Apex Legends Conduit - Season 19 Legend's origin and abilities revealed

Apex Legends Conduit, the Season 19 Legend has been revealed in the recent trailer, and we now have an idea of her origin and abilities.

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Official Conduit Splash Art in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 19, called "Ignite," has finally been revealed to bring a new legend: Conduit. This character holds a special place in the hearts of long-time Apex fans, as Conduit's existence was first hinted at back in 2019, making her debut long overdue.

Now, finally, after a long wait, we have received the official information on Apex Legends Conduit legend and her origin.

Apex Legends Season 19: Conduit Legend

Each season players used to get a new Legend in every Season, however, Respawn chose to break from tradition in Season 16 by not introducing a new legend. Instead, they focused on evolving the game's meta. Seasons 17 and 18 followed suit, with the introduction of Ballistic and the rework of the formidable Revenant.

Now, in Season 19 we have a new legend called Conduit. Her story is intricately tied to the Titanfall universe, hinting at exciting possibilities for the future of this mech-fighting FPS franchise.

Apex Legends Conduit's Origin Story

Conduit's journey has been highlighted in the latest "Stories from the Outlands" video released by Respawn. Inspired by a Monarch Titan that played an important role in saving her life, Conduit is driven by a profound sense of duty to care for her family. Her path takes a dramatic turn as she makes a life-altering sacrifice, using the radiated remnants of the Monarch's battery.

In doing so, Conduit trades her future health for the chance to become a beacon for her family and ascend to legendary status. This sacrifice forms the foundation of her character, shaping her abilities and defining her role in the Apex Games.

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Apex Legends Conduit: Season 19 Legend

Apex Legends Conduit's Abilities

Conduit's abilities have officially been revealed by Respawn, and past leaks also provided insights into the potential Conduit's abilities, which draw power from the Monarch battery. The following are the abilities of Conduit that were revealed in the trailer: 

  • Conduit's Tactical Ability: Arc Flash

Conduit possesses two drones that allow her to regenerate her teammate's shields. The ability has two charges, allowing her to use either both on one of her teammates or one for each.

  • Conduit's Passive Ability: Capacitance

Conduit is offered a surge of speed boost when far away from her teammates. The ability acts like Bangalore's double time, allowing her to close the distance between herself and her teammates.

  • Conduit's Ultimate Ability: Alternating Current

Conduit can throw two powerful arc surges at the enemies using both her drones, snaring the enemy to the ground and applying a status effect similar to Wattson's fences.

Conduit's kit undoubtedly has a supportive component to it, enabling players to remain in the group while also rapidly regenerating to keep themselves healthy throughout battles. Conduit is one of the best Legends to play the game alone and will be a valuable asset to the team because of the movement speed advantage.

Additionally, the clip suggests that similar to Wattson's fences, anyone struck by the arc surge using her Ultimate Ability appears to be snared and slowed. This would be an excellent weapon for easily eliminating squads and third-party adversaries.

Though these are only leaks for now, Apex Legends Season 19 will begin on October 31, and players will then get the official confirmation of Conduit's abilities. Also, a full reveal of Conduit's abilities is scheduled for October 23, providing fans with a comprehensive look at what this dynamic legend brings to the game.

conduit splash art, apex legends season 19 legend, apex legends conduit, apex conduit abilities, apex season 19 legend, conduit abilities, apex conduit skills
Apex Legends Conduit will be released on October 31st.

Well, as Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite takes center stage, Conduit's presence will surely bring some new changes to the meta.

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