Nintendo Switch 2 To Have a Custom Nvidia Chip, Report Suggests

The Switch 2 aka the Nintendo Switch successor will likely have a custom chip instead of an old NVIDIA design, suggests new reports.

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Nintendo Switch 2 To Have a Custom Chip, Report Suggests

The Nintendo Switch 2 is anticipated to be released in 2024, and Reuters' sources suggest that it will probably come with an NVIDIA-exclusive designed chip. This would be different from the Nintendo Switch, which used the Tegra X1 chip design that NVIDIA already had. 

The Reuters report stated, “Nintendo’s current Switch handheld console already includes Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip. A new version of the Switch console expected this year is likely to include a Nvidia custom design, one source said [and] Nintendo declined to comment.”

The Tegra range of Nvidia chipsets, which are system-on-a-chips (SOCs) that include a CPU and a GPU, provides the basis for the chipset that the Nintendo Switch now uses. The Tegra X1 processor and RAM are shared by the original Switch and the OLED edition, while the Switch Lite has a significantly altered version of the same hardware.

In addition to the current report, there have been earlier speculations that the Switch 2 will be powered by a new proprietary Tegra CPU, codenamed T239, which will enable advanced capabilities like DLSS upscaling and ray tracing. This processor features an octa-core ARM A78C CPU cluster and is purportedly based on Nvidia's RTX 30-series Ampere architecture. The Reuters report, hence, aligns with these speculations, indicating that the Switch 2 will incorporate a custom Nvidia chip.

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While details about the Switch 2 remain limited, various rumors, reports, and speculations suggest significant changes and a potential release of Switch 2 later in the year. 

In October 2023, insider Nate the Hate mentioned the exclusion of frame generation, introduced with DLSS 3.1, in the Nintendo Switch successor. He clarified that the console would incorporate a custom feature set and predicted strong performance with the aid of DLSS features. Then a report from Taiwan's Economic Daily in January 2024 added more insights, stating that the Nintendo Switch 2 would feature the NVIDIA T239 chip, 8 GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, and an improved battery life. 

Moreover, the handheld display is expected to boast a 120Hz refresh rate, suggesting the possibility of certain games targeting a 120fps frame rate. Industry analysts also provided a more concrete piece of information, suggesting that the Switch sequel will sport an 8-inch LCD screen, which is a significant improvement above the present 6.2-inch display. But some fans might be disappointed that the Switch OLED model's OLED technology isn't included.

Furthermore, pricing and release date details have emerged, indicating that the Switch 2 will retail for $400 US dollars, which is $100 higher than the Nintendo Switch and might be announced in March 2024. Well-known Nintendo insider Nate the Hate suggested in a podcast episode that Nintendo might announce the new Switch version in March 2024, possibly unveiling it at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco during that month.

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However, with all these exciting details, it's important to note that, as of now, these are mere rumors and speculation, and official confirmation from Nintendo is still pending.

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