League of Legends Neeko - rework, buffs, and adjustment revealed

League of Legends Neeko rework has been revealed by the devs that will be seen in the game soon.

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League of Legends Neeko rework

A widely popular game, League of Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena game that is highly appreciated by a massive proportion of the gaming community.

In total, there have been 12 seasons of League of Legends till now. The last season, that is, the 11th season of League of Legends was quite a hit and gaming fans are expecting the same from the already arrived 12th season of League of Legends.

Riot Games has already revealed a few changes coming in the battle arena in the 2023 preseason. A few of the most prominent changes of the 2023 preseason is the introduction of three new champions, Jungling Changes, Chemtech Drake, Ahri ASU, and Aurelion Sol CGU.

The entire season 12 of League of Legends consisted of some great reworks for champions such as Olaf, Swain, Ahri, etc. that players really enjoyed. Now, League of Legends game designer Riot Phlox has informed us that the female champion, Neeko will also be getting some rework in the League of Legends Season 12.

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League of Legends Neeko Rework

On August 12, Riot Plox initially revealed that they would be working on the upcoming Neeko reworks stating, "I've been working on the Neeko Midscope mentioned in lol pls for a little while now and can't wait to show y'all."

Well, this was a small hint, however, on August 12 the League of Legends Champions and Preseason 2023 | LoL Pls video was released. The head producer of gameplay for League, Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, shared a tonne of information on new champions and adjustments to existing ones in a recent developer vlog.

Riot acknowledged the desire to upgrade more champions. They want to "freshen up the champions that aren't living up to the expectations of the players who love them," according to Riot Reav3.

Later this year, Neeko and Syndra would be updated, according to a Riot Games announcement. Riot Reav3 did add to the video that it will not be a complete rebuild but rather a mid-scope upgrade.

These mid-scope upgrades should not be confused with VGUs, such as the one Udyr is preparing to release. Compared to, say, just amplifications, VGUs are more thorough and concentrate on more obvious improvements to gameplay and graphics.

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Why is Riot planning LoL Neeko Rework?

Neeko and Syndra are two champions with incredibly recognizable identities and equipment sets, which makes them excellent candidates for this kind of mid-scope change.

In addition, Neeko, our favorite shape-shifter, has been in trouble ever since her release. With the on-hit build, she is played in the top lane occasionally but typically she can be found in the mid-lane. She currently has a very low pick rate in both the middle and top lanes.

Neeko was created to be a mid-laner, yet she is ineligible to face off against the existing mid-lane champions. Riot is therefore preparing a mini-rework for Neeko in the upcoming patches. Reav3 also made mention of the mid-scope improvements' increased play rates and overall favorable player response.

Hence, players can anticipate Neeko rework to continue in that vein.

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League of Legends Neeko Rework Release date

As we have got the idea of what to expect from the upcoming LoL Neeko rework, the next question should be "When is Neeko rework in League of Legends coming out?"

Riot Games have confirmed that this LoL Neeko rework would be released this year, however, no specific date has been given. However, we anticipate it to happen following the global patch. As a result, we might have to wait several months.

Well, there are currently mid-scope adjustments planned for Rell as well as potential future modifications to Gangplank in this spirit, even though it is uncertain precisely when Neeko and Syndra will get them. So when additional details about the ones already planned are revealed, players may anticipate more concrete information regarding the Neeko rework.

Riot will ultimately stop making new champions, according to Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrision, lead designer on the League balancing team. Given this information, it becomes sense that focus is shifting more and more in favor of the existing abundance of champions.

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These were the complete details about the LoL champion, Neeko mini re-work. Be sure to check her out when she releases in the main game.

This Neeko mini re-work can prove to be a great restart for Neeko as well as League of Legends season 12. That being said, gamers all around the world are highly anticipating the upcoming League of Legends 12.16 patch so they can experience all the new updates and cool abilities. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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