Genshin Impact Sethos - release date, model, weapon, and leaks

Genshin Impact Sethos release date and possible model have been found in recent version 4.6 datamine, hinting at the character’s release as a playable 4-star.

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Genshin Impact Sethos - the new character in version 4.6

Every now and then HoYoverse releases new characters in the game. A few are released as playable while some are released as NPCs. And if the recent leaks are to be believed, Genshin Impact Sethos will be released as NPC in the upcoming 4.6 update, while later being launched as a playable character in version 4.7. 

Arlecchino's playability has been confirmed for the 4.6 version, and even her gameplay and kit have been leaked. She is not, however, the only new character introduced in version 4.6; Sethos, another new character, is also been rumored to be included in the game. While not a lot of info has been leaked, we do have a few leaks revealing Genshin Sethos' design, release date, weapon, and more.


UPDATE: 12/04/24

Genshin Impact Sethos voice artist revealed

Recently during version 4.6, livesteam HoYoverse introduced Sethos to the fans while revealing his VAs to us. Based on the official reveal the following are Genshin Impact Sethos VAs:

Sethos English VA: Zeno Robinson

Sethos Japanese VA: CHIBA Shoya


Genshin Impact Sethos Release Date

According to leaks, Cyno's upcoming story quest "Lupus Aurus Chapter Act II," which will launch in version 4.6, might be where players first meet Sethos. Considering that he is anticipated to offer more than 120 dialogues during the quest, he might be an important character in the game.

Furthermore, a recent leak from well-known HoYoverse leaker hxg_diluc via leaker Tieba Uncle K reveals two new characters that will be included in Genshin Impact's Version 4.7: Clorinde and Sethos.

Clorinde, genshin impact Clorinde, genshin Clorinde, Clorinde genshin

If past trends are followed, the Genshin 4.7 update could potentially launch on June 5, 2024, featuring two phases of banners. This implies that Sethos may debut either on June 5 or June 26, 2024, either on the Clorinde banner or the Sigwewinne banner, depending on the phase.

However, fans will need to wait for official confirmation closer to the release dates.

Genshin Impact Sethos Rarity

Based on leaks, Sethos is expected to be a 4-star character in the game.

Only Arlecchino was announced as an upcoming 5-star character in the drip marketing for version 4.6. Then leaks have claimed that both Clorinde and Sigwewinne will most likely be a 5-star in the Genshin 4.7 banner, and if so, Sethos will most likely be a 4-star rate-up in one of their banners, assuming the character is released as a playable in any of the next versions prior to 5.0.

Furthermore, considering the significant number of five-star characters already introduced and leaked for upcoming versions like Genshin 4.7 and 4.8, the probability of Sethos being a 4-star character is high. However, these assumptions are based on leaks and are subject to change.

Sigewinne, genshin impact Sigewinne, genshin Sigewinne, Sigewinne genshin

Genshin Impact Sethos Model

Information shared by Hxg_diluc hints at Sethos's design, featuring cat-like ears and blond hair. Another leak suggests that Sethos will be a Bow user, with a body type resembling a short boy model similar to Cyno's height.

Unfortunately, during beta testing, Keqing's model was reportedly used as a placeholder for Sethos, leaving his appearance largely unknown. However, concept artworks hint at a possible Sethos model, which bears similarities to Gaming's old concept artworks.

Sethos concept design and Gamings old concept design show many similarities
byu/eliyahu3 inSethosMains

It is important to keep in mind that these are preliminary leaks and that there is still ample time before version 4.6 is released on April 24. As such, minor adjustments to the design are inevitable. However, if leaks hold true, more details about Sethos and his role are anticipated to be revealed upon the release of Cyno's upcoming story quest, "Lupus Aurus Chapter Act II."


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