Valorant Lotus - Episode 6 map, release date, name, layout, leaks, more

Valorant Lotus will be "Episode 6 Act 1 map" as revealed by the devs, and we already know what to expect.

Valorant Lotus - Episode 6 map

Valorant is now in its third year of operation, having been launched in 2019. Valorant came with four maps and ten Agents in the beta edition and now due to its great success, it has nineteen Agents and seven maps by 2023. Of course, there are all of Valorant's battle passes, skin bundles, and game modes to consider.

However, the game is about to get a new update - Valo Episode 6 Act 1, which will be the next Valorant episode with a new map and a skin bundle.

Pearl, the most recent map, was launched in June 2022, over six months ago. However, compared to previous maps, the most recent maps, such as Pearl and Fracture, were not particularly popular. Riot Games, in particular, has been chastised for the Fracture map, thus it appears that Riot is stepping up its game with the next Valorant Episode 6 map.

The release of Valorant's Episode 6 is rapidly approaching, and Riot has also announced the arrival of a new map known as Lotus. A destructible landscape, a silent drop, and other mechanisms are just a few of the new features that Valo Lotus has to offer.

Check out all the details about Valorant Lotus, the Episode 6 map below.

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Valorant Episode 6 map name and trailer

Valorant's 9th map was hinted at with the launch of Harbor in Episode 5 Act 2. However, no new map was released till Episode 5 Act 3, and given Riot's history of introducing a new map each episode, it was speculated that they'll be releasing one with the release of the new Episode.

Leaks revealed that Valorant's 9th map was known as "Jam", however, that was a codename and now then the fresh leak from another credible leaker, @ValorLeaks revealed that the new Valorant Episode 6 map is coming very soon, and called "Lotus."

It seemed very clear from the teasers and rumors that the next map will also be from India, just like our most recent Agent. And it was confirmed to be accurate by the most recent Episode 6 debut trailer. The trailer revealed what the new map's name will be—LOTUS.

The mysterious abilities that opened the floodgates to this new map were hinted at in the most recent video.

As players become familiar with the new map, it can be anticipated that the combination of all the components that make up Lotus will occupy the whole player base for endless hours.

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Valorant Episode 6 map - Layout

The official Valorant Twitter feed sent us a boombot with a spicy preview regarding the new map.

The new map, Valorant Lotus, will have a serene, ecological backdrop that permeates the entire map layout. Three bomb sites and locations for fast rotations are shown in the initial revelation. It is permeated with a sense of vanished culture.

The second map in the game with three plant sites is called Lotus. Additionally, it has novel mechanisms like revolving doors and a wall that may be destroyed. All three of the new mechanisms in Valorant will be firsts of their sort, including the new "silent drop" mechanic on Lotus.

It takes place in the Western Ghats in India on Omega Earth. The map will include a number of cues and components that will give the Guardians in the narrative a precise visual portrayal. These aspects will be hidden, though, and left for the players to find and notice on their own.

The publisher has been adamant in saying that this abandoned location is not a temple and has no connection to any particular religion. The Lotus map is going to be introduced as a "Lost City" with immense power in the lore at one point.

Level Designer Joe Lansford claims there are various traditional Indian architectural features and locales that served as inspiration for the map. Stepwells, Rock-Cut construction, and Dravidian design. Rani Ki Vav, Ellora Caves, and Badami Cave Temples are just a few.

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Valorant Episode 6 map - Release date

On January 10, 2023, the Lotus map and Episode 6 Act 1 will be made available. It will begin on the day that Episode 5 Act 3 ends.

Riot has not officially announced the update's release time, but based on prior events, we may anticipate it to happen around 2 PM PDT or 10 PM GMT.

It is anticipated to make its debut in a distinct casual mode to aid players in learning how to use all of its features.

Riot Games made a risky choice by introducing a brand-new map and designing it with three bomb sites. Instead of continuing with the old double-bomb site maps, the publisher is promoting the concept that a layout has arrived and will stick around. The devs have successfully built a lovely green area with what appears to be forgotten heritage engraved into the walls.

Well, there you have it, everything we know so far about Valorant Episode 6 map "Lotus", including its release date, name, layout, and more. We'll keep you up to date on the latest Valorant news so, keep visiting for more details.

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