche?", "Where did Scaramouche go after the end of Inazuma?", and "What role will Scaramouche play moving forward." miHoYo has not responded to any of these queries; nevertheless, there are leakers who have provided succinct responses to some of these queries.

We have collected all the data for you on Genshin Impact Scaramouche, and new 3.0 leaks have additionally revealed data on Scaramouche's vision, weapon, possible skill and burst cost, and more.

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Genshin Impact Scaramouche

Beelzebul (Raiden Ei) built Scaramouche as a test to discover if she could make puppet bodies. After the test, Ei sealed the power of Scaramouche and released him into Inazuma. However, Scaramouche found himself in the care of the Fatui, who unlocked him.

One of the Genshin Impact characters, Scaramouche, is awaiting his turn to enter the game as a playable character. As the Electro Archon's direct creation, Scaramouche possesses enormous power, however, what actually stirred commotion in the community was the recently released Fatui Harbingers cinematic trailer.

There are 11 Fatui Harbingers in total, but up until this point, we had only seen 2. However, Genshin Impact recently released a cinematic trailer that showed all of the Fatui Harbingers. The trailer depicts all of the Fatui Harbingers visiting La Signora, the eighth of the Fatui Harbingers' funeral, except for Scaramouche.

Now, fans started raising questions like "what happened with Scaramouche?", "is Scaramouche's release coming closer?" and more.

Well, we have answered for you below.

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Genshin Impact Scaramouche element

Well, we have not received any official information from miHoYo, but recently two of the well-known Genshin leakers spilled some beans on Geshin Scaramouche's element.

@hxg_diluc and Mero are the two leakers we are talking about. Today, on July, 18th, Mero shared a post on Twitter stating, "What if I tell you that Scaramouche/Wanderer will be anemo."

Many didn't believe him initially and players were speculating that maybe leakers are just describing the boss version of Scaramouche and his delusion could be Anemo. However, clarifying the confusion on Geshin Scaramouche's element, @hxg_diluc revealed that indeed Anemo is going to be Scaramouche's element, and he said, "I am pretty sure his [Scaramouche] playable element is anemo."

Previously fans assumed that Scaramouche will be an Electro vision based on his purple and black color scheme. Moreover, Scaramouche's strikes also frequently have a purple tinge to them, with his chest emblem likewise supporting the same.

However, hearing the news of Scaramouche being an Anemo character has left many fans heartbroken.

Adding to the element leak, we also got an idea of Scaramouche's possible skill and burst cost.

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Genshin Impact Scaramouche abilities

Genshin leakers are yet to datamine complete Scaramouche's kit and abilities, however, adding to the element leak, leakers also gave an idea of Scaramouche's possible skill and burst cost.

Mero recently revealed that the total energy cost of Scaramouche's Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst will be 60. The leaker revealed the following about Scaramouche's Elemental Skill and Burst:

  • Scaramouche's E - cd: 9
  • Scaramouche's Q - cd: 15
  • energy cost: 60

Now clearly this isn't enough to know about how Scaramouche will perform in the game, still, something is better than nothing.

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Genshin Impact Scaramouche weapon

Genshin Scaramouche is expected to be a Catalyst user, and the new leaks also support the same.

Moreover, let's go by the past leaks of Scaramouche weapon from @lumie, a well-known Genshin leaker. It is expected that the 'Narukami' line of weapons with their purple designs could be Scaramouche's weapon.

One of these weapons is an Electro Catalyst, which appears to be designed just for Scaramouche. This Catalyst not only resembles a spear, but it also has an exquisite design befitting the Balladeer himself.

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Genshin Impact Scaramouche model and name changes

Well, the only time we have seen Scaramouche in the game is during his appearance in the Crisis Deepens quest, however, new Genshin 3.0 leaks have reported that Scaramouche's elements, its design, its name, and even its personality have been changed during the development.

This simply implies that playable Scaramouche's model will have nothing in common with the current one. Moreover, leaks have revealed that the playable version of Scaramouche will be known as Wanderer. It indeed is sad news for those who have been saving for this new character.

Talking about Scaramouche's changes, @hxg_diluc stated:

As I know, he[Scaramouche] does have his memory after Sumeru main story. All I can confirm is his name, his designs, and his element changes. We will wait for the main plot and see how it develops. Personality may change, but it is "possible", not "confirmed".

Scaramouche is developed for 2 years, and changing widely does bring us a deep concern. But we shall judge it with our own experience. It's your freedom to express anger towards hoyoverse, but please read the whole Sumeru story first.

Personally, I don't satisfy with the changing of element and using delusion. But this is MY judgment. Please read the Sumeru story first, then you will make your own choices.

