Valorant Outlaw - new weapon in Episode 8, its capabilities, release date, price, and more

Valorant Outlaw is the new weapon coming in Episode 8, and leaks have revealed new info on its capabilities, release date, price, and more.

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Valorant Outlaw is the new weapon coming in Episode 8

As of right now, Valorant's weapons consist of 17 different weapons. There are five sidearms, two SMGs, five rifles, two sniper rifles, and two heavy weapons. However, according to a recent leak from a reliable source, Valorant may be adding a new weapon into the game, called the "Outlaw weapon".

Following months without any information regarding the new Valorant weapon, we now know that this Outlaw weapon is a sniper and might make an appearance in the game, possibly as early as 2024, according to recent leaks.


UPDATE: 25/12/23

Valorant Outlaw stats, ability, and price leaked

As per the new leak from a reliable dataminer, @ValorLeaks, Valorant Outlaw will cost 2400 credits and will be in the middle of Marshal and Operator in terms of Scope Level.

The following are the leaked stats of the Valorant Outlaw weapon:

    • Head - 238 
    • Body - 140
    • Legs - 119
  • Mag Size: 2, 10 in Reserve 
  • 1.25s Equip Time, 2.75 Firerate, 80% running speed
  • 1 Scope Level like the marshal, when no scoping it's not as accurate as the marshal but not as non-accurate as the operator. Basically in the middle.
  • The gun has the highest penetration possible.

Also, something that hasn't been confirmed yet is that Outlaw's reload speed might be faster when there is 1 in the mag already.

In terms of skins, a pack of non-animated skins will be made available either during launch or shortly thereafter and these skins are from earlier packs that were made available.


Valorant Outlaw - The New Weapon in Valorant

Valorant Outlaw is similar to a "muscular Marshal," according to data miner valohabercisi.

This affordable sniper rifle has the ability to eliminate partially armored agents with just one shot; it fires twice per click, much like the Shorty, and has a target rating of 140 damage when fired at the body.

The Outlaw can take out a half-armored opponent with a single shot, but if you miss with the two bullets you have, the opposition team will charge forward and you will have to retreat and reload. It should be a solid option for players who frequently use long sightlines on larger maps because of its high stopping power, particularly against teams that are cutting costs or are short on resources.

As of right moment, the Operator can take out adversaries with a full shield with just one body shot, whereas the Marshal can do so with two. The new weapon that has leaked has not been fully disclosed, but its damage value is anticipated to be in the range of the current snipers. It appears that the Outlaw will also make its debut with static skins.

Valorant Outlaw Release Date

"The Outlaw Sniper, a brand-new weapon will be released at the launch of Episode 8," according to ValorLeaks.

Valorant Episode 8's commencement on January 10 hints at the Outlaw's potential introduction, which could significantly impact the game's meta as competitions like Premier gear up toward Contender status and the VCT 2024 Season gets underway.

Since sharpshooters all over the world are starting to adopt this new weapon, VALORANT may undergo a meta-shift as the new year gets off to a great start.

Valorant Outlaw Price

It appears that the Outlaw will bridge the cost difference between the Operator and the Marshal. The original leak stated that the Outlaw would cost 2,400 Credits. This puts the new scoped weapon in the middle of the price range for the 950 Marshal and the 4700 powerful Operator.

Although Riot Games took almost three years to add a new weapon to Valorant, the idea itself is not out of the ordinary.

Overall, the imminent arrival of the Outlaw in Valorant holds the potential to shake up gameplay strategies, given its unique attributes and positioning within the existing range of sniper rifles.

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