Genshin Impact Kaveh leaks - model via an artwork and element has been leaked

Genshin Impact Kaveh leaks via an artist have surprisingly revealed the accurate design or Kaveh model.

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Genshin Impact Kaveh leaks

Every new Genshin update usually includes a new 5-star character, but we might also get a 4-star character if we're lucky. A new character, however, does not have to be introduced in a patch update; HoYoverse has added Genshin Impact characters like Klee outside of this timetable.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the debut of a slew of unreleased Genshin Impact characters because there have already been a few leaks confirming their inclusion in the game. Genshin Impact’s roster of characters is a snowball that just keeps getting bigger.

Kaveh, Alhaitham, Cyno, Candace, and other such characters are expected to join the roster and will most likely appear in the Sumeru update. One of the upcoming interesting characters and the highlight of this article is Kaveh.

An artist recently interpreted this character and made a piece of art of it. And this piece has attracted a lot of attention from the Genshin Impact leaking community as this artwork is uncannily like the actual Genshin Kaveh model.

There are no model or gameplay leaks at the moment obviously, so we have no way of verifying the accuracy of the art. However, one of the most reliable leakers has commented on this artwork and even their reaction is the same. Besides, any leaks of an unreleased character, no matter how unfounded, will always get loads of hype.

Let’s see what all this hype is about then, shall we?

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Genshin Impact Kaveh model leaks

SaveYourPrimos has been a source of reliable leaks and information for many a generation. Now, these guys rate artworks of upcoming characters. All of the ratings they have done so far have proved to be accurate, for example, that of Dori and Candace.

On this famous Genshin Kaveh artwork, SaveYourPrimos commented “How did they get so close when no description is out yet…” Plus, there’s also the fact that this is probably the ‘first leak’ of Kaveh.

The comment states that the leaked Genshin Kaveh artwork is “close” to the real character, meaning that even SaveYourPrimos admits the accuracy of this design. But before we go on, let’s put this in a more understandable context. Two months ago, this same artist did a similar thing with Ayato. Although no leaks were out at the time yet, they somehow managed to make a pretty realistic design of the character.

When Ayato finally got released, the artwork was exceptionally similar to the real character. In this context, it is clear why many people would believe that this is what Kaveh is going to look like in Genshin Impact. This Ayato artwork was made on December 9, 2021, but the first real leak of the character wasn’t out until February 4, 2022. What could this mean about the present scenario?

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Genshin Impact Kaveh - element, personality, role leaks

There have been speculations about what Genshin Kaveh Element will be. The tweet below says that this character is a Dendro one. This leaker is a reliable source, so no need to worry. However, other than this, we know almost nothing about him. Not Kaveh's release date, not his gameplay, nothing.

However, we have some voice lines that give reference to Kaveh, spoken by various characters. These lines reveal something about the backstory of Kaveh and also some of his personality traits.

Then another tweet below tells us what Nilou said about Kaveh. Kaveh is an architect, and it seems that he’s the one who built the Palace of Alcazarachy. This next one is not the most revealing in terms of the personality of Kaveh, but it does disclose a tidbit of information about the character. These lines have been spoken by Kaveh.

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Leaks also revealed the lines spoken by Tighnari. "Kaveh is a famous architect in Sumeru. The Palace of Alcazarzaray is his magnum opus. During the initial planning, he even asked me to recommend suitable ornamental flora. I don't know why or how, but he ended up heavily in debt after the palace was completed."

Tighnari says, "Alhaitham is helping out by letting him stay him at his place, but... I don't know whether that's a blessing or a curse..." and the next tweet we discuss will tell us how these two guys don’t get along very well.

The above description is supposed to be humorous of course, but it reveals a particularly interesting detail about not only Kaveh but also his relationship with Alhaitham.

And that’s about all that we have for you right now. We know it’s not a lot, but we can’t expect more at such an early stage. As we get closer to the release date, you can expect a lot more information about Kaveh to flood the community.

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Hence, similar to all the leaks, players should take this Genshin Impact Kaveh leaks with a grain of salt until HoYoverse officially reveals any details as it is way too early to be sure of any info on the Genshin Impact 3.2 update.


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