Genshin Impact Navia abilities and in-game role revealed by new 4.3 leaks

Genshin Impact Navia's abilities and in-game role have been revealed by new 4.3 leaks, suggesting she might function both as a DPS and a sub-DPS.

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Genshin Impact Navia abilities and in-game role revealed by new 4.3 leaks.

Navia, one of the most hyped characters since Fontaine's release is rumored to be released in Genshin Impact 4.3 banner. Leaks suggest that Navia will be a Claymore uses having a Geo Vision. Moreover, some suggest that she could serve as a sub-DPS at C0 but transition into a main DPS at higher Constellations, conversely, others believe she'll function as a main DPS irrespective of her Constellation level. 

Also, we have new leaks on potential Navia's kit and her in-game role.

Genshin Impact Navia's Role: Sub-DPS or Main DPS?

Rumors circulating within the Genshin Impact community, particularly from prominent leaker Uncle Chicken, suggest that Navia's role may evolve depending on her Constellation level. It's posited that at lower Constellations, she could function as a sub-DPS character, but as her Constellations progress, she could potentially take on the mantle of a main DPS unit. 

Additionally, Uncle Chicken suggests that Navia's effectiveness might hinge on the presence of a Geo support character in the party, providing her with crucial Crystalized shards. These shards, when consumed, are believed to grant Navia various buffs based on their Elemental type.

Based on leaks, Navia's best team setups are projected to revolve around double Geo characters with Bennett or double Hydro characters, especially in tandem with the forthcoming Hydro Archon, Furina.

Genshin Impact Navia Abilities Leak

The potential abilities and skills of Navia have been revealed through recent leaks from a closed beta server. She seems to be able to function as a major DPS as well as a sub-DPS. Currently, there are two kits under discussion, as described by Uncle Chicken and Uncle ahq.

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Navia is rumored to be a Geo Claymore user.

Genshin Navia Kit (1)

On October 20, new leaks from Uncle Chicken provided further details regarding Navia's kit when she becomes a playable character. Navia's Constellations are poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing her capabilities, particularly as a main DPS. These upgrades are anticipated to include Geo infusion in her Normal Attack and amplified damage output, setting the stage for Geo to potentially rise in prominence within the game.

  • 5-star Geo Claymore, sub-DPS at low cons, main DPS at high cons.
  • Navia deals most of the damage by herself and will rely on an off-field Geo to supply her with Crystallise shards.
  • Atk scaler pairs well with Bennett
  • E: Enters a special mode, [her] umbrella turns into a gun, and [she] continuously fires at enemies, while automatically absorbing nearby Crystallise shards, receiving different buffs depending on different Crystallise shard types.
  • Q: Sets up a cannon, that automatically deals Geo damage to nearby enemies, aids with generating Crystallise reactions, absorbing Crystallise shards will prolong the cannon’s duration
  • Cons:
    • NAs gain Geo infusion during Q
    • Amplifies buffs received from Crystallise shards
    • Greatly amplifies her damage-dealing capacity as the main DPS
  • 4.3 will have a Navia-centered artifact set
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Navia will be the main headliner of the Genshin 4.3 banner.

Genshin Navia Kit (2)

Uncle ahq, another reputable leaker, shares insights into Navia's potential team compositions. They suggest that Navia could shine as a main DPS character even at lower Constellations. Her kit, boasting ATK scaling, is expected to complement Bennett's abilities and align well with Furina's HP-draining mechanics.

  • Navia is a main DPS whether at low or high constellations, and in fact she’s a main DPS that will pair well with Bennett and Furina’s HP drain mechanics.
  • All the off-field mechanics in her kit support her being played on-field during her E. 
  • [Navia’s Q] is comparable to Ganyu and Ayato’s Q.
  • Her teams at C0 currently include double Geo + Bennett, or double Geo + double Hydro. As for numbers wait for beta.
  • [In Navia teams] Furina may mean fewer Crystallise shards, bringing a Zhongli may be more comfortable
  • The NA infusion is on the wrong constellation. Wait a couple days for more specifics.

Navia's projected release in Genshin Impact 4.3 is likely to be a substantial change. Although her precise launch date is unknown, players may expect her to make her debut on either December 20, 2023, in Phase I or January 9, 2024, in Phase II. Genshin Impact will most likely release Navia a few days before version 4.2.


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