Genshin Impact Freminet - new Fontaine character for 4.0 banner leaked

Genshin Impact Freminet is the new Fontaine character as per the recent leaks, who might show up in 4.0 banners.

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Genshin Impact Freminet will be part of the 4.0 banners, as per the leaks

One of the nations included in Genshin Impact is Fontaine. It is under the Hydro Archon's control. One of Teyvat's seven archons is the Hydro Archon. She is in charge of keeping the planet in equilibrium and is Fontaine's celestial ruler.

A recent brief video of the Traveller moving in the ocean aired after the 3.7 Livestream ended. This is most likely a preview of the upcoming region Fontaine as Sumeru has run out of new spots to explore!

Additionally, Fontaine has only featured two characters thus far: Lyney and Lynette, and has revealed Charlotte as a new Fontaine NPC. There are, however, rumors and information leaks concerning additional characters that could be included in the game in the future.

And one of these new Fontaine characters that have been getting fan attention and is rumored to appear in the 4.0 update is Genshin Freminet.

Check out all the information that is available about Freminet, the newest hero from the Hydro Kingdom, as revealed by leaks.

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Genshin Impact Freminet leaks

The French term for "fountain" is "Fontaine," which is connected to the word "hydro" (water). As a result, Fontaine is the location of the Hydro Archon, one of the Seven Nations.

Freminet is one of the characters that leaks have made public and is rumored to appear in upcoming Fontaine updates.

The unannounced playable character with a 4-star rarity is known as Freminet in Genshin Impact.

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Freminet in Genshin Impact will be a 4-star character

One of the insiders, Mero gave out all the latest details regarding this new Fontaine character and as per the leaks, this new hero resides and works in Fontaine and will be released in Genshin Impact 4.0 update.

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Genshin Impact Freminet Model

After many rumors, we have now seen actual in-game evidence of Freminet's existence thanks to a recent leak that was posted by trustworthy leakers and contained pictures of the Genshin Impact Freminet model.

The Freminet model is art, according to recent tweets from Mero, who also said, "Art [Freminet model] is AI generated from the visual description."

Insiders claim that the illustration was not totally accurate and that the character actually has a different appearance. SYP gave a character's resemblance in the artwork a 5 out of 10 rating, stating that many elements don't correspond to reality. Additionally, it has been observed that Freminet's hairstyle appears neater than it did in the AI image.

SYP said, "like shoutout to Mero for the leak of course, and obvs pictures can't be posted b/c DMCA, I just don't want anyone making fanart of this design and getting their hopes up / getting disappointed is all."

Apart from Genshin Freminet's appearance, Mero also revealed details on his role, rarity, element, weapon, and release date.

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Genshin Impact Freminet release date, role, element, and weapon

Freminet is a diver from Fontaine whose work with intricate machinery necessitates extreme focus and accuracy. Because of this, he could come out as emotionless and distant while talking with others.

Version 4.0 will bring forth the playable character Freminet as well as the completion of the Fontaine region. So, August 16, 2023, is likely Genshin Freminet's release date.

Mero claims that Freminet is the owner of Claymore and a carrier of the Cryo Eyes of God. However, given how recent the leaks are, anything might drastically alter after the announcement.

Regarding reliability, players should keep in mind that the leaks have originated from reputable sources who are frequently accurate. Also, the information has been verified by multiple leakers, lending it further credence.

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Freminet model might be under creation, thus it's very conceivable that his final form will vary when he is officially shown. Hence, like other leaks, this new Freminet leak is subject to change as it is way too early to have any information on the Genshin Impact 4.0 update.


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