Perfect Dark Reboot Is In "Rough Shape," Reveals Reports

According to Jeff Grubb on the Giant Bombcast from May 7, the new Perfect Dark Reboot game by Xbox is facing significant challenges and is in "rough shape."

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Perfect Dark Reboot is in Rough Shape, Reveals Reports

During the Giant Bombcast podcast, journalist Jeff Grubb discussed the state of the new Perfect Dark game following the recent closure of four Xbox studios. Grubb mentioned that he has been hearing for years about the game's troubled development. He described it as being in a "very rough state" and indicated that it hasn't progressed much since its announcement in 2020, despite Crystal Dynamics joining the development team to help. 

He said, "The fallout from this (the layoffs), been hearing more and more — I’ve been hearing for years — that Perfect Dark is in a rough state. It Sounds like it’s in a very rough state. And it doesn’t sound like it’s really come together in any way since then (the game was announced in 2020) and [even with] Crystal Dynamics coming on board to help work on that.."

Alex Donaldson from VG247 shared a similar sentiment, describing the development as a team facing immense challenges. He mentioned that he has refrained from sharing some of the more extreme development stories but his patience is wearing thin. He said, "I have some crazy stories about the development of that game I have not put in print out of respect for a team really trying hard to push a boulder up a steep hill. But my patience is getting thin."

Finally, Shinobi062 and video game historian Liam Robertson also confirmed what Grubb had first reported about the game's status.

Shinobi062 and video game historian Liam Robertson supported Grubb's assessment of the game's state. Robertson suggested that the development woes could be a topic for a future video due to the complexities involved, stating "From what little I have heard about the development of the new Perfect Dark, it sounds like a future video in the making. Just a big, protracted mess."

Initially announced at the 2020 Game Awards by The Initiative, a new Xbox team, the game aimed to offer a modern interpretation of Rare's Perfect Dark series. However, due to significant staff turnover, Crystal Dynamics was brought in to co-develop the game with The Initiative in 2021. Despite over three years passing since its announcement, there has been little progress, and the situation appears to be worsening.

Perfect Dark Reboot, new Perfect Dark game, new Perfect Dark Reboot, Perfect Dark Reboot development, Perfect Dark Reboot Is In Rough Shape Reveals Reports

Given that the game has not been showcased since its CGI trailer in 2020, and neither The Initiative nor Xbox has commented on Perfect Dark Reboot's progress since 2022, the reports of its troubled production are plausible.

Well, the reports of Perfect Dark Reboot's difficult development are daunting, especially considering the talented individuals involved and the potential for reviving the dormant franchise. And if the rumors are true, it could be years before the game sees any significant progress or release.

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