Wordle November 20 answer 519 and word hints

Wordle November 20 answer 519 along with a few hints has been shared below.

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Wordle November 20 answer 519

Wordle first gained popularity in 2022 and is still effective now. The well-known word game continues to be played by millions of people every day in an effort to extend its winning run.

Since Wordle became so well-known, a number of similar games, such Fortle and Heardle, have emerged to provide you with a variety of experiences. Despite the advent of all these other games, the New York Times-owned guessing game has remained the most popular in its genre.

Occasionally difficult Wordle puzzles could threaten those winning streaks, pushing players to use extreme measures.

Although everyone has six chances to correctly guess the daily answer, most of us only succeed on the final attempt. We have a guide that will give the answer 519 to the current NY Times Wordle November 20 to those who are down to their last chance.

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Wordle November 20 Answer hint

The Wordle word for November 20 is made up of a good combination of common and uncommon letters, so most participants should not have any trouble figuring out the daily puzzle.

Before we reveal the full solution to today's Wordle puzzle, we'd like to offer a few tips for players who still want to figure it out themselves but need a little nudge in the right direction. You can use the following cues to determine today's Wordle word:

  • The word contains two vowels and no letter is repeated.
  • The word's first letter is B.
  • The word literally means - ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

Before reading the solution below, try to guess the word.

November 20 Wordle answer 519

If you're still curious about what Wordle's word of the day is, here it is:


If you were unsuccessful in guessing this Wordle, don't worry; tomorrow will always bring a fresh one.

All November Wordle answers

  • Wordle 518 – November 19: Avert
  • Wordle 517 – November 18: Glyph
  • Wordle 516 – November 17: There
  • Wordle 515 – November 16: Baker
  • Wordle 514 – November 15: Snarl
  • Wordle 513 – November 14: Maple
  • Wordle 512 – November 13: Inane
  • Wordle 511 – November 12: Valet
  • Wordle 510 – November 11: Medal
  • Wordle 509 – November 10: Unite
  • Wordle 508 – November 9: Rainy
  • Wordle 507 – November 8: Spell
  • Wordle 506 – November 7: Begin
  • Wordle 505 – November 6: Stale
  • Wordle 504 – November 5: Dream
  • Wordle 503 – November 4: Photo
  • Wordle 502 – November 3: Aloud
  • Wordle 501 – November 2: Inept
  • Wordle 500 – November 1: Piney

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Tips to solve Wordle puzzles

Having a solid first Wordle word is the most crucial tactic for any new player. This establishes the rules of the game and provides the first of many hints that will be needed to solve the once-daily word-guessing game. Using a starting word that has several vowels will give you a significant advantage in the game. Players will need to be aware of the guidelines that all Wordle answers adhere to in order to select the ideal starting word.

  • Proper nouns are never used in Wordle answers.
  • All potentially harmful words, such as slurs, have been eliminated, along with the majority of non-American English vocabulary.
  • Letters can be repeated in answers.
  • Though these can be used as educated guesses, plural nouns terminating in S never appear in the Wordle answers.

Wordle does have a Hard Mode that may be selected through the options menu prior to beginning the daily puzzle for those who like a more challenging challenge. This prevents the use of letters that have already been proven incorrect and locks in past clues that the player has received.

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