Apex Legends season 17 patch notes - Ballistic, world’s edge and ranked updates, weapon mastery, more

Apex Legends season 17 patch notes have been released today, detailing all the new features and changes coming in the upcoming Arsenal season.

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Apex Legends season 17 patch notes

On May 9th, 2023, Apex Legends Season 17—also known as Arsenal—will be made available. Ballistic, a brand-new Legend, significant World's Edge map updates, a new Firing Range, Weapon Mastery, and a revised Rank System are all included in this new Season.

The brand-new Legend Ballistic was unveiled for Apex Legends Season 17 back in April 2023 only. Ballistic's tactical overheats enemy weapons, his ultimate offers many team boosts, including infinite ammo, and his passive lets him hold a third weapon.

Then the next is the new Weapon Mastery system and updated Ranked system. By obtaining badges and awards, players can demonstrate their weapon mastery using the new Weapon Mastery system, and the redesigned Rank System is intended to be less discouraging and more rewarding.

Two new POIs, Monument and Stacks, have been added to the map as part of the significant map revisions in World's Edge. Additionally, updates have been made to the Harvester POI.

As Apex Legends season 17 launches on live servers tomorrow, Respawn Entertainment has just released a fresh set of Apex Legends season 17 patch notes for the upcoming update that covers everything mentioned above.

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Apex Legends Season 17 Patch Notes

After Respawn decided against creating a new character for the Apex Games last season, Ballistic is the most recent Legend to join. Ballistic, the oldest legend with a clever pistol tactical, is the star of Season 17.

Two additional significant aspects of these Season 17 patch notes, however, will be the Firing Range and Ranked Play. Firing Range will first undergo a thorough redesign, including a new map, smarter dummies, a 1v1 pit, and other changes. And, this season's Ranked Play has been totally redesigned, with a new MMR system, Ladder Points, the elimination of splits, and more.

This season's World's Edge will also experience significant modifications, including new POIs and altered lighting.

Here are the detailed Apex Season 17 patch notes:

Apex Season 17 patch - NEW LEGEND: BALLISTIC

Before the Apex Games, a more brutal competition held sway: the Thunderdome Games! Here, sibling fighters Sok Leng and Kit Siang Phua reigned supreme. They were joined by August Brinkman, Sok Leng’s eventual husband. But when August’s selfish playstyle led to Kit Siang’s death, August retreated from the Games, from Sok Leng, and from their young son, Nate.

The following are Ballistic abilities:

  • PASSIVE: SLING: Store a third weapon in the sling. Access via inventory or Character Utility Action Button. The sling weapon cannot take attachments.
  • TACTICAL: WHISTLER: Shoots a projectile that heats up an enemy’s gun as they shoot. Overheating causes damage. Hold the Tactical to lock on.
  • ULTIMATE: TEMPEST: Nearby teammates get faster reloads, faster-armed move speed, and Infinite Ammo. The sling weapon will be upgraded to gold.

Apex Season 17 patch - WORLD’S EDGE MAP UPDATE

The Fragment is now known as Monument in Apex Season 17. As the name suggests, a new monument is located here, and it is located above the recently opened Apex Games museum.

To a new POI called Stacks, the construction site's building has also been relocated. The lighting and sky box has also been changed to give the map a contemporary vibe. Here is a complete list of the revisions to World's Edge.

Apex Season 17 patch - RANKED UPDATE

Important TLDR:

  • New matchmaking by hidden skill rating, with skill adjustments made on premade sizes to account for the competitive advantages gained
  • New Scoring system that emphasizes winning the battle royale
  • New Bonus system that conditionally rewards wins and compensates losses
  • No more split reset, with a full seasonal reset started off with 10 provisional games
  • Ranked will now require account level 50 to play
  • Read the full breakdown of the new points of interest and other changes here.

Apex Season 17 patch - WEAPON MASTERY

With the new long-term advancement system known as Weapon Mastery, players can rate each weapon from 1 to 100 levels. As you climb the ranks, you'll receive incentives. Simply by utilising a weapon and scoring kills, knocks, and headshots, you can advance its rating.

  • At the season launch, all players will start with every weapon at level 1 and can start progressing their weapon levels by using them in any game mode.
  • Having a weapon in hand, dealing damage, securing kills, and fighting with style will all generate Weapon XP for that weapon.
  • Every 20 levels, a weapon-specific trial will unlock for you to test your skill with that weapon and reward you for completion.
  • Get your weapon to level 100 and finish all five trials to fully “master” that weapon and earn the final rewards.
  • Each weapon mastery track will earn players weapon-specific badges, lifetime performance trackers, legendary weapon mastery banner frames, and a Legendary Weapon Apex Pack for each weapon.

Apex Season 17 patch - FIRING RANGE UPDATES

Since it was first added to Apex in 2019, the Firing Range has largely remained unaltered, but finally, for Season 17, it is receiving a significant overhaul. A completely new map has been added, and it is larger, has a 1v1 pit, a practice area for movements, a town environment with buildings, and bots that can now engage in full battle.

