Genshin Impact Neuvillette kit - elemental skills, burst, passive, constellations leak

Genshin Impact Neuvillette kit, including details on normal attacks, elemental skill, elemental burst, passive talents, and constellations have been shared below.

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Genshin Impact Neuvillette kit details have been leaked

Recent promotional videos and live streams have unveiled the majority of the upcoming content in version 4.0 of Genshin Impact. This includes new and iconic locations, playable characters, weapons, and intriguing storylines. However, the excitement doesn't stop there. HoYoverse has now officially confirmed the identities of the two new characters, Neuvillette and Wriothesley who will debut in Genshin 4.1 banners.

Fans have been on the edge of their seats as Neuvillette has been teased through a drip marketing strategy. Neuvillette has garnered significant popularity within the community, and fans are ravenous for more insights into his gameplay. And now reputable leaker within the community has finally revealed information about Genshin Neuvillette's kit, abilities, and gameplay mechanics.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Kit Leak

Neuvillette, a significant figure from the Fontaine region will play an important role in the upcoming chapter of Archon Quests. Initially introduced as an NPC in the forthcoming 4.0 update, Neuvillette is set to become a playable character in version 4.1.

The information shared by Mero, a reliable source for leaks, suggests that Neuvillette will likely be a 5-star Hydro DPS character. Armed with a Catalyst as his weapon of choice, Neuvillette's kit appears to heavily rely on Charged Attacks as the primary source of damage. This kit is anticipated to scale based on his HP, and he could potentially acquire a substantial 88.4% Critical Damage bonus from his ascension.

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Complete details on the leaked Neuvillette kit, with attacks, Elemental Skill, Elemental Burst, passive talents, and constellations have been shared below.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette's Normal Attacks

Neuvillette's abilities appear to revolve around his Charged Attacks as the primary means of dealing damage.

Normal Attack - Neuvillette's basic attacks involve wielding his Cane to command the tides, delivering up to three Hydro-infused strikes to his foes.

Charged Attack Empowerment: Legal Evaluation - Similar to a few bow users like Ganyu or Tighnari, Neuvillette seems to possess dual-levels of Charged Attacks. As he charges his attack, he is expected to initiate the creation of a Seal of Arbitration.

During this phase, Neuvillette can shift and adjust the direction of his impending attack. He can also absorb Sourcewater Droplets within his AoE, hastening the charging process and repairing a portion of his maximum HP. If he is interrupted while charging, he will perform a standard Charged Attack. If the charge is complete, he will unleash Charged Attack: Equitable Judgement.

Charged Attack - Neuvillette releases a series of AoE Hydro damage while consuming a fixed amount of stamina.

Charged Attack: Equitable Judgement - Neuvillette delivers a powerful surge of AoE Hydro damage, directed linearly towards enemies. Notably, this attack doesn't decrease stamina, and its duration can vary. If Neuvillette's HP exceeds 50% during this move, he will experience continuous HP reduction throughout this phase.

Plunging Attack - Neuvillette gathers the strength of Hydro and dives toward the ground from mid-air, destroying all opponents in his path. When it collides with the ground, it deals AoE Hydro DMG.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette's Elemental Skill

Neuvillette's Elemental Skill, "O Tears, I Shall Repay," summons Raging Waterfall, triggering AoE Hydro damage upon enemies situated in front of him.

Moreover, executing the Elemental Skill generates three Sourcewater Droplets following a successful strike. These droplets can subsequently be utilized during the activation of the Charged Attack: Equitable Judgement.

The potency of Neuvillette's Elemental Skill damage scales in accordance with his HP and entails a cooldown period of 12 seconds. Additionally, it inflicts Pneuma-aligned Hydro damage at specific intervals, amplifying its impact.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette's Elemental Burst

Neuvillette's Elemental Burst, "O Tides, I Have Returned," unleashes Rupturing Waves that deal substantial AoE Hydro damage to enemies. Following a brief interval, two additional waterfalls descend upon the enemies, inflicting supplementary Hydro damage within a more confined AoE region.

This potent Elemental Burst generates six Sourcewater Droplets onto the field. The damage output of the burst is directly linked to Neuvillette's maximum HP, with a cooldown period of 18 seconds and an energy cost of 70.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette's Passives

  • Heir to the Ancient Sea's Legacy: Triggering elemental reactions on enemies grants Neuvillette stacks of Past Draconic Glories, boosting the damage of Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment by a substantial percentage.
  • The High Arbitrator's Discipline: Neuvillette's Hydro damage gains a bonus based on his surplus HP above 30%, amplifying his offensive capabilities.
  • Gather Like the Tide: Neuvillette accelerates underwater movement for the entire party, offering tactical advantages during aquatic escapades.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette's Constellations

  1. Venerable Institution: Neuvillette begins with a stack of Past Draconic Glories upon entering the field and gains interruption resistance during Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment.
  2. The Law Commands: Past Draconic Glories enhances the CRIT DMG of Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment, affording significant damage amplification.
  3. Ancient Fiction: Neuvillette's Normal Attack's level increases, fueling his combat prowess.
  4. Crowned in Compassion: Neuvillette generates Sourcewater Droplets upon being healed, introducing an element of self-sustain to his toolkit.
  5. Axiomatic Judgment: Neuvillette's Elemental Burst's level is bolstered, unleashing greater Hydro devastation upon foes.
  6. Wrathful Recompense: Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment absorbs nearby Sourcewater Droplets, extending its duration. This constellation turns his AoE Charged Attack into a formidable force, reinforcing his battlefield domination.

The leaked details concerning Neuvillette's kit in Genshin Impact 4.1 have heightened players' eagerness for the official release of the update. Nevertheless, it's crucial to note that some of this data originates from leaks, which are subject to alteration. 


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