Steam Deck 2 - release date, specs, price, and more

Steam Deck 2 release date, specs, price, and more have been hinted at by recent leaks and rumors, though we are still waiting for the official announcement.

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Steam Deck 2 

The Steam Deck has quite a strong fan following due to its affordability and user-friendly interface. Hence, it's no surprise that anticipation is high for the potential release of the Steam Deck 2, with gamers worldwide eagerly awaiting more information.

Although there aren't many specifics available, there are some rumors about the Steam Deck 2 specs and pricing, and we're trying to sort through them to find out what's true. Here is all that we currently know about the Steam Deck 2. 

What will be the Steam Deck 2 Release Date?

Valve has confirmed plans for a "next-generation" upgrade to the Steam Deck. However, during an interview with Bloomberg, Lawrence Yang, Valve's Product Designer, mentioned that it's unlikely to arrive for at least another two to three years. So, we estimate that the Steam Deck 2 will be available by the end of 2026 based on the information that we now have.

Also, a recent report from the Chiphell forums said that Steam Deck 2 would be released between Q3 and Q4 of 2026, aligning with our speculated date.

What to expect from Steam Deck 2 Specs?

While specifics regarding the Steam Deck 2 specs are limited, it's anticipated that the Steam Deck 2 will have improved performance and possibly enhancements compared to the original design. Rumors indicate that Steam Deck 2 may feature a custom APU from AMD, similar to its predecessor, and this chip could utilize AMD's RDNA 4 graphics architecture and the Zen 4 CPU architecture, which would be a significant improvement over the Zen 2 CPUs that the OG Deck and Steam Deck OLED use. 

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Furthermore, similar claims have been made by Chiphell leaks. According to a translated comment from a Chinese forum discussion on Chiphell, the main rumor is that Valve's next Steam Deck 2 device would have a 90Hz refresh rate 900p OLED screen. Even though the latter number is the same as the Steam Deck OLED, the anticipated increase to 900p (1600 x 900) would be a noteworthy improvement.

The translated Chiphell forum post indicates that for Steam Deck 2's processor, Valve will use a “6-cylinder fourth generation gasoline engine,” which is presumably not nearly as flammable as that sounds. Additionally, there is a discussion about a next-generation "16 CU (8 WGP) GPU in conjunction with LPDDR5X 8,533," yet no additional rumors regarding the graphics card are provided.

However, it should be noted that despite the numerous rumors now circulating, the precise specifications of the Steam Deck 2 are still unknown, and even if Valve had certain specifications in mind, it's quite possible that as time goes on, its plans for the gaming handheld's design may change and evolve. 

What will be Steam Deck 2 Pricing?

Regarding pricing, there's no definitive information available at this time. Speculation suggests that if the base model of the Steam Deck 2 includes an OLED screen, it could be priced above $500. However, the actual cost may vary depending on internal specifications. In general, our estimation places the price of Steam Deck 2 between $500 and $600. 

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Also, the translated message from the Chiphell forums indicates that the Steam Deck 2 price could see a significant increase compared to the current models, however, many of the current versions will still be offered as low-end configurations. Now, this aspect makes sense as the moment the OLED edition of the Deck was announced, Valve dropped the price of the original Deck.

Ultimately, to be sure of the specs and pricing of the Steam Deck 2, we'll have to wait till it gets a bit closer to its release.

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