  • Core: a reorganized Weapons & Loot layout allows players to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Simulated death boxes allow you to grab your favorite loot from anywhere in the Range.
  • Agility Course: designed for mobility. Slide, zip, jump, climb, and balance to harden your movement skills.
  • Duel Pit: designed for you to duke it out with friends and finally settle the debate on who has the fastest Wingman in the Outlands.
  • Training Grounds: the rear town allows you to practice fighting in a simulated combat experience.


The Evac Tower is the latest loot item to hit the Outlands. This portable Jump Tower can shape the battlefield in your squad’s favor by offering a quick escape or setting up a deadly assault.

Harness the power of the skies, but be careful when you use it – players can destroy the Evac Tower and leave you high and dry!

Apex Season 17 patch - PING SYSTEM UPDATES

Pings are the main method of non-verbal communication in Apex Legends, and coordination is the key to victory! This season, we’ve updated the system to serve the game better as it exists today. We’ve removed some Pings from the default Ping Wheel with lower usage rates, added several new pings, and added quality-of-life improvements to how pinging operates in-game.

Our goal is to give all players, especially those not using voice chat, access to some quick combat ‘phrases’ to help orient team action.

On the default Ping Wheel you will see 3 new pings:

  • Avoid Area
  • Enemy Audio
  • Regroup

You will also see an expanded set of options when you are Downed or in Dropship for the initial drop into the BR.

Lastly, we’ve improved Pinging from the Map behaviors in the following ways:

  • In-game objects that have map icons (Respawn Beacons, Crafters, Wildlife, etc) can now be Pinged from the map; creating accurate waypoints with callouts
  • When pinging generic waypoints on the map they will have more accurate placement in World Space

Apex Season 17 patch - BALANCE UPDATES

Crate Rotation

  • L-Star EMG enters the crate
  • RE-45 returns to the floor

Weapon Crafting Rotation

  • Alternator SMG enters the crafter
  • Sentinel enters the crafter
  • EVA-8 returns to the floor
  • 30-30 Repeater returns to the floor

Gold Weapon Rotation

  • Flatline, Triple Take, Spitfire, Mastiff, Volt

Loot Spawns

  • Improved Vault Loot
    • Increased chances of gold loot
    • Added light mags to spawn pool
  • Improved Cargo Bot Loot
    • Removed small healing items, Mobile Respawn Beacon, White Armor, White Backpack
    • Adjusted Large Healing and Heatshield spawns to allow for more desirable loot spawns
    • Removed gold weapons from purple tier Cargo Bots but increased spawn chance in gold tier

Apex Season 17 patch - WEAPONS

L-Star EMG [Crate]

  • Added Disruptor Rounds: 60% damage increase against shields
  • Base Damage Reduced to 16 (was 17)
  • Projectiles now have passthrough: 60% damage retained
  • Projectile growth increased
  • Improved recoil pattern
  • Removed barrel
  • Ammo Stockpile: 324
  • Reduced VFX brightness when hitting unarmored targets

30-30 Repeater

  • Projectile size increased when fully charged

Triple Take

  • Projectile size increased
  • Improved hipfire spread
  • Tightened bullet pattern when fully choked
  • Ammo per shot reduced to 1 (was 3)
  • Magazines sizes adjusted to match the new ammo costs
    • Purple Mag: Increased to 10 shots (was 9)

R-99 SMG

  • Removed 1 bullet from base and all magazines
    • No Magazine reduced to 19 (was 20)
    • White Magazine reduced to 21 (was 22)
    • Blue Magazine reduced to 24 (was 25)
    • Purple & Gold magazine reduced to 27 (was 28)

Charge Rifle

  • Reduced shots per magazine to 3 (was 4)
  • Reduced spawn rate

Apex Season 17 patch - LEGENDS


  • Dark Veil
    • Scan Highlights & Diamonds are no longer visible through the Dark Veil


  • Class changed from Skirmisher to Support


  • Now gets slowed to weapon sprint speed instead of weapon walk speed when targeting with her tac

Assault Class

  • Smart loot gains have been adjusted to reduce skipping an upgrade tier
    • It will now be less likely to jump from White to Purple or Blue to Gold
  • Optics are now given based on team rather than just Assault Legend who opens them
  • Added special drop rate for Gold Optics

Skirmisher Class

  • Care packages are now automatically pinged for the team on reveal.
    • This includes empty Care Packages that have already been looted by another team

Support Class

  • Support Bins will now guarantee at least one Battery in one of the Secret Compartment slots
  • Support Bins will now award MRBs if your ally is dead, even if you don’t have their banner card.
  • Legend Banners can now be crafted by ANY player who has a Support Class Legend in their Squad

Apex Season 17 patch - MIXTAPE

  • New Podium screens for Gun Run and Control
  • Display a message in the Kill Feed if Leaver Penalties are disabled for the match due to an unfair match
  • Control and Gun Run will indicate the team’s MVPs on the intro podium
  • Control and TDM have updated loadouts (Crate Weapon changes and updates based on weapon meta/pick rates/kill rates)
  • Gun Run and TDM now have XP Bonuses for Match Completion and Match Completion after Join in Progress


  • Map rotation: Barometer is out, Olympus: Hammond Labs is in
  • Weapon Evo Change: No longer Evo weapons automatically when a new Rating Tier is reached. Players now reach the new tier and their weapon will Evo when the player holsters and then unholsters their weapon in any form (reload, weapon switch, manual holster, rides a zipline, performs a skydive, etc)

Gun Run

  • Weapon Track update for new crate weapons.
  • Added an additional XP bonus on the last weapon knife kill.

