League of Legends ARAM mode changes in patch 12.22 - features, champion tier list, release date, more

League of Legends ARAM Mode changes in patch 12.22, its release date, and many other details have been revealed by the devs.

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League of Legends ARAM mode changes

League of Legends is without a doubt one of the most popular games among gamers. Every new update in the game is eagerly anticipated by gamers all across the world. League of Legends is back with a new update, this time introducing ARAM changes to the already existing community-made game mode.

ARAM, or All Random All Mid, is a permanent game mode in League of Legends, in which players will be allocated champions at random. Additionally, ARAM has its own unique map called Howling Abyss and there is just one lane, so in order to triumph, the team must eliminate the rival nexus.

Riot Maxw3ll, League of Legends' lead game designer, had already announced the new changes to ARAM game mode by tweeting, "We're pushing some new balance levers to PBE today to help out struggling classes and reduce our reliance on Damage buffs/nerfs.

Read on to learn whatever we know about the new League of Legends ARAM Mode changes in patch 12.22, including its release date and features.

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League of Legends ARAM Mode Details

As previously stated, gamers will be given champions at random in League of Legends ARAM Mode. The ARAM Mode is also available on the Summoner's Rift.

Riot Maxw3ll, the game designer, has confirmed that there are a few champions that will be affected by the new changes to ARAM Mode. Champions here will receive a +60 bonus and tenacity and have a few other changes. When it comes to haste, over 20 abilities will be removed.

ARAM has its own meta because its metrics are different from those of the solo queue. And because ARAM champions and minions have different stats from their Summoner's Rift equivalents, ARAM battles can move more quickly and smoothly.

ADC champions are now the best choice in LoL ARAM because they can do a lot of damage while remaining in the backline. However, assassins are incredibly vulnerable in ARAM.

For even more variety, there are also special artifacts and summoner spells.

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League of Legends ARAM Mode - Patch 12.22 changes

This balance update's top priority is to downgrade Ashe, the worst offender ADC while boosting the assassin class. Additionally, Riot Maxw3ll said that if this patch makes Ashe weaker, they would raise her damage, which is beneficial for her auto-attack builds.

The following are the LoL ARAM changes coming in the 12.22 patch:

  • ARAM in LoL 12.22 patch: Plus 20% bonus Energy Regen
  1. Akali
  2. Kennen
  3. Lee Sin
  4. Zed
  • ARAM in LoL 12.22 patch: Plus 20% Tenacity
  1. Akali
  2. Ekko
  3. Elise
  4. Evelynn
  5. Fizz
  6. Kassadin
  7. Katarina
  8. Kayn
  9. Kha’Zix
  10. LeBlanc
  11. Pyke
  12. Qiyana
  13. Rek’Sai
  14. Rengar
  15. Talon
  16. Zed
  • Removing 20 Ability Haste on Ashe

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LoL Patch 12.21 - ARAM Champion Tier List

Champions in ARAM are allocated to you at random, similar to League's ARURF. Due to the sheer infinite mana, some champions' kits are just better than others in ARAM, even though you will have no influence on your champion selections.

We have made a full-tier list of some of ARAM's top champions (must-haves):

LoL ARAM Patch 12.21 Tier List

LoL Champions

S+ -Tier/Must Pick

Ashe, Morgana Jhin, Ezreal, Lux, Brand, Miss Fortune, Varus, Janna, Kai'Sa, Caitlyn, Sona, Veigar, Twitch, Jinx, Seraphine

S-Tier/Strong Pick

Senna, Sivir, Blitzcrank, Graves, Vel'Koz, Thresh, Zyra, Nidalee, Nami, Kayle, Ziggs, Lucian, Teemo, Ahri, Sett, Kha'Zix, Karma, Pyke, Viktor, Vex, Jayce, Cho'Gath, Xayah, Tristana


Kog'Maw, Vayne, Karthus, Swain, Darius, Mordekaiser, Taliyah, Nasus, Soraka, Xerath, Maokai, Twisted Fate, Renata Glasc, Zilean, Annie, Nautilus, Katarina, Yuumi, Lillia, Malphite, Malzahar, Lulu, Syndra, Aatrox, Akali, Neeko, Leona, Zed, LeBlanc, Renekton, Zoe, Fiddlesticks, Samira, Shyvana, Draven, Sion, Orianna, Pantheon, Vladimir, Heimerdinger


Ryze, Aphelios, Master Yi, Jarvan IV, Irelia, Akshan, Alistar, Nilah, Gangplank, Lissandra, Quinn, Lee Sin, Diana, Kassadin, Yasuo, Viego, Wukong, Hecarim, Singed, Amumu, Fiora, Bard, Anivia, Bel'Veth, Ornn, Rumble, Rammus, Ekko, Talon, Shen, Yone, Shaco, Sejuani, Tryndamere, Nunu, Garen, Braum, Kindred, Urgot, Corki


Riven, Azir, Elise, Illaoi, Cassiopeia, Gragas, Tahm Kench, Fizz, Ivern, Galio, Zeri, Qiyana, Dr. Mundo, Taric, Udyr, Rengar, Vi, Skarner, Gwen, Zac, Kled, Gnar, Kayn, Rakan

D-Tier/Only pick if you main them

Rell, Warwick, Poppy, Trundle, Yorick, Kalista, Volibear, Kennen, Camille, Xin Zhao, Jax, Nocturne, Rek'Sai, Aurelion Sol, Evelynn, Olaf

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League of Legends ARAM Mode changes release date

"When will ARAM have new changes in League of Legends?" you may be thinking. So, according to claims made by league officials, League of Legends ARAM Mode changes could be released on November 17th, 2022, the same day as LoL patch 12.22 is released.

The future ARAM League of Legends 2022 will coincide with the Space Groove event, therefore the ARAM Mode will be playable throughout the whole Space Groove 2022 event.

The new changes in ARAM game mode, based on the information that is coming out, appear to be a fresh experience for gamers as well as their gaming talents.

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That's all there is to it. Everything we know about the new LoL ARAM mode changes and the features it will have so far. Keep a look at it when it comes out. We'll keep you updated when more information becomes available, so stay tuned.

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