Apple Watch Ultra 2 - All new features and price announced

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the new addition to the Apple Watch series, and in the recent Wonderlust event, all new features and its price were announced.

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 - All new features and price announced

Some great news for Apple fans! The tech giant has unveiled its latest innovation in wearable technology: the Apple Watch Ultra 2. This stellar successor takes the helm from its top-end predecessor, promising a host of upgrades and innovations that are set to revolutionize the smartwatch landscape.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 - All new features announced

Screen and Display: One of the most striking features of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is its expansive 49mm face, the largest ever seen in an Apple Watch. Coupled with an impressive 2000 nits display brightness—twice that of its standard counterpart—users can expect a visually stunning experience that sets a new benchmark for smartwatch displays.

Double Tap: Double Tap, which expands on Apple's work with AssistiveTouch, is a feature shared with the Series 9. To answer a call, for instance, touch your thumb and forefinger together while using the gesture control feature of the watch. 

Action button: The introduction of a customizable Action button is a noteworthy enhancement, setting the Ultra 2 apart from its predecessors and even pre-empting a similar feature on the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. This thoughtful addition offers users a seamless and personalized interaction experience.

Battery life: Battery life has received a boost, with low-power mode extending usage to an impressive 72 hours. This means users can rely on their Apple Watch Ultra 2 for an extended period without constantly worrying about recharging.

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 will have a new Double tap feature.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Performance

In terms of performance, the Ultra 2 doesn't disappoint. Powered by the same S9 processor featured in the Apple Watch Series 9, users can expect "super-smooth animations" that enhance the overall user experience. Furthermore, the inclusion of the U2 ultra-wideband location chip ensures precise tracking and navigation capabilities.

Siri also receives an upgrade, thanks to a new neural engine in the S9 chip. This enables on-device processing, a significant improvement that promises faster and more responsive interactions. Additionally, later this year, Siri's newly discovered capability to access health data is planned to launch, greatly improving its usefulness as a personal health assistant.

The Ultra 2 doesn't just excel on land; it's also a dive computer for scuba enthusiasts, capable of operating up to 40 meters below the surface—a remarkable ten meters beyond the typical 30M limit for recreational divers.

Beyond the impressive hardware, Apple has also demonstrated its commitment to sustainability. The production of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is 100% carbon neutral, aligning with the company's dedication to environmental responsibility.

The Ultra 2 is now available for presale for $799, and it will be delivered on September 22. As part of its "Wonderlust" launch event in Cupertino, Apple unveiled the new watch at Apple Park. There were additional updates for the less expensive SE as well as the Apple Watch Series 9.

This newest addition boasts a significant expansion in capabilities, making it a standout device in Apple's illustrious lineup.

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