Pokemon Go Larvesta and Volcarona: how to get, evolution, and shiny variants

Learn how to get and evolve the fiery bug-type Pokemon, Larvesta and Volcarona as we explore their mysteries, and look into the details of their shiny variations.

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Pokemon Go Larvesta and Volcarona: how to get, evolution, and shiny variants

Pokémon Go continues to captivate players with its vast collection of Pokémon from various regions and generations. Among the recent additions are Larvesta and Volcarona, two iconic Bug and Fire dual-type Pokémon from the Unova region.

As these beloved Pokémon made their debut in May 2023, players are eager to add them to their Pokédex, show them off to friends, and utilize them in battles and adventures. However, Niantic, the game's developer, has made these creatures exceptionally rare in Pokémon Go, leaving players curious about how to obtain them and the shiny Larvesta and Volcarona variants.

In this article, we will explore how to get Larvesta, evolve it into Volcarona, and the possibility of obtaining a shiny Larvesta and Shiny Volcarona.

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How to get Pokémon Go Larvesta

As of now, the only way to get Pokemon Go Larvesta is through hatching Eggs. Players can find Larvesta in 2 km, 5 km, or 10 km Eggs. However, hatching an Egg does not guarantee an immediate encounter with Larvesta.

Due to the seasonal Egg pool, it might take players several hatches before they come across this elusive Pokémon. The difficulty lies in the extremely low hatch rate, making Pokemon Go Larvesta one of the rarest finds in the entire Egg pool.

Some players have reported hatch rates lower than 1%, although actual programmed appearance rates may differ. With this in mind, trainers should prepare to invest time and effort into hatching numerous Eggs to increase their chances of obtaining Pokemon Go Larvesta.

Also, unlike many other Pokémon that occasionally appear in the wild or headline Raid Battles, Larvesta remains confined to the Egg hatching mechanic. This limitation further increases the challenge of obtaining this Pokémon. Larvesta also eludes Field and Special Research rewards, leaving trainers with no alternative methods for its acquisition.

How to get Pokemon Go Volcarona: Larvesta Evolution

The Requirements for Larvesta Evolution

To begin Larvesta's evolution into the majestic Volcarona, trainers need to collect 400 Larvesta candies. Evolution-wise, it's a straightforward process, but the challenge lies in obtaining Larvesta in the first place. As Larvesta is only available through Egg hatching, players must accumulate a substantial amount of Candy through repeated hatches.

Setting Larvesta as Your Buddy

To speed up the process of obtaining Larvesta Candy for getting Volcarona, players can set Larvesta as their Buddy Pokémon. As a Buddy, Larvesta will earn Candy by walking a certain distance. However, Larvesta requires walking 5 km to earn a single Candy, which is quite a distance compared to most Pokémon with a 400 Candy evolution. Nevertheless, setting Larvesta as your Buddy is a helpful strategy to work towards evolving it into Volcarona.

Pokemon Go Shiny Larvesta and Shiny Volcarona

As of now, Shiny Larvesta and Shiny Volcarona are not available in Pokémon Go. Players will have to go with the regular versions of these Pokémon until Niantic introduces their shiny variants. While disappointment may loom for those eager for a Shiny Larvesta encounter, hope remains as future Bug or Fire-themed events could potentially introduce these coveted shiny forms.

In conclusion, catching Pokemon Go Larvesta and evolving it into Pokemon Go Volcarona is no easy feat. Also, the shiny variants of both the mons, Shiny Larvesta and Shiny Volcarona are currently unavailable.

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