Tesla Cars may get Steam games demo version soon - Elon Musk

Tesla Cars may get a Steam games demo version soon, claims Elon Musk in their recent post.

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Tesla Cars Steam games demo version coming soon

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, unveiled new Tesla models in June 2021. For gamers, this was particularly noteworthy as Musk revealed that the in-car entertainment system could run the graphically demanding game like Cyberpunk 2077 with remarkably buttery smoothness.

Updated versions of Tesla's Model X and Model S vehicles were unveiled, displaying gaming hardware upgrades that supported "up to 10 teraflops of processing power." Prior versions could only run less demanding games like Cat Quest and Cuphead, but the 2021 models get a significant gaming performance boost.

It was reported that the SpaceX vehicle has a discrete Navi 23 graphics card and a Zen 1+ AMD Ryzen CPU for its in-car entertainment system. Additionally, Tesla asserts that its vehicle can deliver performance on par with next-generation gaming systems.

Elon Musk has now added to the promises made in the past by claiming that Tesla is still working on integrating Steam into its cars and that a demo for Tesla's Steam games may be available sooner than anticipated.

Read the full details on what Musk has to say on the future of Tesla's Steam games.

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Elon Musk talks about Tesla's Steam games

Drivers can now play games like Witcher 3 on hardware that is comparable to high-end gaming systems thanks to the gear that powers Tesla Arcade, an in-car gaming system.

The Tesla Owners Silicon Valley's Twitter account released a message about playing video games in their Teslas last week. The post also featured a little video demonstrating how a Tesla Model X owner uses their dashboard console to play several games while their electric car is supercharging.

Now, following that, Elon Musk responds to the tweet with an update on the state of Steam games for Tesla cars. He explicitly stated, "We’re making progress with Steam integration. Demo probably next month."

In his succinct statement, Musk first states that Tesla is still "making progress" toward integrating the Steam store into Tesla vehicles. Musk, then, went one step further and states that a demo will "probably" be made accessible in the following month.

If we have to imply what he means, it could be a test version of Steam or Steam itself could become available to Tesla drivers as early as August.

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Now, Elon Musk is renowned for making inflated claims, whether they are related to Tesla, SpaceX, or any other subject. These claims aren't necessarily true, or they're just as absurdly true.

Hence, it is possible that Elon Musk might be referring to a Tesa Steam demo version that just tests the software's performance on its cars without actually playing any games or that a more robust beta version of Steam will roll out on Teslas (only to selected drivers).

The performance of the most recent Model S and Model X in triple-A games has not yet been subjected to official testing. Additionally, keep in mind that Musk frequently cancels agreements, like he did with Twitter, or commits to things way too early; the same could be the case with Tesla's Steam demo releasing sooner rather than later.

Hence, it is suggested to not get your hopes too high for Tesla Car games at the moment.

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