Genshin Impact Skirk - model, voice actors, release date, and leaks

Genshin Impact Skirk model and voice actors have been officially revealed in the recent version 4.2 trailer, getting players excited for her release as a playable character.

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Genshin Impact Skirk - model, voice actors, release date, and leaks

Genshin Impact Skirk was recently revealed by HoYoverse in the trailer for the upcoming 4.2 update. This trailer featured snippets from the Fontaine Archon Quest and introduced a new character, Skirk. Skirk, as revealed, was Childe's mentor, instructing him in combat, including the use of his Foul Legacy, after his descent into the Abyss. 

Previously we have several rumors and leaks about Skirk and her involvement in the Archon Quest, and it appears these leaks were accurate. Here we will discuss all that we know about Genshin Impact Skirk, her appearance, voice actors, possible release date, and other details.

Genshin Impact Skirk Model

Until now, Skirk had been solely referenced in Childe's voice-over lines and early sections of the main Fontaine storyline, yet she hadn't physically appeared in the game. The version 4.2 trailer marks the first official revelation of the Genshin Skirk model in any form of media, though it's only shown briefly. 

The short video provides a glimpse of her in-game model, with a moment where she turns to look at the camera.

Recent leaks from HutaoLoverGi on X have shed light on Skirk's character design. The character appears to be a tall female figure, with features similar to fins, resembling those of a fish. This design raises speculation, suggesting these elements might be part of Skirk's attire or that she could be a non-human character. 

Also, fans have been comparing Skirk a lot with other characters from different games. Skirk and Jingliu from Honkai Star Rail both share similar physiques, color palettes, and ribbon-type accessories on their heads. It's also noteworthy that Skirk's design closely mirrors that of Benares (in human form), a character from Honkai Impact 3rd.

While her appearance in the latest 4.2 Archon Quest, titled "Masquerade of the Guilty," has been confirmed, her specific role—be it as an adversary, an ally, or a neutral entity providing lore—remains a mystery. 

Further details about Skirk and her role are expected to surface upon the release of the final act of Fontaine's Archon Quest.

Genshin Impact Skirk's Voice Actors

The following is the complete list of Skirk voice actors in Genshin Impact:

  • Skirk Japanese VA: Mamiko Noto
  • Skirk English VA: Cat Protano 
  • Skirk Chinese VA: Xie Ying 
  • Skirk Korean VA: Seo Dahye 

In the official Japanese dub of Genshin Impact, Skirk's voice is portrayed by Mamiko Noto. Meanwhile, in the English version, Cat Protano lends her voice to this mysterious Swordswoman from the Abyss. 

Mamiko Noto boasts an extensive portfolio, including roles in Honkai Impact 3rd, AzurLane, and Arknights, and her works comprise Mavis Vermillion in Fairy Tail, Kotomi in Clannad, and Scathach-Skadi in Fate/Grand Order. 

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Skirk's model was revealed by HoYoverse in the version 4.2 trailer

Cat Protano, a recognized name in the industry, previously voiced Setaria from the Sumeru arc and Pain-Grocer in a limited event from Inazuma in Genshin Impact. Some of her notable works include Ohara from Pokemon: Paldean Wings, Nanako Tamasaki from Gal Guardians, and Sachie Kaibara from PuraOre!, among others.

Xie Ying serves as the Chinese voice actor for Skirk and has previously voiced Keqing, another prominent character in the game. Her roles span across various HoYoverse titles. Finally, Seo Dahye provides Skirk's voice in the Korean version, with works such as Qinque from Honkai Star Rail and Nina from The Stolen Princess.

Genshin Impact Skirk Release Date and Other Leaks

Previous leaks from a well-known dataminer, Videre, suggest that Skirk is poised to make her debut in one of the upcoming 4.x updates in the Fontaine region.

The leaker confidently states, "Character Information! Skirk is definitely set to appear in 4.x in some form. While I can't confirm if this is final, the design I shared earlier belongs to her. Exclusive Leak."

Despite the exciting revelation, specific details about the version update are still under wraps, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

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Genshin Impact Skirk will be released in the future 4.x update

While official information is scant, Tartaglia, a prominent character in the game, drops hints about Skirk's formidable power in a voice-over. He playfully challenges her, hoping she'll need both hands to take him down, showcasing her combat prowess. Additionally, Tartaglia's Character Story 4 alludes to Skirk as his mentor, suggesting she resides in a realm with unique time dynamics.

With the limited information available, Skirk's significance within the Abyss and her role as Tartaglia's teacher brings depth to her character. Her expertise played a crucial role in Tartaglia's navigation of the Abyss. However, her ties to the enigmatic Abyss Order remain shrouded in mystery, leaving players eager to uncover more about the enigmatic Skirk.

While a couple of reliable leakers have hinted at Skirk becoming a playable character, her exact release date remains uncertain.


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