Gaming Simplicity – 3 Simple Games That Are Hugely Popular

Gaming Simplicity – 3 Simple Games That Are Hugely Popular.

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Gaming Simplicity – 3 Simple Games That Are Hugely Popular

When people think of gaming they may well think of some of the huge titles out there with modern graphics, that take teams of people many years to produce, not to mention hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sometimes, these “AAA titles” are some of the best games out there, but there is no guarantee. On top of this, we often see that simple games are some of the most popular. Whether these are historic games that are still played today, such as some of the top table games out there, or just simple concepts for apps and online games, we see plenty of examples of simplicity in the games industry.

Let’s dive into some of the simple games that are incredibly popular.


Most people agree that blackjack has its origins way back in the 1700s, and there aren’t many games that can boast such a rich and interesting history despite being such a simple concept.

In simple terms, the aim of blackjack is to get a score of 21 with two cards that you are dealt or to get as close as you can to 21. There is also a dealer who deals a hand, this is what you are trying to beat. The closest to 21 wins. If a player doesn’t get close to 21 they are able to ‘hit’ and request another card, but if this takes them over 21, the dealer automatically wins and the player is ‘busted’.

There are more rules and variations, and the description above is a very simple overview of the game. This is not just a card game to play in person anymore, and there are numerous options for playing Ignition Live blackjack. Players can connect in real-time to a stream with a dealer and enjoy this old-fashioned game even if there is nobody to play it with in person. Casinos have been offering blackjack games for some time, but live dealer games are a relatively new trend in the industry.

The simplicity of blackjack is part of the charm. While it can take years to master things like the betting strategy, a few hands of blackjack can be played in a matter of minutes and people can learn the basics extremely quickly.


Wordle is a game that took the world by storm, despite being one of the simplest possible concepts.

Users have to guess a five-letter word. If they get a letter right it will turn orange, and if they get a letter right and in the right place, it will turn green. The goal is to guess the whole word in as few guesses as possible. Sounds simple, but it can be pretty difficult and many people look for Wordle hints to get them through with the correct answer. There is one new Wordle every day, and that’s it.

The game was originally made by developer Josh Wardle who created the game for his wife, who loved word-guessing games. The game took off and was eventually sold to the NY Times for a fee of over one million dollars, making Wardle a very wealthy developer indeed.


It is perhaps a little unusual to see a game that has an open world, sandbox design on this list, but thanks to the graphics and simple concept, Minecraft has earned its spot on this list.

The game was developed mainly by one man, known as “Notch” (real name Markus Persson). It is still simple to this day but was even more basic when it originally launched, though players can explore an endless maze of blocky graphics. The beauty of the game is that it does offer limitless possibilities to create, which led to the game being popular among all ages, but especially younger players. There is no real goal to Minecraft, and no storyline in the main game, but this is part of its charm.

The story of Minecraft is quite incredible, and it is said that Notch created the basic code for the game over the course of one weekend.

Eventually, Notch sold the game to Microsoft for a cool $2.5 billion. It is one of the most famous games out there and a cultural phenomenon, with many spinoffs and even a Minecraft movie in development.


Whether somebody has an idea for a basic game and wants to take inspiration from these simple smash hits, or they just want a new game to play, these three guides show that simplicity can still be a route to success.

All three of these games have fascinating backstories, and they are also incredibly well-known all over the world. From the card game turned online casino game blackjack, to the blocky characters of Minecraft, it all serves as proof that complexity isn’t necessary to make a successful game.

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