Overwatch 2 Illari Guide - abilities, best ways to use, and how to unlock

Use our comprehensive Overwatch 2 Illari guide, to explore her unique abilities, master the best strategies to utilize her potential, and unlock Illari effectively.

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Overwatch 2 Illari Guide - abilities, best ways to use, and how to unlock

Overwatch 2's Season 6 trailer unveiled a plethora of exciting content awaiting players, including the introduction of Illari, a dynamic new Support hero. Illari's capabilities promise a unique blend of damage and healing, making her a versatile addition to the game.

This Overwatch 2 Illari guide is designed to equip you with all the necessary particulars to unlock Illari and provide strategic insights to help you make the most of her gameplay.

Overwatch 2 Illari Guide

Illari steps onto the Overwatch 2 scene as a member of the Support class within the game's diverse hero roster. Her versatile kit is designed to encourage an aggressive playstyle, all while ensuring that her team receives the necessary backing and healing.

With meticulous management of cooldowns, Illari's abilities position her as a potent off-Support character in Overwatch 2. This empowers her to contribute significantly to her team's success by not only dealing damage but also providing substantial healing.

Also, with a solar-powered railgun in hand, she wields the capacity for both formidable damage output and substantial healing support. Unquestionably, players will need to experiment to discover their optimal playstyles with Illari. Yet, judging from her toolkit, Illari is poised to thrive as an off-Support hero within Overwatch 2's current meta. 

When coupled with the appropriate heroes, she holds the potential to be a formidable choice for dismantling opposing teams.

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How to Unlock Illari In Overwatch 2?

Illari isn't readily available upon launching Overwatch 2's Season 6. To secure her as a playable hero, players have two options:

  1. Grind through the Free Battle Pass Tier: By reaching Level 45 of the free tier of the Battle Pass, you can unlock Illari.
  2. Purchase the Battle Pass: Spending 1000 Overwatch Coins (approximately $10 or equivalent) grants you immediate access to Illari in your hero lineup.

OW2 Illari's Abilities: A Solar-Powered Arsenal

Illari's skillset revolves around harnessing solar energy, empowering her to deal damage and provide healing to her team. Let's delve into her abilities to understand how they contribute to her unique gameplay:

  1. Solar Rifle (Primary Fire): Illari wields a long-range auto-charging rifle capable of delivering high-damage beams. Timing your shots to maximize charged hits will significantly boost your damage output.
  2. Solar Rifle (Secondary Fire): This ability enables Illari to emit a medium-range healing beam, offering healing support to her allies. Effective cooldown management will be key to sustaining your team during intense battles.
  3. Outburst (Ability 1): Outburst serves as Illari's mobility and crowd control tool. It propels her in the direction of movement, potentially knocking back enemies. Holding the jump button enables higher jumps, allowing for strategic repositioning.
  4. Healing Pylon (Ability 2): Illari's Healing Pylon is a deployed healing turret that aids nearby allies. Placing it strategically on walls or ceilings can amplify your team's survivability, making it a pivotal support tool.
  5. Captive Sun (Ultimate): Illari's ultimate ability, Captive Sun, launches an explosive solar energy ball that slows and damages enemies. Its area-of-effect potential can turn the tide of team fights when used strategically.

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Strategies for Mastering Illari: Best ways to use Illari

Illari's versatility shines through her ability to deal damage while healing her team.

Naturally, Illari's role as a support hero comes with the territory of vulnerability, with her HP standing at 200, similar to others within her hero category. Despite her susceptibility, Illari packs a surprising punch in terms of damage output and possesses an array of abilities to fend off dive attempts. To maximize her impact, consider the following strategies:

Illari is regarded as one of the more challenging heroes to master in terms of mechanics. However, once players grasp her physics, she can wield substantial power.

Her primary fire delivers considerable potency, especially if players possess the mechanical skill to consistently land headshots. Similar to Kiriko's kunai, her rifle can inflict headshot damage, leading to critical hits. With a full charge, two shots are sufficient to eliminate a 225 HP enemy.

Illari's healing capability is comparable to Moira's, boasting a maximum range of 15 meters. Consequently, staying within reasonable proximity to allies is crucial.

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Illari is the new support hero coming out in OW2 Season 6

The Outburst ability serves not only as a movement tool but also as a defensive option when facing dive situations. Its capacity for a super jump proves helpful for repositioning to elevated ground. Moreover, its enemy knockback feature offers an effective countermeasure against coordinated dives, enabling Illari to escape and gain better team support.

Healing Pylon emerges as an invaluable asset when higher healing output is required. However, its destructibility underscores the importance of strategic placement, akin to the Baptiste Immortality Field. Positioning the pylon out of sight and attached to a wall maximizes its utility.

Captive Sun shines as an exceptional ability for either chipping away at tanky foes or repositioning. This ultimate should ideally target clustered enemies due to its area-of-effect nature, or focus on the enemy tank. The team focuses on enemies attached to the solar energy ball ensuring a substantial damage explosion upon detonation.

Furthermore, Illari's flight capacity should be harnessed for optimal high-ground positioning, and in emergencies, it can even save her from falling off the map.

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Well, that is all that we have on our Overwatch 2 Illari guide. As Overwatch 2's Season 6 introduces Illari to the roster, players have the chance to wield her solar-powered arsenal and redefine support dynamics.

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