Epic Games Store Free Games For December 8 announced

Epic Games Store Free Games for December 8th has been revealed by Epic, and it includes some popular titles.

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Epic Games Store December 8 Free Games

Epic Games Store Membership is similar to other subscription services such as PS Plus, Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Prime, and more.

Every week, Epic Games Store sends out one or two new games to subscribers, which are only available for a week. As a result, gamers can always expect a slew of new free games in the weeks ahead.

Epic announced that the Epic Games Store free games will continue in 2022, but for the majority of the year, the Epic Games Store only offered one free game per week. Fortunately for Epic Games Store users, it appears like the digital retailer will resume its weekly giveaway of two free games.

Similar to each week, Epic Games has revealed a fresh list of games coming with Epic Games Store Free Games for December 8.

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Epic Games Store Free Games - December 8 to December 15

Each Thursday, individuals who use the Epic Games Store get 2 to 3 Epic Games Store Free Games along with the reveal of games for the next week.

For instance, while players have until December 8 to acquire the current week's free game, the users already are aware of what's in store for the next week's Epic Games Store Free Games.

Players will get to pick the following Epic Games Store Free Games from December 8:

  • Saints Row 4: Re-Elected
  • Wildcat Gun Machine

Epic Games Store Free Games for December 8 - December 15

Saints Row 4: Re-Elected - 

There are an astonishing 25 DLC Packs in Saints Row IV Re-Elected. Being the Super Hero in Charge, you can leap over buildings and use your mind to destroy people. The Inflato-Ray, the Polarizer, the Disintegrator, and many other alien vehicles and weaponry are available in the game.

The Saints have moved from the Penthouse to the White House in Saints Row IV Re-Elected, but the Earth has been invaded, and it's up to you to save it with a variety of superpowers and odd weapons in the game's wildest open world ever.

Additionally, you can personalise your character's appearance, his or her attire, and you can choose from a robust system for customising weapons.

Wildcat Gun Machine - 

With a range of firearms, enormous mech robots, and adorable kittens, you may battle swarms of revolting flesh animals in Wildcat Gun Machine, a bullet hell dungeon crawler.

Here, players get to explore vast, labyrinthine dungeons and free enormous mech robots from evil older gods. Enemy encounters are difficult and purposefully created - not randomised - to offer demanding combat puzzles.

There are more than 40 different types of guns available at Wildcat Gun Machine. Each has its own distinctive characteristics, such as auto-aim bullets, long-range laser beams, or shots that explode with a sizable blast radius.

One thing the store does well is center around games that are not much famous.

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Epic Games Store Free Games Release Date

Usually, Epic discloses the reports regarding the upcoming bunch of free Epic Games Store games on the Thursday of every week.

Next week's game has been announced today, that is on Thursday, 1st of December 2022 at 10:00 am CT, and fans will get to know about the upcoming Free Epic Games Store December 2022 Games on Thursday, 8th December 2022 at 10:00 am CT.

And the final rotation for this week's game will be made available to the players till December 8th only.

Epic Games Store Free Games - December 1 to December 8

Epic Games Store users can claim the following Epic Games Store Free Games from December 1st to December 8, 2022:

  • Fort Triumph
  • RPG in a Box

On Thursday, 8th of December 2022, these Epic Games Store Free December Games - Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box will be removed from the store and will be replaced with some new games.

However, as Epic Games Store has gotten popular in shaking things up by only giving a single Epic Games Store Free Games, thus the players should keep this fact in mind.

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Upcoming Epic Games Store free December games are going to be announced after the games that are available till the 8th of December get removed, so players should watch in the upcoming week.

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