Apex Legends Season 17 Legend - Ballistic image and release date leak

Apex Legends Season 17 Legend, Ballistic image, and release date have been leaked early, due to a mistake by Respawn.

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Apex Legends Season 17 Legend - Ballistic

On April 20, Respawn recently released a minor update for the next event of Apex Legends. The Veiled collection event is the next event in the game fans of the Caustic Legend should be happy as he is about to get his new Prestige skin and finisher animation, along with a tonne of other skins and a revamped form of Team Deathmatch.

In addition, the creators have begun releasing teases for its upcoming season 17. The battle pass's in-game countdown indicates that Apex's current season, Revelry, will expire on May 16th. And it is only natural that the next season will bring a new Legend, Battle Pass, ranked season, map updates, and more.

Earlier, we had in-game teasers about the upcoming Apex Legends Season 17 Legend; today, thanks to a mistake on the part of the creators, we also have the Season 17 legend's image and release date.

It looks like there was a mistake when a new teaser for Ballistic, who might be a new season 17 legend, momentarily appeared in the Apex Legends client. Keep on reading to know more about it.

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Apex Legends Season 17 Legend image and release date leak

Respawn Entertainment accidentally revealed the Season 17 legend, release date, and promotional image prior to the official announcement.

It was revealed by none other than Respawn Entertainment on the official Apex Legends Blog article describing the upcoming Veiled Collection Event that we got our first official glimpse at the Season 17 character of the game.

On April 20, the Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event went live, bringing new skins, cosmetics, and other content to the Titanfall battle royale. However, Respawn Entertainment is now in trouble because official Ballistic character art for Season 17 of Apex Legends was inadvertently uploaded along with the Collection Event information.

A few sharp-eyed Twitter users were able to take screenshots of the key art for Season 17 Legend before it was abruptly removed.

With obviously grey hair and a duster coat that give Ballistic the appearance of a real gunslinger, the newest legend appears to be a little older than the majority of the cast. His weapon is also remarkably similar to the Smart Pistol from Titanfall, which has players guessing as to whether or not the venerable firearm may appear in Apex Legends.

It is not yet known if this Smart Pistol is a special item found only in the new Apex Legends Season 17 Legend kit, common ground loot, or a care package weapon.

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Apex Legends Season 17 Legend - Ballistic

Thordan Smash, a well-known Apex Legends leaker, has a whole video on Ballistic's lore and powers that is currently online. These revealed abilities include Weapon Sling, which lets you carry a third primary weapon, Smart Bullet, which lets you stun targets with a homing projectile, and Weapon Enhancer, which grants you unlimited ammo and quick reloads.

Ballistic's three unique abilities, which we learned about thanks to the leakers, are unheard-of. The information that was released along with the photograph reveals the following Ballistic abilities:

  • Ballistic's Passive - Weapon Sling

A sling where you can store a third weapon. Access via inventory. The sling weapon cannot take attachments.

  • Ballistic's Tactical - Smart Bullet

Shoots a projectile that debuffs the enemy. Enemies' guns will start heating up as they shoot. Overheating will cause a reaction and deal damage. Holding the Tactical will allow it to lock on to a target.

  • Ballistic's Ultimate - Weapon Enhance

When activated nearby teammates get a buff applied. It gives faster reloads, unarmed move speed, and Infinite Ammo. Ballistic’s sling weapon will be equipped and upgraded to gold.

Four seasons have passed since an Assault character debuted in Apex Legends. Therefore, it appeared very clear that the Season 17 character would be a Legend of the Assault class. And it may have been confirmed by the most recent dumps from data miners and leakers.

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Do you believe Ballistic will quickly get to the top of our Apex Legends tier chart when you take it into consideration? Although we'll have to wait and see, it does sound like he might have a chance of succeeding. Regardless, he unquestionably has the aura of a legendary player who will advance your standing in Apex Legends.

Previous reports indicate that Ballistic's skills are concentrated on enhancing weapons and adding extra weapon slots. They should be taken with a grain of salt for the time being, but the character is surely coming.

In order to overhaul the current Legend meta, Season 17 is also anticipated to feature POI tweaks, weapon adjustments, and Legend changes.

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