Genshin Impact Anniversary 2022 events leaked details

Genshin Impact Anniversary 2022 events have been leaked, providing different details about the coming upcoming events.

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Genshin Impact 2nd anniversary

Where do we begin with Genshin Impact? In a mere 2-years time, it has come to dominate the entire genre to which it belongs. And just recently, its popularity exploded. Even if you are not an active player of the game, you would have heard of the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, the iconic patch that introduced the land of Sumeru to the world.

Now, Genshin Impact approaches its second anniversary. And leaks and rumors tell us that this too is going to be nothing short of spectacular.

naevis is a famous Genshin Impact leaker. This guy has revealed an image that shows something of the Genshin Impact second anniversary events that are going to arrive around the same time as the anniversary date.

Read the complete article to know the details on these leaked Genshin Impact Anniversary 2022 events.

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Genshin Impact Anniversary 2022 events leak

The leaker, naevis claims that the supposedly leaked Genshin Impact second anniversary image has information about the new sign-in event that will accompany the anniversary updates.

If you have been keeping up with what the developers say, you would know that Genshin Impact is suffering from a 3-week delay to its whole update-release timetable, due to the 2.6 update. To put things back in line, it has been decided that each of the first three Sumeru updates will be shortened by a week. But this is not necessarily bad. As it so happens, this one-week delay puts update 3.1 right on time for Genshin Impact’s second anniversary.

You can see the image we have been talking about in the tweet above. This picture has five items. Or rather, buildings. Each of these five buildings pertains to different regions of the land of Tevyat that players would have traveled to and are likely to have seen themselves.

To put a label on these buildings in the leaked Genshin Impact Anniversary 2022 image, there is:

  • the new Sumeru tree
  • Inazuma’s Tenshukaku
  • Mondstadt’s windmills
  • Liyu’s Ministry of Civil Affairs
  • the all-time favorite Jade Chamber

The leaks of the past few weeks have also told us what’s coming in Genshin Impact 3.1. The beta footage of that update shows a vast desert that it’s supposed to feature.

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What to expect from Genshin Impact 3.1 update

Below, you can see a reliable tweet from the seasoned leaker Genshin Intel that provides a summary of this upcoming Genshin 3.1 update.

  • Nilou, Cyno, Candace
  • 2 5★ weapons (sword, polearm), 3 4★ weapons (catalyst, claymore, sword)
  • Weinlesefest (free 4★ polearm)
  • Windfield maze event
  • Hyakunin Ikki rerun
  • Shadow of the Ancients rerun
  • Path of Gleaming Jade (7-day log-in)

Do you see something missing up there? If you do, you are not the only one who’s disappointed. There were some leaks recently that told of a permanent TCG (Trading Card Game) mode to be introduced in Genshin Impact in the near future. Now, however, it seems we must replace the adjective near with far in the phrase ‘near future.’

If you have been with Genshin Impact through the past year, you will remember that the first anniversary of the game didn’t exactly answer the hype that was created for it. Last year, the developers rewarded players with a 7-day login event which in turn gave each player 10 pulls.

This was nothing short of impermissible for the community. And last year’s hype is nothing compared to this year’s. That means HoYoverse will have to do one hell of a job to keep its players satiated with the upcoming Genshin Impact second anniversary events.

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But let’s also remember that last year, when the developers heard of the unanimous dissatisfaction among the community, they did give 10 more pulls, plus a special glider, and some Fragile Resin. As if to showcase their disbelief in HoYoverse’s ability to do a good job on an anniversary gift, players have suggested that one of these rewards should include the allowance to choose any five-star character for free from the Standard banner.

Whether the developers agree to this or not remains to be seen. Well, keeping the previous anniversary celebration in mind, it is expected that this year will be better.

On September 28, 2021, miHoYo planned a special broadcast in honor of Genshin Impact's first anniversary. The Livestreams could be viewed on Twitch, YouTube, and the Chinese video-sharing website Bilibili. Additionally, the Bilibili Genshin Impact 1st anniversary Livestream was shown on the WFP Twitch channel and was also translated into English.

Fans should, however, take this information with a grain of salt since miHoYo has not made any announcements on the 28 September stream. However, if the information from the sources is accurate, miHoYo will make the announcement very soon because September 28 is approaching.

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The 3.0 Livestream declared that Genshin Impact 3.1 will be along on September 28, bringing with it all the anniversary events. That is something the entire community is looking forward to.


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