Genshin Impact Chiori - drip marketing, release date, kit, banner, and more

Genshin Impact Chiori has been revealed as a new character coming in version 4.5, according to an official announcement from HoYoverse. 

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Genshin Impact Chiori 

It has been officially announced that Chiori will be a playable Genshin Impact unit in version 4.5. Originally from Inazuma, Chiori was first introduced in Fontaine, where she owns a fashionable store and sells her own designs. Overall, the community's reaction to Chiori's character design was favorable due to her unusual clothing. Many started to question when she would be playable as a result. And now, HoYoverse has officially confirmed that she will debut in Genshin Impact 4.5 Banner.

Here is everything that we know about Genshin Impact Chiori, including her release date, lore, kit, and more.

Genshin Impact Chiori Drip Marketing and Lore

Chiori's drip marketing reveals that she will be a 5-star character wielding two blades in her hand. Moreover, Chiori's elemental attribute has also been confirmed along with her official reveal as the forthcoming playable character. She is a Geo elemental wielder, but this was already proven by the sigil applied to her current in-game appearance.

It's quite cool that Chiori can wield two blades, but don't expect her to be able to gain anything from having two weapons on her person because she would be too strong for that. 

Her parents, despite her quirks, view her as someone with a "unique way of thinking" and commend her unwavering dedication to pursuing her dreams. While describing Chiori, Kirara says, "Chiori's really good with her hands! Whenever I try on a new outfit, she always does up my hair too — it's all part of the package, she says! Hehe, I just love it when she brushes my fur..."

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The official Chiori lore reveals the following about the character:

On the busiest street in Fontaine's Quartier Lyonnais lies a clothing store called "Chioriya Boutique." Though it may seem unassumingly small, you'll notice that passersby often stop to peer in. People say that its boss Chiori hails from Inazuma, and that she is as direct as a bolt of lightning. They know what happens to those who insist on interfering with her business, having witnessed the fallout with their own eyes. Not only do such meddlers invariably end up tasting the bitterness of defeat, but some of them — for the very first time in their lives — learn what it feels like to be thrown backside-first into the gutter... literally.

What sort of background and upbringing gives a foreign fashion designer the confidence to act so boldly? This is the question that local journalists ask one another when they hear or witness such spectacles, their eyes wide with amazement. They're constantly on the hunt for anecdotes that might shed some light on her past, some even having traveled all the way to Inazuma to secretly interview her friends, family, and former tailoring mentor...

Obstinate, headstrong, and disobedient from a young age, even daring to forgo honorifics when addressing her elders... overall, not a particularly positive picture.

Chiori's parents alone would let out a smile, saying that she just has "a unique way of thinking" and is "single-mindedly devoted to the pursuit of her dreams."

"Miss Chiori, may I ask... How did you manage to achieve such success? And what are the secrets to designing such wonderful clothes?"

Sitting opposite, Chiori began to put away her needle and thread as she stared coldly back at this journalist masquerading as a customer.

"I make whatever I wish to, however I wish to. How about you then — are you planning to buy anything or not?"

Genshin Impact Chiori Release Date

March 13, 2024, is the planned date for the Genshin Impact 4.5 update, which will also include reruns of 5 stars, a headline event at the fabled Mondstadt Festival, and more. Additionally, Chiori will be released with the same patch, that is Genshin 4.5 update.

However, do note that the Genshin Impact 4.4 banners will introduce Xianyun and Gaming before Chiori joins the fight, allowing us to temporarily return our attention to Liyue.

Genshin Impact Chiori Kit

As previously stated, Chiori's status as a geo-wielding has already been established by the Sigil that is attached to her clothing. She will, however, also be using a sword as her weapon, according to the leaks.

Uncle K and GenshinMeow have revealed early information on what distinguishes Chiori from other 5-Star Geo characters, as well as what players may anticipate from Chiori's kit:

  • Chiori is positioned as an off-field Geo Sword DPS.
  • Expect dual-wielding combos in her Normal Attack animations, similar to Alhaitham.
  • Her splash art depicts puppets or mannequins, which won't count as Geo Constructs when placed on the field.
  • Her Elemental Burst delivers front-loaded damage, reminiscent of Ayaka's playstyle.
  • The synergy of her abilities may rely on Crystallize shards, suggesting compatibility with Geo-focused teams like Navia's.
  • CRIT RATE serves as Chiori's ascension stat, and her signature weapon promises an 88% CRIT DMG boost at Level 90.

Additionally, the following is a short summary of all the information disclosed by community member FouL on Chiori's abilities:

  • Scaling based on both ATK and DEF stats.
  • Summons a puppet for off-field coordinated attacks.
  • Ascension stat emphasizes CRIT Rate.
  • The signature weapon provides an 88% boost to CRIT Damage.

Currently, there are several leaks around Geshin Chiori's kit, so it's best to wait till Genshin 4.5 Beta to be sure of anything.

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Genshin Impact Chiori Banner

Based on leaks thus far, the Chiori banner is expected to be released in phase 1 of version 4.5.

Now, given how many characters and their reruns HoYoverse plans to cover, there's a good chance we'll start seeing triple banners from the 4.5 update of Genshin. But even if we get the usual double banner, Chiori will appear in the 4.5 patch only. 

Along with Chiori, Albedo is also expected to be present in phase 1. Since Albedo and Chiori are both Geo and it has been a while since he had a rerun, speculations are pointing that he is the one. 

Regarding phase 2 of Genshin 4.5 banners, Lyney will certainly come back since new region characters are beginning to receive reruns. Also, there are chances that either Wriothesley or Shenhe will be on the second phase banner because Shenhe hasn't had a banner in almost a year, and Wriothesley was last seen in version 4.1.

Since Chiori can provide Geo damage off-field and unlike Albedo's Geo Constructs, her mannequins cannot be destroyed by boss opponents, the community has been speculating that Chiori is taking over Albedo's position in Genshin Impact. However, it's best to wait and see how things work out because, in the end, both Albedo and Chiori are rumored to appear on the Genshin 4.5 Event Banners.


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