Skate 4 Playtest leak - map, features, career mode, gameplay, and more

Skate 4 Playtest leak has revealed tonnes of new info about the game's current development and the features that it is offering to the players.

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Skate 4 Playtest leak

For the past few years, the Tony Hawk video game franchise has dominated the skateboard industry. However, this series has had a steady decline in sales and popularity over the past few years after reaching its pinnacle in popularity, particularly among youths.

Another skateboarding video game brand has since emerged to fill the space, competing at first before taking the genre by storm. The franchise's name is Skate.

Skate fans have been awaiting the release of the eagerly anticipated fourth iteration of the game since it was revealed at EA Play 2020. The Skate game series has so far seen three sequels: Skate, Skate 2, and Skate 3.

The impending closed alpha test for the next Skate game was just announced by Electronic Arts. Fans of the skateboarding franchise will be able to provide comments and perhaps even influence the development of Skate 4 through the Skate Insider Program.

Even though the Skate Insider Program hasn't started yet, it appears there may already be a playtest going on that nobody is aware of. Additionally, information about the closed playtests for Skate 4 has begun leaking online.

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Skate 4 Playtest leak

The Skate 4 game is in a "very very early state," according to a playtest leak on Reddit, thus any elements could alter or removed well before the final version is released. Moreover, the Skate 4 Playtest leak seems convincing because it includes a picture of Skate 4's map.

Skate 4 Map leak

The "Fun City" area of the Skate 4 playable map that the playtesters experienced is probably only a small portion of the overall playable map. Additionally, this playtest map included both new locations and resources from previous Skate games.

The leak also claims that the Skate 4 map combines elements from previous Skate games with brand-new regions. The image also shows a sizable explorable region replete with mission icons, fast travel stations, unlockable places, and what appear to be other players.

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As an illustration, the Community Center from the first Skate is located close to the map's center.

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Skate 4 Features leak

According to the leaker, EA wants "around 60 individuals" on each multiplayer server. However, there isn't any direct rivalry between players in this open-map multiplayer. The ability for players to support one another's efforts as spectators is another intriguing element of Skate 4.

The leaker also lauded the game's ragdoll mechanics, noting they are more flexible than in Skate 3. He also talked about character customization, stating that unlocked clothing depends on how far you advance in the game.

Moreover, players will be able to communicate with one another using emojis that they can customize and audio "cheers" in Skate 4.

A currency that could be obtained through completing tasks and then used to purchase clothing and crafting materials were also included in the playtest. Moreover, there are a few craftable elements and plans for skate parks; a "home" skatepark is constructed and can be upgraded at any time.

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Skate 4 Gameplay

The leaker claims that Skate 4's gameplay is faster than Skate 3's, but not by an amount that compromises realism. However, it seems like this could be changed before Skate 4 is eventually released.

Bus stops scattered across the area serve as fast transit locations, and players now revive using animation rather than the previous "pop out of thin air" method.

Even though there are 100 levels to advance through in Skate 4, it's unclear whether this refers to the career mode specifically or to a general progression system. The topic of progression is barely mentioned, however, as per the leaker, Tony Hawk's Proving Ground's career mode and Skate 4's rely upon skating in addition to sharing media and gaining fans.

Moreover, another career-like gaming option that is being kept secret is also mentioned.

It's interesting that the new Skate 4 leak predicts a release in October because the game features several Halloween-themed assets. That would imply that Skate 4 will be released around Halloween in 2023, but that is just the leaker's wild guess.

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It's uncertain if the leaker is trustworthy without more proof, but for now, this might be the greatest choice for Skate fans who are desperate for any news.

Well, that is all that is there to know about this new Skate 4 Playtest leak, including info on Skate 4's map, features, career mode, gameplay, and more. Keep your ears sharp because you will be hearing about it from official sources soon enough.

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