Valorant 5.09 patch notes - Harbor kit upgrades, agent abilities changes, bug fixes, more

Valorant 5.09 patch notes including major Harbor abilities changes, minor agent upgrades, some bug fixes and more have been shared.

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Valorant 5.09 patch notes

One of the most popular games in its genre in the entire world is Riot Games' free-to-play first-person shooter called Valorant. This game has captured the hearts of players all across the world thanks to its distinct gameplay aesthetic and the fresh material that the creators are continually adding.

Moreover, recently, players got a new Valorant Ion 2.0 skin bundle along with Patch 5.08 which additionally brought some major major agent updates, quality-of-life improvements, and some bug fixes in the game.

Now, we will soon get the Valorant 5.09 update, however, prior to the official reveal we have new info about the upcoming changes in the game. The new data has come from the official site of Valorant.

As per the info revealed, the devs are all set to bring major Harbor abilities changes, minor agent upgrades, some bug fixes, and more in the main game.

Let's directly dwell on the details.

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Valorant 5.09 Patch Notes

We've already seen a preview of what the Valorant 5.09 patch will bring, and it appears that there will be some major changes Agents' kit.

PBE participants got a taste of what's been cooking in the game. Players on the PBE can try out a variety of new forthcoming features, including Agent abilities, map improvements, bug patches, and more.

However, keep in mind that a few of the testing features are not a part of the officially released patches, and a similar can be the case with the Valorant 5.09 patch. Now let's have a look at what the devs have to offer with Valorant 5.09 patch notes.

As they are moving ahead with the Episode 5 Act III release, the developers disclosed that the Valo 5.09 Patch notes are brief this time around (only a few Agent tweaks). Additionally, Harbor, who unquestionably needs some buffs, will receive changes in this 5.09 update.

The complete VALORANT 5.09 Notes can be found below.

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Valorant 5.09 Patch - Harbor and Agent Updates

The Valorant 5.09 patch notes indicated that the upcoming VALORANT patch will only provide minor Quality of Life adjustments to several agent skills, including those of Yoru, Fade, Reyna, and Sage.

The only other significant or meta-shifting addition in this patch is the changes to a new Controller agent from India named Harbor, who possesses water-based skills. The primary component of this Valorant 5.09 patch is this new agent.

  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Cascade would sometimes disappear when looking away from it (hotfixed during the 5.08 patch cycle).
  • Fixed a bug where walking through Harbor’s Cove barrier was not blinding players at the intended distance (hotfixed during the 5.08 patch cycle).
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s High Tide would have large gaps when cast in specific map locations.
  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Reckoning’s geysers would not spawn in the area where the player was standing.
  • Throughout this year, we’ve been periodically making improvements to Skye’s Seekers so that they more reliably and efficiently reach their target.
    • Small changes were made to how Skye’s Seekers navigate around obstacles after they’ve visually acquired their target.
    • If the target is intangible when the Seekers reach them, it will not debuff them. This includes Reyna while she is Dismissed and Yoru in Dimensional Drift.
  • Fixed an issue where Yoru would still enter his stealth and intangible state if he was detained while casting Dimensional Drift. The detain now properly interrupts the cast.
  • Fixed an issue where Fade could activate her Haunt and Seize projectiles to make them drop while she was Suppressed.
  • Fixed an issue where Reyna would auto-heal after a kill while in Empress even though she was Suppressed.
  • Fixed an issue where Sage could instantly break her Barrier by walling herself into a corner.

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Not only Valorant patch 5.09, but we also got info on the next Valorant PBE patches. It has been revealed that PBE invite frequency has changed. Instead of a singular invite wave going out to a small number of eligible players once every PBE patch, it will now be once every OTHER PBE patch.

This started with the 4.10 patch, and it is expected the next invite wave/chance to join Valo Patch 5.10 is on November 4.

However, it was additionally mentioned that this PBE schedule is subject to change depending on what type of patch is going out and it is not completely set in stone.

Obviously, these changes seem interesting, hence, those who are early waiting to see the Valorant agent abilities changes, bug fixes, and more should hop onto the game now.

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