Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - specs, release date, price, design, leaks, more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, the new addition to the Galaxy series will be released in a blink of an eye, and we have brought you its specs to have a look at.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Specs leaked

Foldable phones are the latest technology in mobile devices right now, and there are lots of improvements remaining before this technology is perfected. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a step in that direction.

We are quite near Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4's release, and as expected, many leaks and rumors have snaked their way onto the internet. Well, we have packed it all up nicely and served it up to you in this post of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Specs and details.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Release date

At 9 a.m. ET/6 a.m. PT, August 10, 2022, the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event will take place. It is an online-only event, so you can attend from wherever you happen to be located.

This is a confirmed release date of Galaxy Z Fold as its image is posted on the invitation to the event, and hence this phone will be a part of this event. In addition to this phone, we will also be greeted by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

Some leaks claim that the Z in the title of the device will be dropped due to its unfortunate association with the current Russian-Ukraine relation. So the new name of the foldable phone would be Galaxy Fold 4. Case in point, Samsung applied this to the name of Galaxy Z Fold 3 in select countries. So if this comes to pass, we shouldn’t be surprised at all.

However, for the sake of this post, we will continue to use the title with the Z.

Conjectures on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 price

We look at the history of the price tags of the foldable phones of the past to get us a glimpse into the future. The Galaxy Z Fold 2, launched in 2020, was priced at $1,999. It fell by $200 over a year. Using basic arithmetic, it would fall by $400 over two years. That would give us a figure of $1.599 for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 price.

This is a lot more than what most high-end flagship models of Samsung cost. But as this concept of foldable phones becomes mass-produced, we can expect the prices to fall.

Both Ross Young and yeux1122, a Korean leaker, on a Korean website Naver agree that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is to be cheaper at launch that the Galaxy Z Fold 3. We know that the starting price of the latter was $1,799, so is happy news. Evan Blass argues that Samsung could be hosting a 128GB onboard memory model. This could lead to the repercussion of this foldable phone having a cheaper entry-level price. If Samsung has any hopes of getting this phone to the mass of their audience, the first logical step would be fixing up the cost issue.

But no matter how much these guys cut the price, they are not doing charity. Expecting the cost to drop below a grand would be unrealistic. Maybe Samsung could take a similar route to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, where they added 128GB with the 256GB and 512GB models.

The story doesn’t end there, however. A European retailer dishes out disappointment when they leak the possibility of a small price hike for the Galaxy Z Fold 4. They say it would start at €1,864 for the 256GB model, which equals the previous model’s starting price plus around $65. Just remember to not take this leak too seriously. It could be that this happens in a specific area or region and not the entire world.

A Korean source decides to take a neutral stand by saying that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 price would remain the same, neither fall nor rise. And this is much better than a costlier model. For now, however, go to Samsung’s official site and reserve a seat for yourself to be able to pre-order whatever goodies we are treated to on August 10. A $200 credit awaits you if you buy a Galaxy Watch along with a phone. Just the phone will fetch you a $100 credit on select products.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Specs and Design

There are a lot of leaks abroad concerning this spec of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone.

Ice Universe says that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will feature a less visible crease with photos to support this claim. Weighing in at 8.9 ounces, it is lighter than the Z Fold 3 and closer to iPhone 13 Pro Max.

A shorter Galaxy Z Fold 4 is what the just leaked photos of this phone tell us. 21.6:18 is the estimated aspect ratio, with a 7.6-inch display. Renders of the device from OnLeaks and Smartprix are a big help in examining the phone, assuming these renders are accurate, of course. From the renders, we gather that the rear cameras follow the design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and not the Galaxy Z Fold 3, as would be expected. The sources say that the hinge design is altered too, but the render doesn’t show that clearly.

Just like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the interior display would be 7.6 inches and the exterior display would be 6.2 inches, say the same sources. The displays of both would have 120 Hz refresh rates. A leak says the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 screens will have no difficulty operating in direct sunlight. The dimensions of the device would be 6.1 x 5.1 x 0.27 inches (155 x 130 x 7.1 mm), meaning it would be a bit shorter but thicker and wider than the previous models.

Now, all that we have examined adds up with the other rumors on the net. A Korean blogging site, Naver, says that the aim was to decrease the device’s weight and improve the waterproof and dustproof capacities.

Leaker Anthony, aka TheGalox on Twitter, says that the Galaxy Z Fold will have a single hinge in the center and not the two hinges used by the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Hence, it could have a thinner design while at the same time becoming more durable. As for the display, Galaxy Z Fold 4’s internal display could be more squarish, claims Ice Universe, and not the 5:4 common to the Z Fold 3. The panel would become shorter and wider. The aspect ratio in such a case would be 6:5.

