League of Legends T1 Worlds 2023 skins - champion choices, release date, and more

League of Legends T1 Worlds skins champion choices have been recently revealed by the players, and we can expect some fascinating champions.

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League of Legends T1 Worlds 2023 skins 

The League of Legends Worlds 2023 was an exciting event full of unexpected turns and outstanding performances. Highlights included multiple upsets, the high-stakes matchups on the new Swiss Stage, and Team Whales' remarkable run in the Play-Ins. The comeback of NRG in the LCS defeated G2 Esports, and all four of the LPL teams made it to the Knockout round. Unexpectedly, T1 defeated JD Gaming 3-1 after Gen.G was ousted by BLG. In the end, T1 won their fourth Worlds championship after overcoming Weibo Gaming in a quick 3-0 final. The five T1 players will thus select a champion for the Worlds 2023 skin individually.

T1's victory at Worlds 2023 has stirred up immense anticipation for the skins commemorating their win after years of trying. Many team members have already outlined their preferences for champions deserving of these coveted skins or, at the very least, narrowed down their choices to two champions each.


UPDATE: 02/12/23

League of Legends T1 Worlds 2023 skins confirmed

During the press conference following the finals, the players first made a shortlist of champions from which they would like to select one. The five winners and the champion who will receive a prestige skin as part of the T1 Worlds 2023 skin collection have been confirmed by recent news.

The following is a list of the five champions and the players who selected the League of Legends T1 Worlds 2023 skins:

  • Zeus - T1 Jayce skin + T1 Jayce Prestige Edition skin
  • Oner - T1 Lee Sin skin
  • Faker - T1 Ahri skin
  • Gumayusi - T1 Jinx skin
  • Keria - T1 Bard skin

The League of Legends T1 Worlds 2023 skins are anticipated to make their live server debut in June 2024. The T1 Jayce Prestige Edition will probably be available only with the Battle Pass that is included when the skin collection is released, and they should cost 1350 RP.


T1 Worlds 2023 Skins - Champion Choices

For the past 13 years, League of Legends players have been able to honour their team's World Championship win by having their skin in-game permanently thanks to Riot Games' Worlds skin line. T1 players have revealed the exact champions they are thinking about using for their Worlds 2023 skins during the press conference held following the finals. Having said that here's the lineup of T1 Worlds 2023 skins revealed by the T1 players during the conference:

  • Zeus (Top): Yone or Jayce
  • Oner (Jungle): Lee Sin
  • Faker (Mid): Ahri
  • Gumayusi (ADC): Jinx
  • Keria (Support): Bard or Renata
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T1's winning moment in League of Legends Worlds 2023

Zeus is leaning towards either a Yone or Jayce skin, with a Yone skin appearing to be more likely, given the significance of his Yone pick during the tournament. Oner, having desired a Lee Sin skin for some time, is set to receive one.

Although Faker didn't explicitly declare his champion choice, there's a hint that it might be Ahri. Gumayusi is opting for Jinx. On the other hand, Keria wished to select Lux, but since he didn't utilize Lux during the tournament, his options are now between a Bard or Renata skin.

How the champions for Worlds skins are selected?

For a champion to be eligible for a Worlds skin, certain criteria need to be met. Players must satisfy one of three conditions:

  1. Participate in at least 2 play-in stage games that influenced the team's advancement to the knockout game.
  2. Participate in at least 2 group stage games that influenced the team's advancement to the knockout game.
  3. Participate in at least 1 knockout stage game (Quarters, Semis, or Finals).

While there's a possibility that players might change their preferences for their well-deserved League of Legends T1 Worlds 2023 skins, they seemed certain about their choices right after their victory.

During Worlds 2023, Zeus played Yone twice: once against JD Gaming in the semifinals and again against Weibo Gaming in the finals. Oner played Lee Sin in two games during the Worlds 2023 finals, performing impressively in both instances.

Gumayusi showcased his mastery with Jinx in a match against Bilibili Gaming during the Swiss stage's qualifier, excelling with a perfect KDA and impressive CS statistics. And even though Lux was Keria's initial preference, his tournament performance prompts consideration of Bard or Renata Glasc for T1's Worlds 2023 skins.

Coming to Faker, considering the champions he used at Worlds 2023, the most probable picks are Orianna, Azir, Sylas, Ahri, or Akali. Notably, he played Orianna and Azir in five matches each during the championship, with Orianna and Ahri being the most favoured with high pick rates. Also, Ahri is featured prominently in Worlds 2023 promotional materials, so she has a higher probability.

League of Legends T1 Worlds Skins Release Date

Well, there is still a long way to go until the LoL Worlds 2023 skins are released.

It is anticipated that the T1 Worlds 2023 skins will be released shortly after MSI 2024. Additionally, it is expected that the five League skins recognizing the current global champions T1 will be made available for purchase on the live server after a brief period of testing on the game's PBE.

That's everything about it. All of the details regarding the new LoL T1 skins that we currently know. Make sure to check the new skins out when it is released in the main game.

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