This is all on Scaramouche's model, next we should head over to Scaramouche's lore leak.

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Note: Before you begin to read this part, it contains spoilers, so skip this part if you don't want to be spoiled about future content.

Genshin Impact Scaramouche lore

Another reliable leaker in the Genshin community, @BLANK shared new info about Scaramouche's lore, stating, "To boost the mood of the Scaramouche Mains and my friend, I will post this at the cost of me not posting much for some time. I hope you like it."

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The following is the text on Genshin Impact Scaramouche's lore and future story:

So what if it's not me? Who is to say who I am? Anyways, I was originally born to become a god, and now I have an opportunity to become one again.

Ha, I wonder if the person who created me would be surprised?

This life is just all a meaningless "process". What I have originally left behind: just agonizing memories and mundane human emotions, should have ended much before. This world, even the stars, are fake anyways.

(The Akademiya and Dottore are nearing the end of this project in collaboration.)

Now it is obvious that this new story spoiler has ignited new theories in the community with some saying that Scaramouche's personality change, might not be for a softer tone, but a harsher one, and others suggesting that the context of this dialogue is unknown at the moment, and this could be before his boss fight.

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Now since we have mentioned the boss fight, we also received some info on the Genshin Impact Scaramouche weekly boss.

Genshin Impact Scaramouche weekly boss

Back in April 2022, a reliable leaker in the Genshin community, Uncle Dumb Dumb revealed that players will get to see Scaramouche in the Genshin Impact 3.1 update as a new weekly boss. In their post, the leaker wrote, "If the company schedule is not affected by Covid situation in Shanghai, new 3.1 weekly boss is Scaramouche."

Reacting to the leak, and making some calculated guesses, @SaveYourPrioms gave us a weekly boss release timeline.

It was pointed out that with the release of different Archon characters in x.1 patches, different weekly bosses were released, hence getting Scaramouche weekly boss along with the release of Dendro Archon makes sense. It was stated that the "Versions x.1 possibly reserved for Archon banners + Harbinger showdowns...? "

  • 1.1 - Zhongli release; Childe Weekly Boss
  • 2.1 - Raiden release; Signora Weekly Boss
  • (?) 3.1 - Dendro Archon release; Scaramouche Weekly Boss

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Genshin Impact Scaramouche release date and banner

Well, we have now received fresh info on Scaramouche's banner and release date as well.

It has been claimed that players will get the Genshin Impact Scaramouche banner at the same time when he releases as a weekly boss. Moreover, a new character called, Faruzan who is a 4-star will feature on Genshin Scaramouche's banner.

Mero stated, "Scara will be in the same banner as the other new anemo character Faruzan (4*). Also, i have a lot of small things that indicate that Scara is melee catalyst like Heizou. His own 4* support + melee = most likely he planned to be main carry. His banner is about the same time as his debut as boss. About the same time does not necessarily mean "at the same time".

Moreover, previously Uncle DD alt also revealed that the Genshin Impact Scaramouche release date is scheduled for a 3.2 update. While replying to a DM asking about Cyno, the leaker wrote, "I don't remember [about Cyno], but Scaramouche will be playable in 3.2. You can save this [screenshot]. I will keep running."

Now, these leaks are in sync with others' claims as well who stated the following about Scaramouche:

  • MrX claims Scaramouche to be a 5-star Catalyst who will appear in the 3.1 or 3.2, And he also claims Scaramouche to be a major DPS with a specialization in Transformative Reactions.
  • Then Uncle A claims that a Scaramouche banner will not be available until the 2022 Genshin Impact Anniversary and that by the end of Sumeru, Scaramouche will become playable.

Now clearly the 3.2 update mentioned by MrX and Genshin Impact Anniversary 2022 (which is on 28 September) all line up with Uncle DD's claim of Scaramouche release date. However, as per the usual six-patch schedule, Genshin Impact 3.2 update should go live on 16 November, (which is a bit later than September due to the version 2.7 delay).

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If this is the case, Scaramouche will most likely appear in Genshin Impact 3.1 beta. However, we will make sure to update the article with new info whenever anybody decides to drop any hint on Scaramouche's release.

These were the complete details about Genshin Impact Scaramouche that have been revealed so far.

However, similar to all the leaks, players should this Genshin Impact Scaramouche leak with a grain of salt until miHoYo officially reveals any details as it is way too early to be sure of any info on the Genshin Impact 3.x update.


We'll update you with the latest information regarding Genshin Impact, so keep following. Till then, you can also check the latest Genshin Impact leaks about the upcoming characters:

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