FaZe Clan roster changes planned for Valorant Challengers Split 2 - Report

FaZe Clan team for Valorant Challengers Split 2 will see new faces, replacing some from the previous lineup, according to new reports.

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FaZe Clan team for Valorant Challengers Split 2 changes

There is no other esports organization that compares to FaZe Clan in terms of brand recognition and worldwide reach. Few could have predicted the success they would see over the following ten years, with a stake in every shooter esport and an amazing roster of broadcasters and content producers.

After a disappointing conclusion to a 2021 VCT season that got off to a blazing start, FaZe is still getting used to VALORANT. However, it appears that FaZe Clan is making two changes to their Valorant roster in response to a disappointing performance in the North American Challengers League's first split.

There were many thrilling matches and dramatic scenes in the first NA Valorant Challengers League Split. Most notably, Yay joined DSG and results from the MAD Lions. Now, people will talk about Split 2 and get the thrilling matchups in Tier 2 NA Valorant they have been waiting for.

FaZe Clan placed fourth in their group after the first split of the NA Challengers league, and they were eliminated in the first round of the lower bracket of the Mid-Season Face-Off.

Now, according to recent sources, the team is attempting to make some changes as Split 2 approaches.

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Changes in FaZe Clan team for Valorant Challengers Split 2

With the release of a little animated film featuring the players' names over five agents, FaZe was the last North American team to reveal their squad at Valorant NA Challengers. With the return of Andrej 'babybay' Francisty, Quan 'dicey' Tran, Phat 'supamen' Le, and Kevin 'poised' Ngo, the team largely maintained its roster from 2022. Only Daniel 'Rossy' Abedrabbo was a brand-new addition to the lineup.

Now, according to independent reporter, Max Katz, FaZe Clan is now seeking to make some adjustments as Split 2 approaches after finishing fourth in their group during the first split of the NA Challengers League.

Tanner 'TiGG' Spanu and Anthony 'mummAy' DiPaolo, both members of Turtle Troop, will replace Quan 'dicey' Tra and Daniel 'Rossy' Abedrabbo on the FaZe Clan team for Valorant Challengers Split 2.

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The most recent member of the FaZe Clan lineup, Rossy, joined shortly before the Challengers competition started. TiGG and mummAy, who joined Turtle Troop in the middle of the split, were also recent arrivals to NA Challengers.

With the new players, the squad went 2-1 and nearly missed the Mid-Season Face Off. However, Fans of FaZe will be able to watch the new FaZe Clan team in action on April 19 when they take on The Guard in their first match of the second Valorant Challengers split, if the changes are successful.

However, only time will tell how fruitful these changes are going to be.

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