Epic Games Store August 25 games revealed

Epic Games Store's new Mystery Game has been revealed along with the teasers for next week's free game.

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New Epic Games Store Free Games

Epic Games Store Membership is similar to other subscription services such as PS Plus, Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Prime, and more.

Every week, Epic Games Store sends out one or two new games to subscribers, which are only available for a week. As a result, gamers can always expect a slew of new free games in the weeks ahead.

Epic announced that the Epic Games Store free games will continue in 2022, but for the majority of the year, the Epic Games Store only offered one free game per week. Fortunately for Epic Games Store users, it appears like the digital retailer will resume its weekly giveaway of two free games.

Similar to each week, Epic Games has revealed a new game that coming with Epic Games Store Free Games on August 25 along with the August 18 mystery game.

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Epic Games Store Mystery Game - August 18 to August 25

Each Thursday, individuals who use the Epic Games Store get 2 to 3 Epic Games Store Free Games along with the reveal of games for the next week.

However, Epic Games Store also keeps giving free mystery games to highlight its huge discounts, and the recent mystery game reveal suggests that the Epic Games has no plans of stopping in surprising the fans.

Fans would be able to purchase the Boom Boxer Pack for Rumbleverse, but no new game, it was confirmed last week. But this week, a surprise game was added as the moment for its release approached. Users of the Epic Games Store will be able to download Doom 64 until August 25 at 10 AM CT in addition to this new Rumbleverse content.

DOOM 64 -

DOOM 64 is an action first-person shooter that was first made available for the Nintendo 64. It is a direct sequel to the actions in DOOM II, the 1997 game. In 2020, an improved version of DOOM 64 was published for PCs and consoles to mark DOOM's 25th anniversary.

In DOOM 64, players are set on a solitary journey to track down the Mother of Demons and halt a fresh demonic invasion in the role of the last marine standing who defeated Hell's armies. And it is important to remember that years have passed since you halted Hell's assault of Earth.

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Epic Games Store Free Games for August 25 - September 1

Now, while players have until August 25 to acquire the current week's free game, the users already are aware of what's in store for the next week's Epic Games Store Free Games.

Players will get to pick the following Epic Games Store Free Games from August 25:

Ring of Pain -

Ring of Pain is a cutting-edge genre mashup that combines dungeon crawling, card games, and roguelike aspects. To survive the different secrets of the Ring of Pain, players will need to make important choices and equip themselves.

You will find fresh routes into the unknown deep within the Ring of Pain. places where you can make new acquaintances, find strong items, and learn cryptic rhymes. Here, players must keep an eye on the Ring, use strategies, learn, and adapt, or else perish.

The game has 16 core route dungeons, a daily dungeon mode, 25+ special dungeons, 300+ materials to design a build with, 50+ friendly and strong animals, cryptic narrative, and raw graphic art that is influenced by Aphantasia. It also has 300+ items to craft a build with.

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One thing the store does well is center around games that are not much famous.

Epic Games Store Free Games Release Date

Usually, Epic discloses the reports regarding the upcoming bunch of free Epic Games Store games on the Thursday of every week.

This week's mystery game along with next week's title has been announced today, is on Thursday, 18th of August 2022 at 10:00 am CT and fans will get to know about the upcoming Free Epic Games Store September 2022 Games on Thursday, 25th of August 2022 at 10:00 am CT.

And the final rotation for this week's game will be made available to the players till August 25th only.

On Thursday, 25th of August 2022, Rumbleverse and DOOM 64 will be removed from the Epic Games Store Free August Games and will be replaced with a new free game - Ring of Pain.

However, as Epic Games Store has gotten popular in shaking things up by only giving a single Epic Games Store Free Games, thus the players should keep this fact in mind.

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