Victorious Anivia Release Date - What is the next LoL Victorious skin for Ranked Season 13 Split 2?

The most trending question at the moment is what is the next LoL Victorious skin for Ranked Season 13 Split 2, after Victorious Anivia's release.

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What is the next LoL Victorious skin for Ranked Season 13 Split 2?

Players in League of Legends receive a special Victorious skin that shows their achievement at the end of each ranked season. Although Riot made some ranking adjustments in 2023, gamers will still earn their much-awaited skin.

July 17, 2023, marked Victorious Anivia release date, just after Split One ended, That was the first Victorious skin of the League season. Now, everyone's attention is focused on the next Victorious skin in LoL Ranked 2023 Split Two.

Players will once more receive a Victorious skin for the second split of the 2023 ranked season, but which champion will be selected, and when can you anticipate having the LoL Victorious skin for Ranked Season 13 Split 2 in your inventory? Find the answers below.

LoL Victorious Skin: New Skin for 2023 Season Split 2 Ranked Reward

In League of Legends, the champion chosen for a Victorious skin is based on their performance during the ranked season. The specific criteria often include:

  • The champion must have been playable during the entire ranked season.
  • Their influence on the game, such as pick rate, ban rate, win rate, or overall popularity in ranked games.
  • Riot prefers champions who are not considered overpowered or underpowered.
  • Champions with unique playstyles or high-skill expressions are often favored.
  • Champion's presence in professional esports during the season might also be a factor.
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League of Legends Victorious Anivia Skin splash art

Based on these criteria the next question that comes to our mind is "Which champion in LoL Season 13 Split 2 will get a Victorious skin?"

We don't believe Riot will choose another mid-lane champion to earn a Victorious skin because Anivia, the most recent skin, was a mid-lane champion. If Riot keeps up its past pattern, we could get another top lane champion this year, as Aatrox was awarded a skin in 2019.

This implies that the following champions can be ruled out for not receiving the Victorious skin for LoL Season 13 Split 2: Anivia, Aatrox, Jax, Alistar, Ashe, Blitzcrank, Elise, Graves, Janna, Jarvan IV, Kalista, Karma, Maokai, Nautilus, Kha'Zix, Lucian, Orianna, Riven, Ryze, Sejuani, Shyvanna, Varus, Zed, Sivir, and Thresh.

Naturally, there are very few exemptions available; this time, only two dozen champions are ineligible for selection. There are still about 140 characters available. But, champions like Fiora or Malphite show out as regular leaders at the top of the leaderboard, so we might see them getting a new Victorious skin.

Of course, for the time being, this is all conjecture. It seems probable that Riot will disclose the champion for a Victorious skin in the run-up to Patch 14.1. The choice of which champion gets a Victorious skin for each season is ultimately made by Riot Games, and they may take other considerations into account in addition to these.

Expected LoL Victorious Skin Release Date for Ranked 2023 Split 2

When the League of Legends ranked season is almost over, Riot Games usually releases the Victorious skins. Riot can identify which champions are worthy of a Victorious skin based on their significance to the ranked season at this particular time.

July 17, 2023, was Victorious Anivia release date as that's when the 2023 Ranked Season Split 1 ended.

However, Riot has now changed the ranked schedule to run through Christmas and into the New Year until January 3, 2024. Players can expect their next LoL Victorious skin to arrive around January 9, 2023, coinciding with the start of the new season and the release of League of Legends Patch 14.1.

Also, for those wondering whether it's necessary to attain Gold to get the Victorious skin, the answer is a clear no. Hitting Gold is no longer required to get the Victorious skin of that split. League players had to place higher than Silver in previous seasons to receive awards, but in 2023 the developers made the decision to make the competitive cosmetic available to all players as a badge earned from playing ranked that split.

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