League of Legends Project 2024 - skins splash art, price, release date, more

League of Legends Project 2024 skins have been officially revealed with Riot showcasing splash art of two champions receiving the skin.

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League of Legends Project 2024 skins

With maybe one of the greatest Preseason upgrades in the last few years, 2024 got off to a great start. Several new skin lines and fresh improvements were introduced with the new updates. So far, over 20 additional skins have been made available; several also come with brand-new events. Furthermore, there are still more than ten months left, so new skins and events will undoubtedly be released. Well, similar to the past skins, arriving in 2024 are the newest members of League of Legends' well-liked PROJECT skin collection, prepared to light up Summoner's Rift, Howling Abyss, and beyond with bright neon lights and even brighter kills. Continue reading to know more.

League of Legends Project 2024 Skin

Since its launch in 2015, The PROJECT has grown to become one of League of Legends' most well-liked skinlines. The champions become robotic warriors thanks to their futuristic skins. This skin collection was launched with PROJECT Yasuo and Riot Games has since introduced several skins including PROJECT: Yi, PROJECT: Fiora, PROJECT: Leona, PROJECT: Lucian, and PROJECT: Zed, extending this skin line.

Now Riot brings new PROJECT additions each year, and now is the perfect time for us to look into the LoL PROJECT 2024 skins, which include Gangplank, Jax, and Naafiri. The following are included in League of Legends Project 2024 skinline:

  • PROJECT Naafiri Skin
  • PROJECT Jax Skin
  • PROJECT Gankplank Skin

League of Legends Project 2024 Skins Splash Art

When it comes to the LoL Project 2024 Skins splash art, Naafiri's movements and those of her packmates appear incredibly great in a futuristic style, and even the audio is excellent. As for Jax, there hasn't been any new skin for Jax since his rework and he's receiving the PROJECT Jax skin as his first. It appears to be a less powerful variant of Empyrean Jax at first glance. The sounds are great and even the VFX seems excellent for a while. However, this skin's problem lies in its non-uniqueness. Also, given the circumstances, PROJECT Gangplank may not be the ideal futuristic skin for Gangplank as fans mostly have some negative views on this skin.

However, anyone who likes cosmetics and one-trick tricks and wants to maintain their collection of skin products completely will find these new options to be an instant hit.

LoL PROJECT Naafiri Splash Art

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LoL PROJECT Jax Splash Art

LoL PROJECT Jax Splash Art, league of legends project 2024, lol project 2024, project skins splash arts, project 2024 skins splash art lol

LoL PROJECT Gankplank Splash Art

LoL PROJECT Gankplank Splash Art, league of legends project 2024, lol project 2024, project skins splash arts, project 2024 skins splash art lol

League of Legends PROJECT Skins Release Date

It's currently unclear when the new LoL PROJECT Jax, Gankplank, and Naafiri skins will be available. But they'll most likely make their premiere with the upcoming LoL 14.15 patch, which is set to release on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

League of Legends PROJECT 2024 skins price

There will be three upcoming skins for the LoL PROJECT 2024 skinline. Although the cost of the new skins has not been revealed, it is anticipated that each skin will cost 1350 RP.

The following is the estimated price of the LoL PROJECT 2024 Skins:

  • Project Naafiri Price: 1350 RP
  • Project Jax Price: 1350 RP
  • Project Gankplank Price: 1350 RP

Now, despite the positive sentiment among League of Legends players, some people have negative thoughts on the PROJECT skinline. It has been observed by some that Gankplank's barrels have an original wood sound, despite their skin giving them a metallic appearance. Some, meanwhile, are making fun of Jax's skin tone for having too much in common with PROJECT Vayne.

Well, despite being an older skinline, League of Legends has never seen a more recognizable skin line. So, let's wait and see how the fans react when the new LoL Project skins are actually released.

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