Id Software is Reportedly Working on Xbox Mandalorian Game

Id Software is rumored to be working on a new Star Wars Mandalorian game just for Xbox.

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Id Software is Reportedly Working on the Xbox Mandalorian Game

People who love Star Wars games have been wanting more of them. PlayStation fans are still waiting for news, but Xbox users might get good news soon, as a new leak reveals that id Software, known for making Doom and Quake games, is working on this next Star Wars Mandalorian game just for Xbox.

Possible Mandalorian Game in Development by id Software

A well-known leaker recently tweeted about a new game based on the popular TV show The Mandalorian. According to eXtas1stv on Twitter, there's news about a game being developed by ID Software, and it's expected to be released in 2024 or 2025. 

The leaker adds that people are getting more excited about the planned release, especially since documents that were previously made public hinted at a second, unnamed project that would be released along with Marvel's Blade.

Also, earlier this year, a concept art for a Mandalorian-themed game surfaced, allegedly linked to a project by an EA technical artist, and the visuals were breathtaking.

People are getting really excited about it, and there's a lot of speculation going on. Some folks are suggesting that this game might be based on popular franchises like Star Wars or Marvel. The information is still a bit uncertain, but the anticipation among gamers is high, and everyone is eager to find out more about what ID Software is working on.

If id Software is planning to make a Star Wars game, they will probably use their own id Tech 8 engine. The combination of this advanced engine with the expansive Star Wars universe holds great promise.

Id Software's FPS Expertise Could Revitalize Star Wars Mandalorian Game

Given id Software's expertise in shooter games, a Star Wars title seems like a natural fit for the studio. Historically, EA and Dice have collaborated on the Star Wars Battlefront series, an FPS venture within the IP. Considering this and their history of success, the developer is a good choice to handle a Mandalorian Star Wars game thanks to their extensive experience with first-person shooter games like Quake and Wolfenstein.

Also, it's important to note that id Software is part of Bethesda, and Xbox is closely linked to Bethesda thanks to Microsoft's recent business decisions. Hence, there is a greater chance that The Mandalorian game will only be available on Xbox. Some people think it might even come out on Game Pass on the first day, which would allow it to reach even more people. 

Even though there's no official confirmation, concept art by an EA DICE artist named Gav and this new leak from a well-known leaker has been getting fans excited.

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