Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks - Nahida and Layla’s splash arts, Nahida abilities, more revealed

Genshin Impact Dendro Archon Nahida and Layla’s splash art has been revealed via new 3.2 leaks.

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Genshin Impact 3.2 Leaks

Genshin Impact 3.2 is not far from us now. At least, it’s close enough so that our data miners can do their magic act and get us juicy information and reveals. This time, we will be talking about the Dendro Archon Nahida and the upcoming character Layla.

You will get to see the gacha splash art for these characters here and then maybe take a decision on whether you want to save your Primogems for them or not. You will also encounter information about Nahida’s abilities below, thus shaping the idea of her contribution to the team in your mind.

If you want to be ahead of the masses in Genshin Impact, you need to take preemptive measures. This post will orient you in that direction. Read on to find out everything that has been revealed thus far about Nahida and Layla’s splash arts and more.

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Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks - Dendro Archon Nahida and Layla’s splash art

A leaked image shares with the community the Dendro Archon Nahida splash art and Layla splash art, both of which are characters set to be released in the 3.2 update.

Nahida is a 5-star Dendro character and is amongst the finest in her elements, so we gather from the leaks. As for Layla, she’s a Cryo Sword user and a 4-star character. So, if you are interested in either of the two characters, then you better start saving up Primogems for Genshin Impact 3.2.

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Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks - Nahida's abilities

Nahida’s kit has a synergy with the Elemental Mastery stat, say the leaks. Other players will be able to take advantage of her strong Dendro Support. You will recall that all of the earlier Archons excel at being the supports in their respective Element. The same is most likely the case with Nahida.

Other leaks tell us that Nahida’s Elemental Skill is versatile, meaning you will get a lot of options in combat on how to employ her. Possibly, you can aim and place the Skill while simultaneously casting the ability.

The tweet below tells us of another ability of Nahida, which is to apply Dendro with her skills. This will follow the players wherever they move. That means with characters whose skill is in playing at close range, Nahida will prove to be an excellent support character for them. Characters like Cyno and Keqing will benefit greatly from her in their team. Plus, her skills are a great catalyst for the powerful Bloom reaction, so Nilou can also be paired with her.

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So now you know, if you want some character on your team to provide Dendro support who can trigger reactions, you should definitely start saving for Nahida. That was all about Nahida.

Coming Layla, we don’t have so much information about her in comparison to Nahida. We know that she is a 4-star character and that means her role isn’t known so early.

But whatever the case might be, we will know soon enough. The release of the Genshin Impact 3.2 update is set for November 2, 2022. That gives us an advantage.

If you are interested in any of these characters, you have plenty of time to save up Primogems. Genshin Impact will host one more Livestream event before patch 3.2 actually launches. We don’t know much about Layla’s kit, but we do know about Nahida’s. And even a newbie will admit that it’s a great one at that.

Be prepared. At the launch of Genshin Impact 3.2, you could finally be summoning the Dendro Archon.

However, similar to all the leaks, players should take these Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks with a grain of salt until HoYoverse officially reveals any details as it is way too early to be sure of any info on the Genshin Impact 3.2 update.


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