GTA 6 Might Release In 2025, according to new leak

New leaks from reliable insider claims that GTA 6 developers plan to release the game in 2025.

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GTA 6 might be released in 2025, according to a new leak

Twelve years have passed since the debut trailer of Rockstar's groundbreaking game. Since then, fans have eagerly awaited the next installment, Grand Theft Auto 6. However, Rockstar's silence regarding the anticipated trailer has left GTA 6 enthusiasts disappointed. 

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, has fueled speculation about the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 in recent months. They hinted at significant profits in 2024, leading fans to anticipate an October or November reveal of GTA 6 in the form of a trailer. Yet, it seems this was not to be and there are some significant reasons.

GTA 6 is to be released in 2025, according to new leak

A trustworthy insider, Tez2 from Rockstar Games shed light on the situation. According to the insider, the developers aren't confident about meeting a 2024 release deadline for GTA 6. This might explain why, up until now, the only glimpses we've had on GTA 6 are from a series of leaked gameplay footage. 

Tez2 explained on GTA Forums that several developers are leaning towards a 2025 release window, possibly in the spring. He also noted that while Take-Two Interactive's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, projected a substantial 2024 for Rockstar, similar adjustments were made during the announcement of GTA 5.

Tez2 further speculated that Rockstar might reveal the game to coincide with the company's anniversary between November and December, with a February reveal as an alternative window. 

The insider further noted, "Take-Two was projecting a net income of $1.75 – $2 per share for fiscal year 2013 (Apr 2012 – Mar 2013). But once Rockstar announced the first release date (delayed later on), that dropped to $0 – $0.20 per share."

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Screenshot of Tez2's post on GTA Forums 

As Rockstar remains tight-lipped about Grand Theft Auto 6, fans have been scrutinizing the information leaked in last year's hacking incident in the hopes of uncovering something new to discuss and theorize about until an official trailer drops. The only official acknowledgment from Rockstar about GTA 6 came in the form of a statement in February 2022 confirming its existence. Since then, there has been no further word.

It remains to be seen whether Tez2's predictions about the GTA VI announcement will prove accurate, but it appears fans will need to have patience before the next Grand Theft Auto installment hits the shelves.

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