Apex Legends Ballistic - Season 16 legend, leaks, abilities, more

Apex Legends Ballistic is going to be the next Apex Season 16 Legend as hinted by some prominent leakers.

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Apex Legends Ballistic - Season 16 legend

Apex Season 15 began earlier on November 1, but players have already begun looking forward to Apex Legends Season 16, which will include a battle pass, a new Season 16 map, and, of course, the next Apex Legends Season 16 legend.

We have received a major leak on nine unreleased Apex Legends legends that will be joining us in future seasons. According to a credible dataminer, Shrugtal, the forthcoming Apex Legends Season 16 legend that was included in the unreleased legends leak, might be Ballistic.

Ballistic is a new character that was uncovered during Season 12 of Apex Legends, and it has piqued the interest of players. The suspicions began when data miners gave us hints of the new Apex Season 16 legend Ballistic.

Despite the fact that we are uninformed of Ballistic's past, we have enough information about the likely Season 16 Legend, Ballistic, thanks to leaks and teasers. Let's get into the details of the same.

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Apex Season 16 Legend - Ballistic leaks

Ballistic is the next possible Legend who could appear in Apex Legends Season 16 and given the fact that the players know little about him, there are numerous theories circulating on what his story will be in the game.

Apex Legends Ballistic, like Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer, and Valkyrie, will be a recon character as he will be able to provide long-range support for his teammate.

Ballistic abilities are focused on using weapons and the utility of weapons, according to information revealed by content creator PWN hub and obtained via leaker NightTerras.

They also revealed the new Apex Season 16 Legend, Ballistic may have previously gone by the name Caliber.

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A photo of a banner with a new legend on it was published by well-known data miner HYPERMYST on December 9. At the time, the image was extremely hazy. However, fresh information about a new Legend named Ballistic as well as a new leak has since surfaced in the Apex Legends Reddit.

Ballistic's appearance initially reminds one of Kuben Blisk. Although Respawn has shown Blisk a few times in the lore clips, he has a distinct appearance from our new Legend, therefore it is unlikely that Ballistic is Blisk. Although his current model is an elderly man wearing tinted spectacles, this is definitely susceptible to change.

Moreover, in terms of gameplay, a significant leak from the ApexUncovered subreddit showed out all of Ballistic's abilities.

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Apex Legends Season 16 Legend - Ballistic abilities

Three seasons have passed since an Assault character debuted in Apex Legends. Therefore, it appeared very clear that the Season 16 character would be a Legend of the Assault class. And it may have been confirmed by the most recent dumps from data miners and leakers.

Ballistic's three unique abilities, which we learned about thanks to the leakers, are unheard-of. The information that was released along with the photograph reveals the following Ballistic abilities:

  • Ballistic's Passive - Weapon Sling

A sling where you can store a third weapon. Access via inventory. The sling weapon cannot take attachments.

  • Ballistic's Tactical - Smart Bullet

Shoots a projectile that debuffs the enemy. Enemies' guns will start heating up as they shoot. Overheating will cause a reaction and deal damage. Holding the Tactical will allow it to lock on to a target.

  • Ballistic's Ultimate - Weapon Enhance

When activated nearby teammates get a buff applied. It gives faster reloads, unarmed move speed, and Infinite Ammo. Ballistic’s sling weapon will be equipped and upgraded to gold.

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It's worth mentioning that the Ballistic abilities may have changed since it was shot, and some of them may have been scrapped altogether, so take the leak with a grain of salt.

However, you can't be so sure about anything as Respawn Entertainment is yet to formally announce and reveal the Legend. Yet it is possible that Apex Legends Season 16 legend could be Ballistic, and if the leaked abilities are anything like his official kit, he has the potential to completely change the meta.

Apex Legends Season 16 Ballistic release date

It's difficult to say whether Ballistic will be included in the next Season 16 update because Respawn hasn't revealed anything about it yet.

However, with January rapidly approaching, it's probable that the developers will begin teasing the new Legend in the coming days as the premiere of Season 16 is scheduled on February 16, 2022, and Ballistic may therefore appear that day if the leaks are accurate.

This was all the information about the Apex Legends Ballistic, the Season 16 Legend. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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