Apex Legends Season 14 skins leak - legends and weapon skins, recolor, bundle, more

Apex Legends Season 14 skins leak has revealed tons of new skins coming in this update, including the cosmetics for the Season 14 collection event.

Apex Legends Season 14 skins leak

The Apex Legends Season 14 content was released to players yesterday by Respawn. Players now have a tonne of new material to enjoy thanks to Apex Legends Season 14, including a new battle pass, an improved Canyon map, and of course, another Legend in the form of Vantage.

To put it simply, Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale is a game that is always evolving. Additionally, Apex Legends offers skins and weapons that range in level from Common (least level) to Legendary (most noteworthy level). In addition, players have Heirlooms, a special category for melee weapon skins complete with their individual banner poses and quips.

Now that the developers are releasing so much new information, data miners and leakers are working around the clock to provide fans with new content leaks. And the latest leak has revealed a bundle of new Apex Legends Season 14 skins that will be given to the fans with some new events, item stores, bundles, and more.

Below we have made a collection of all these leaked Apex Legends Season 14 skins that players will get to see in the game soon. Check them out.

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Apex Legends Season 14 skins leak

Respawn Entertainment recently unveiled a new trailer outlining what players can anticipate in the newest battle pass coming to Apex Legends in advance of the start of Season 14. As usual, there is going to be a tonne of character and weapon skins, new holosprays, a tonne of cosmetics with a survival theme, and a brand-new reactive skin that you can only get after completing the battle pass.

Now, data miners always find a method to discover what is hidden within the game files whenever a Season launches or a significant update arrives for Apex Legends. Nothing will change in Season 14 of Hunted. All of the upcoming Apex Legends Season 14 skins have been discovered by data miners and leakers.

The following is the list of leaked Apex Legends Season 14 skins:

Apex Legends Season 14 Legend skins

  • Apex Legends Bladed Wanderer Seer Skin
  • Apex Legends Inner Demon Ash Skin
  • Apex Legends Necromancer Revenant skin
  • Apex Legends Roaring Guardian crypto skin

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  • Apex Legends Troop Leader Vantage skin
  • Apex Legends Radioactive Octane skin
  • Apex Legends Rev Monsters Within RC
  • Apex Legends Mirage Chinatown Recolor
  • Apex Legends Lifeline Hyped Healer skin

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Apex Legends Season 14 Weapon skins

  • Apex Legends Hell Shell Flatline Skin
  • Apex Legends Pulsator Hemlok Skin
  • Apex Legends Techno Terror R-301 Skin

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A recent Apex Legends leak also hinted at potential skins and cosmetics for an unannounced Season 14 collection event in addition to these skins. Since Season 14 is titled Hunted, the codename "HunterPredator" makes sense.

Additionally, data miners and leakers might already be aware of the upcoming legend for Season 15. Catalyst may be the future Apex Legends Season 15 Legend according to new lines of code discovered by data miner SomeoneWhoLeaks in the game's game files.

The codes contain recognizable word combinations like "Catalyst" and "Ferro wall." Now, Catalyst has a skill called Ferro wall that allows the legend to build platforms out of ferrofluids, which fits with the present leak. So, if the rumors are accurate, Season 15 may introduce Catalyst as the new legend.

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However, players should keep in mind that these are only leaks for now as these new Apex Legends skins have simply been found in the in-game file, and Respawn is yet to make any official statement about it.

As Apex Legends Season 14 gets in progress, Respawn will certainly add new substance to stir up the game and we will keep updating the article whenever new information about the Apex Season 14 skins drops. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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