IU’s case leak claims that the Z Fold 4 has a different shape compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The phone is taller and narrower, yet still not as tall as before. The device won’t have a slot for the S Pen, says a leak that has been backed up by IU, who argues that there won’t be a built-in S Pen here.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4's front display, the Twitter user Chunv8888 says Samsung has a lot of options before them. The decided aspect ratio could be as alike or as different from that of the Z Fold 3’s as possible. Leaker yeux1122 says the Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) material is to be upgraded to a tougher quality, which would be better for an S Pen stylus, even though you would have to buy one.

The Gorilla Glass Victus Plus could be used, which is great news as it is a seriously tough material. Apart from this, it is claimed that there wouldn’t be an under-display fingerprint module for this phone, and instead, the fingerprint-sensing power button would be retained from the Z Fold 3’s design.

Now, let’s come to one of the most important elements in the exterior design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone: colors. Leaked Ross Young says that the Z Fold 4 will be available in beige, grey, and black. It looks like Samsung’s keeping to a more or less neutral palette with this one.

Evan Blass, however, begs to differ. He says the phone would also be available in burgundy red. But this guy leaked a full gallery of pictures of the phone, and they only showed three colors for the Fold 4. The official sources we have as of yet are the promotional teases from Samsung of the Galaxy Unpacked event. The design is certainly similar to that of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Another retailer leaker on this list, a German one this time, talks about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 accessories. This leak shows a kickstand case plus screen protectors for the outer display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cameras

A leak says that the design of the rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 remains the same with a 50MP main camera.

A 12MP main camera is no match for either the S22 or S22 Ultra’s cameras. The combination of the 12MP ultrawide and 12MP telephoto cameras is great, but it could be improved with the main camera. Increasing the horsepower to 50 MP could be the answer.

The phone could get a 3x optical zoom, says a leak. All these leaks, if they come true, this phone’s camera experience would be equal to that of a Galaxy S22. A Korean leak tells us that the Fold 4 will have a second under-display camera. But Samsung should keep in mind that it wasn’t the greatest experience in Fold 3, which had a similar feature.

There is a leak that says that this camera’s sensor will rise from a 4MP spec to a 16MP spec. However, Ice Universe does not support this claim.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Battery life

We only know a little about this topic, and all of it is bad. Yogesh Brar and Ice Universe both agree that a 4,400 mAh battery is what we’ll find in the Z Fold 4, same as its predecessor. And this is bad news. You see, foldable phones, especially those that fold vertically, have twice the screen to power. Samsung will now have to focus on battery efficiency for a good solution to the battery problem.

The charger is also to remain the same 25W one, say other leaks. Ice Universe says that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4's processor would be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. That would give the Z Fold 4 an advantage over the Galaxy S22 series.

Some other leaks have claimed to have the benchmark results of this phone. In Geekbench 5’s testing, it seems that this device scores 3,808 in the multi-core test and 1,351 in the single-core test. This leak confirms Ice Universe’s previous leaks about the chipset and says the device will have 12GB of RAM.

Bucket list of what we want from Galaxy Z Fold 4 specs

The patent for the concept of a foldable phone may not belong to Samsung. However, the patent for the concept named “Galaxy Flex Note” definitely does, in association with Technizo Concept and LetsGoDigital. A salient feature would be the use of an S Pen stylus. It’s like the new Galaxy Note series. Here’s a list of what we want from the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

  • On-board S Pen storage

It was the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that first brought the concept of an S Pen stylus with a foldable phone together. It follows logically that Samsung would continue to develop this technology further in the Z Fold 4. We’d like to see a storage space for the stylus to be evolved in the device itself. However, the current rumors don’t support this.

  • Proper pricing

The only way to make a device available to the public at larger and not a certain group of rich snobs is to make it cheap. Or at least as cheap as it could get. Samsung followed this strategy with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Maybe with a 128GB Galaxy Z Fold 4, we will see a price tag closer to that of a conventional flagship phone.

  • Battery life upgrade

This is a major problem with foldable phones. They are powering twice the screen size of a normal device and hence need a special type of battery to increase their performance. In the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it wasn’t the best.

  • Better camera experience

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 had all the same camera specifications, except the under-display one, as the Z Fold 2, but cost significantly more than the predecessor. Now, productivity, and not photography, is the main purpose of purchasing a foldable phone. However, a higher resolution sensor addition to the cameras with a Space Zoom would not be something bad.

Well, that’s all there is to the leaks and rumors circling Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Although some might think that it’s not entirely worthwhile, don’t dismiss this phone without first thoroughly checking it out.

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