Genshin Impact Baizhu - release date, rarity, weapon, abilities, story, 3.6 leaks

Genshin Impact Baizhu's release date, vision, and weapon have been hinted at by new 3.x leaks.

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Genshin Impact Baizhu leaks

Soon, the Genshin Impact 3.2 update will go live, adding the much-awaited character Nahida, along with new events, enemies, and many quests and challenges. Version 3.2 also has Layla planned for the second half.

But various Genshin 4.0 leaks have been making rounds, revealing additional data regarding future Genshin Impact updates.

miHoYo has been continually extending the game's gacha pool, and there are huge loads more characters scheduled to show up in the game in the coming days. There are a couple of characters that have been announced officially, but, miHoYo is yet to reveal any details about Genshin Impact Baizhu.

Baizhu was shown to the players at the very beginning of Genshin Impact, however, there are no updates from the developers about the character being playable in the game anytime soon.

But as always, we have leakers and dataminers to our rescue who have been dropping various data about the upcoming character - Gesnhin Impact Baizhu on the web. So let's dive into the details that are revealed so far about Gesnhin Impact Baizhu, including its release date, rarity, vision, abilities, and more.

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Genshin Impact Baizhu

As per the leak, there is another Genshin Impact character, Baizhu underway.

Genshin Impact Baizhu initially appeared in the game during "Guizhong", the Archon Quests Chapter 1, Act 2. Baizhu of Genshin Impact is the owner of a popular pharmacy in the Liyue region known as Bubu Pharmacy. Several characters in the game come to Baizhu Genshin Impact for his novel, yet compelling medicines.

Many of the Genshin Impact fans were eagerly waiting for the Dendro characters to show up in the game, and it seems like the players won't get him this year too. However, Baizhu's return is something that has excited the fans a lot.

Baizhu, an NPC in the game was suspected to be released as a playable character sometime in the future and now it seems like fans will get to explore Genshin Baizhu's abilities again in one of the future 3.x update.

Actually, the possibility of Baizhu showing up in the game as a playable character comes from the fact that he is a Dendro character, and this new element has already been introduced to the fans.

Below are the things that the Genshin Impact Baizhu leaks revealed.

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Genshin Impact Baizhu Release Date

miHoYo has still maintained its silence about the official Genshin Impact Baizhu release date, however, that hasn't stopped the Baizhu leaks from flowing in. Earlier, there were different claims regarding Baizhu's release date however, now it is being said that there isn't too much information available on him, implying that the character will not show up anytime soon.

Back on Oct 23, Ubatcha also gave us a release roadmap where it was revealed that Baizhu will be releasing early on within the Sumeru patches in the 3.6 update

In addition, the Genshin Impact Baizhu banner will be introduced in the 3.6 update, according to Uncle Lu. If we are to guess Baizhu's release date, it is possible that Baizhu will be made available in Genshin 3.6 update, that is somewhere around March 2023.

Also, a forthcoming Dragon/Snake weekly boss was recently mentioned on Twitter by another leaker BLANK. He said that it resembles a snake more than a dragon and will be released in the game in the 3.6 update.

The boss is in Sumeru's desert region and will possess the Dendro element. It is based on mythology from ancient Egypt. The chaos demon Apep takes the shape of a serpent. It is also referred to in Egyptian mythology as the "Lord of Chaos," "Evil Dragon," "The World Encircler," "The Evil Lizard," among other names.

Now fans have made theories that this SNAKE weekly boss could also be Baizhu's talking snake Changsheng.

Fans have been waiting for Baizhu to arrive in the game, and this news may come as a disappointment to them because many were expecting it in the Genshin 3.3 or 3.4 Update.

Along with Baizhu, we have another character rumored to be scheduled for Genshin 3.6 update, yet we will have to wait a while to know new details about this new character, its rarity, element, and more.

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Genshin Impact Baizhu weapon, element, and rarity

Coming to Baizhu's vision, recently, naevis, a well-known Genshin leaker revealed that Baizhu is a Dendro Catalyst character.

He is a fantastic fit for the Sumeru roster due to his green vision, fondness for herbal treatments, and academic knowledge, which all link him with the Dendro element. The Liyue-born Yaoyao from Genshin Impact, another Dendro user who has been linked to Baizhu, is also thought to be a Dendro user.

It has additionally been revealed that Genshin Baizhu will be a 5-star character, however, the exact phase of Genshin 3.6 banner in which he will be introduced is yet to be revealed.

With the exception of his appearances in the main story and event quests, the majority of what we currently know about Baizhu is sheer conjecture and unsubstantiated leaks.

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Genshin Impact Baizhu Abilities and gameplay

The exact details of Genshin Baizhu's abilities are yet to be revealed, however, there have been hints that he could possibly be a solid Dendro catalyst character.

He is referred to as a "Lady Catalyst" in the in-game file. That would imply that he uses the motions of the tall female model, although it could also be a placeholder. Characterized as "feminine," Baizhu's elemental skill leaves behind some sort of trail while Yae's burst now serves as a stand-in for Baizhu's elemental burst.

Yet, we know nothing for sure and it would be ideal to wait till the 3.4 or 3.5 beta to get more info about Baizhu's kit, his abilities, and elements.⁠ However, we will make sure to update the article with new info whenever anybody decides to drop any hint on Baizhu's kit.

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Genshin Impact Baizhu Profile

Not much was revealed by the leakers to suggest what Genshin Baizhu can do in the game and we don't even have any leaked models to know what the character will look like in the final version, yet we have seen Baizhu in the story quest, and events.

In the mission "Guizhong," Baizhu makes a debut after the Traveler and Zhongli inform Qiqi they were unsuccessful in their search for the "cocogoat," a "famous adeptibeast." Even Zhongli was unaware that Baizhu was the proprietor of Bubu Pharmacy until he arrived and revealed that Qiqi had been searching for coconut milk the entire time.

Ningguang requested a lot of medical gauze from Baizhu after learning that Beisht would attack Liyue as retaliation for locking up Osial. Baizhu thought this peculiarly but refrained from asking any more questions.

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Genshin Impact Baizhu in the game

Baizhu is very skilled in medicine but is not recognized as "a man of high caliber or tremendous courage." In addition, Baizhu brought Qiqi into his home after accidentally running across her in the hills, despite the fact that she was a zombie with terrible memory who could hardly sort herbs or recall his face.

His decision to accept Qiqi was influenced by his own objectives, and since he met her, he has become more determined to achieve eternal life. Furthermore, he guards Qiqi fiercely.

There's a lot more to discover about this Dendro character and it is expected that Baizhu's profile will be revealed in the Genshin 3.6 update, so fans of the character will have to wait a bit.

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These were the complete details about Baizhu in Genshin Impact that have been revealed so far. However, similar to all the leaks, players should this Genshin Impact Baizhu leak with a grain of salt until miHoYo officially reveals any details as it is way too early to be sure of any info on the Genshin Impact 3.x update.


We'll make sure to keep you updated with the latest information regarding Genshin Impact, so keep following. Till then, you can also check the latest Genshin Impact leaks about the upcoming characters:

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