Team Deathmatch

  • Map rotation: Skulltown is out, Phase Runner is in.

Apex Season 17 patch - BUG FIXES

  • Prowler: fixed ADS while crouching
  • IMC Armories: fixed spectres taking too much damage from arc stars
  • Fixed Duos showing NBR challenges instead of BR challenges
  • Fixed comms wheel not being usable when a game is over
  • Fixed players glitching inside of loot bins
  • Fixed spectators not receiving audio queues for all types of launch pads/jump pads
  • Fixed flickering of banners during victory and end of match screens
  • Scoreboard is saved when a game is finished now, not post-podium sequence
  • Lifetime Stats numbers no longer overlap for more than 7 digits
  • Various lobby ultrawide UI improvements


  • Ash:
    • Steps are no longer louder if heirloom is equipped
    • Fixed UI loop when crouch inspect is canceled early
    • Ultimate will now persist for the entire duration even if Ash dies while it is active and while players are still traveling through it
  • Bloodhound: White Ravens already in flight can no longer be scanned for free Tacticals and Ult charge
  • Caustic: Fixed traps destroying when placed near closed doors that are then opened
  • Crypto:
    • Drone can no longer be accessed after being knocked
    • Drone no longer occasionally teleports behind a wall after you throw it
    • Fixed drone sometimes spawning in the middle of the world when thrown into a wall
  • Loba:
    • Fixed visibility issue with Black Market when Bangalore’s smoke is behind
    • Amount head peeks over cover while crouching adjusted to match other Legends
  • Mad Maggie: Improved reliability when hitting objects that the ball will damage or destroy
  • Octane: Removed the double jump hint from the Launch Pad in cases where it would incorrectly show as an option (e.g. after a Pathfinder grapple)
  • Rampart: multiple cover walls can no longer be placed in the same spot on a Trident
  • Seer: Dummies in the firing range will now have the same footstep behavior as other players when moving inside of Seer’s Ultimate instead of behaving like other AI (Prowlers, Spiders)
  • Valkyrie: Ultimate cooldown no longer set to 75% after being canceled while in Death Totem protection
  • Wraith:
    • Fixed ultimate being usable while ziplining
    • Mythic finisher “Whiplash” no longer pushes players outside of play area


  • Mixtape
    • Fixed shields dropped by killed enemies being empty
    • Fixed players leaving a match will no longer try to join the same match if its join-in-progress window is still active
  • Team Deathmatch
    • Fixed grenades not dropping on player death
    • Fixed Estates map image displaying the night variant of the map in the Lobby
  • Control
    • Fixed Custom Match Observer issue where it was difficult to close the Map Screen if an Observer had it opened before players spawned in the match
    • Fixed teammates death icon not appearing on the map if the map wasn’t open when the teammate died
    • Fixed ordnance not auto-equipping to the ordnance slot if the player spawned out of bounds
    • Fixed reserve ammo counter not displaying when switching weapons from Rampart or Vantage’s ultimate ability

Apex Season 17 patch - QUALITY OF LIFE UPDATES

  • Removed Auto-Taunt Prompt on Enemy Killed
  • Can now ride ziplines while playing the banner pickup animation
  • Bullet impact VFX on snow reduced


This season will have some updates to the LiveAPI based on player and developer feedback. These include improvements to existing functionality and messages, new events, and extensive additions to documentation including some examples in Python.

  • Support for Secure WebSockets (WSS) server connections
    • Configurable SSL verification, to allow self-signed certificates
  • Request validation through pre-shared key mechanism that can be specified through `cl_liveapi_requests_psk`
  • Newly added game event broadcast delay that affects only real-time WebSocket connections, configurable through `cl_liveapi_ws_event_delay`
  • Additional documentation and snippets added to events.proto file
    • Includes sample values, code snippets in Python and expected API behavior
  • Change for API request acknowledgements not behaving as intended
    • Introduction of the RequestStatus message for more detailed explanations
  • Fix for 4KB message payload truncation seen mostly when using JSON data format
  • Fix for PlayerRevive event where the revived player field was incorrectly typed as a string instead of a Player message
  • New WarpGateUsed and ObserverAnnotation events
  • Downgrade of most uint64 fields to uint32 to ensure serialization as numbers and not strings in JSON
    • All timestamp fields remain as uint64. Developers should take note when using JSON data format instead of Protobuf.

This was all the information revealed in Apex Legends Season 17 patch notes, including the new legend Ballistic, World’s Edge map changes, Ranked updates, weapon mastery, and more.

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