Genshin Impact Dehya leak hints at her kit and in-game role

Genshin Impact Dehya's release date is yet to be announced, however, fans are excited to know more about Dehya's kit and skills.

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Genshin Impact Dehya leak hints at her kit and in-game role

The Genshin 3.3 update will be launched on December 7th, and if everything goes according to plan, the Genshin 3.4 update could be released on January 18th, 2022. However, there have already been numerous leaks concerning other upcoming updates.

According to predictions made by the leakers, the 3.3 Livestream, which will feature a wealth of information about the next banners and characters, new events, opponents, new regions, and much more, may take place on November 25, 2022.

However, ahead of the official information on the 3.3 update, leaks have indicated that Dehya will be featured in Genshin 3.5 version. And the official Genshin Impact Dehya drip marketing won't be available for some time.

Now even though the Genshin Dehya has been showcased officially, it is obvious that the hype for the playable Dehya character has skyrocketed. Players are eagerly anticipating Dehya's skills and that anticipation has increased even more with new leaks.

Giving relief to fans, we have several leaks on who is Genshin Impact Dehya, her in-game role, her skills, and more.

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Who is Dehya in Genshin Impact

Dehya, who first appeared in chapter III of the Archon quest, is one of the characters that has been introduced in the Sumeru plot but about whom we know very little.

According to what we currently know, Dehya made her debut in the quest "Secret of the Scorching Desert," which is the third installment of the overarching questline "Archon Quest Chapter III: Act IV - King Deshret and the Three Magi."

She is a Pyro character who uses an Old Merc's Pal claymore. And for a long time, these were the only details we knew about Dehya, but more recent leaks have made some previously unknown traits of her personality known.

As there have been leaks detailing Dehya's components, design, name, and even personality, it seems likely that the rumor that players will see Dehya in the upcoming 3.5 update is true.

In addition, a new, dubious leak about Dehya's abilities and the kit has surfaced from a trustworthy source.

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Genshin Impact Dehya in-game role and abilities

As per the leaked data, it has been claimed that Dehya will probably be a DPS character, her kit is a bit like the Wanderer, but her burst data is still preliminary.

It was stated, " There are names such as "Blade Storm", "Invincible" and "Weather Change". There's also something about it changing her jumping and/or skill button."

It has additionally mentioned that players can expect Dehya to cause damage over time as there are files that "mention of it doing "dot" (damage over time) at certain intervals."

This new leak actually is a follow-up to the past tweet that suggests that Dehya's "Elemental Skill creates a gravestone/tomb, that she inserts her claymore into, and when it "closes", it deals AoE damage. While it's on the field, it finds the nearest enemy and attacks."

Well, this was an overview, we also got detailed info on Dehya's kit.

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Genshin Impact Dehya Kit Leak

Dehya Normal Attack

While discussing Dehya's normal attack, the following has been mentioned:

  1. Has 4 normal attacks with [2] extra attacks.
  2. [Highly possible she has a unique Charged Attack]

Dehya Elemental Skill

It has been claimed that Dehya's skill data is also fairly complete. The following has been stated on Deyhya's elemental skill:

  1. Inserts her claymore into the ground to make a "grave."
  2. Attacking within range of the grave can deal with a coordinated attack(s) with the on-field character. The coordinated attack from the grave should fire once every 0.5 seconds. The targeting logic is based on:
    1. Who Dehya (or controlled character) is currently attacking
    2. Distance of target from controlled character: [closest to furthest]
  3. The grave provides a defense-up buff while the party is in range of the field.
  4. Once the buff times out, Dehya pulls her weapon out of the ground and deals even more Pyro damage within a large radius.

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Now let's see how Dehya Elemental burst will perform.

Dehya Elemental Burst

Talking about Dehya's elemental burst - Bladestorm, @ProjectCelestia revealed that there's something about it changing her jumping and/or skill button.

  1. Deals fixed* amounts of damage every 0.4s over the 3.5s burst duration, * TN: appears to be number of attacks, it is unclear if this means damage numbers are actually fixed amounts as well.
  2. Changes E and Dash icons while in the duration of the burst.
  3. Gives her 3 unique "jumps" that are consumed whenever she uses E or Dash during Burst state.
  4. The jumps appear to be a form of teleportation/phasing,
  5. During jump duration refresh, she deals AOE level 2 impulse type pyro damage in a 4m radius.

Dehya passives

Finally, there was a dubious leak concerning one of Dehya's passive abilities that was going around the web.

According to the leak, the mercenary would have a passive skill similar to Nilou's but with a Pyro/Dendro-focused team. Since it greatly restricts Dehya's team flexibility, many players are praying that this isn't the case.

Players have this complaint about Nilou's kit. However, other leakers have come forward to point out that nothing in the data supports the Dehya Passive Skill leak.

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Now clearly this isn't enough to know about how Dehya will perform in the game, still, something is better than nothing.

Genshin Impact Dehya Personality and element

Due to her significance to the Sumeru plot, Dehya is anticipated to have a five-star rarity. The leak strongly hints that she will be a new Pyro character in Genshin Impact with great DPS or sub-DPS potential, even though there is no official information on her element. Dehya might also be chosen as an off-field Pyro support due to her elemental skill.

According to the official storyline, Dehya has a highly loyal nature and is always committed to her work, and would never let the people who hire her down.

Moreover, it is a given that these rumors should be treated with caution, it is safe to assume that Dehya will be a character who may undergo considerable changes before joining the playable roster as per the leaks.

However, players should remember that the leak didn't come from the beta and was posted with a questionable/speculation tag, so it's difficult to comment on the validity of the claims made by the leaker.

Hence, it is suggested that fans wait for the 3.4 beta which will possibly start on January 18th when version 3.4 goes live


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